January 20, 2012


I met John a year and a half ago at the gym- we seemed to always be there at the same time.  Between jumping ropes and weight sets we struck up a conversation and I found out that he was in the Coast Guard.  He was stationed here after living in Florida for awhile.  John recently shared with me that he had gotten a new best friend, a pit bull named Bella.  If you follow the blog, you know that we worked with a lot of dogs last year but never a pit bull and I was excited for the opportunity.  Because John is in the Coast Guard, I decided an ideal location would be by the water and asked him to bring his uniform and fatigues to the shoot.  The moment I saw Bella I was in love!  She is so beautiful and friendly.  When John finally let her out of the truck she bounded out and raced around her new playground.  I could instantly sense the bond between John and Bella and knew that this was a true example of man’s best friend. 


I think Bella was telling us she was ready to head home :)  I had a great time with you two and can’t wait til next time!