July 28, 2016

1where to begin with this day‚Ķ it was magical. it was a wedding that kristie and I had been looking forward to all spring. ever since first meeting julie and garrett, I was smitten. during their engagement session, they were already cuddling up with each other before I even had a chance to get my camera out of my bag. this is when I know. I can predict pretty accurately how the wedding day will be and julie and garret were all of ‘that’, that something that makes it so obvious that two people were meant to be, and more. they make each other laugh to the point that I don’t think they even realize that I’m there, sometime laying down in the sand to take their photograph. their attention is so clearly on each other and nothing else.. this is what it’s all about. this is love.

I met up with julie and her amazing wedding planner sheena a week before wedding day. already the three of us were stressing out about the weather. the way that everything was planned at their venue, the indian river lifesaving station and museum, decent weather was a must. although a plan b was and always is in place, I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect for julie and garrett. but has summer has a tendency to do in these parts, the forecast on the big day was iffy.. at best. I met up with julie and her girls at the salon while kris went to meet garrett at the cottage that they had rented for the day. everyone was busy.. but calm, happy, and excited. minor traffic scares and the thunderstorm threat didn’t seem to bother anyone and the schedule was like clockwork.

once everyone arrived at the museum, we all decided that it was a go! they were getting married on the beach as planned. the reception was unlike one I think I have ever photographed. no detail was too small, they had thought of everything and it was executed perfectly by little miss lovely. all of the guests were escorted over the dune walk and to the lovely ceremony location. as I was down on the beach, awaiting the procession, it happened. boom! crack! and a showing of lightning in the distance. as the guests retreated to the tent, I went back to check on julie. this is what I love about her. a lot of people would just dissolve.. after months of planning, to have it all turned on it’s head at the last minute is pretty heartbreaking. but as I entered the room, julie was all smiles, ‘this will probably be better’ she said ‘and the tent is beautiful!’.

for the rest of the day, it was all beautiful. from the first moment that julie and garrett’s eyes met, to the toasts full of laughter and happy tears. every moment was one fully shared with all of their friends and family. kristie and I are so very happy for all of you and wish you SO much happiness in you life together. in was an honor to share in your love and your day! xoxo

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