July 14, 2015


I have met future clients in some pretty random places.. standing in line at starbucks, in yoga class, my chiropractor’s waiting room. conversations begin and sometimes they result in me photographing a session or wedding day. some of these people have become dear friends and that’s one of my favorite things about this career ~ the relationships that have been built. but it always begins with just a little leap of faith.. and rarely has this been as true as it was with jocelyn and jon. my friend heather, president of HJ planners, is one of the premier wedding and event planners in the DC area. she and I have worked together on many weddings, but we met long before she started her company when I photographed the wedding of her mother. heather has an uncanny ability to not only match the aesthetics of client and vendor, but she also makes complimentary connections once she really gets to know their personalties. so one evening, she was ‘off the clock’ and attending an event with her managing director of global operations, kha thai vo, and she met jon. and as they spoke, jon shared of his recent relocation to minnesota and his upcoming wedding.. it was all a whirlwind, but he had a humor about it all that made heather think of me. soon contact information was exchanged and I ended up on the phone with jocelyn a week later. I immediately liked her – this girl had a lot on her plate.. a move, a new baby, and a wedding. any one of those alone could be overwhelming to most people, but jojo was calm, so sweet, and hysterical. they were getting married at the grand view lodge on gull lake, about 2 hours outside of minneapolis. she said that it reminded her of an updated version of the resort in dirty dancing, and once I entered through the drive, I totally got it. this place is a little town, all on it’s own and it is stunning. this was my first time to minnesota and I was smitten. the warm sun with a cool breeze, the tranquil lake and sand between my toes.. it was an ideal spot for a destination wedding. my first morning there, I headed to the golf course to meet jojo and jon for the first time and even before I could manage to say hello, I was wrapped up in big bear hugs. we had all waited for what seemed like forever to meet and it was like being reunited with old friends. I also got to meet their adorable daughter, hunter. I joined jon and his guys out on the golf course before heading back to get ready for the rehearsal. I assume it’s typical in the land of 10,000 lakes, but it’s the first time that my mode of transportation to dinner has been by boat. with the ladies in one pontoon, and the guys in another, champagne was poured, toasts were made, and there was a lot of catching up as we made our way across the water. the next morning, I arrived at jocelyn’s cabin where they were getting ready, folks were buzzing in and out, so excited about the day ahead. as I led jon to the location of their first look, he appeared calm and collected, but as soon as he laid eyes on his bride, his composure was gone and tears ran down his cheeks. I really can’t even begin to put into words what this wedding weekend meant to me – jojo and jon are two of the most genuineĀ and kind people that I’ve ever met. I felt like family even before I got on the plane to minnesota. I am so grateful that heather made this connection and for the new friendships that I made with so many people. I wish you so much happiness.. you are such a special couple and I know that your life with hunter will continue to be so full of joy as each new chapter begins. thank you so much for inviting me to capture such a lovely weekend that I will remember forever. xoxo

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