July 07, 2009


jocelyn actually found me through her mom who is on my mailing address for the restaurant. I had mentioned that I was looking for brides interested in “trashing” their wedding dress. I have done a few of these sessions – but none like jocelyn. when we communicated through email, I learned that her dress was a monique lhuillier – I was immediately nervous for her and the dress. I mean these dresses are expensive!!! I was assuming that maybe she might want to do some shots with a bit more chance of staining the dress than one would attempt on their wedding day – but full out trash it? a monique lhuillier?? so imagine my delight when she came to snow hill to meet me and not only was she as beautiful as her dress – but she indeed was gleeful to trash it – completely.



I have long wanted to do an edgy bridal fashion shoot – and this was such the perfect opportunity. jocelyn was a natural model – seriously, I could not have asked for more. she could read where I was going and just hit the mark – it was amazing








the waves were a bit unpredictable!


and out she goes!  jocelyn is a surfer and just body surfed the dress back in

img_6943thank you sooo much jocelyn – for a great afternoon, for not only playing along but having a blast doing it and for posing for some of my favorite images ever!  I had a great time!!