August 20, 2010


I met up with jessica & danny at winterplace park. it was my first time there and it was such a happy discovery! it is beautful with amazing walking trails and just a really serene location. they brought their two dogs which always makes me happy. we had a great morning strolling, talking and stopping here and there to take some photos. jessica and danny have a wonderful wedding planned for next month and I’m so excited to work with them again soon!





I love this little patch of light



jessica has the most beautiful blue eyes!




thanks for a great morning – see you soon!

  • Jessica you look beautiful. I can’t wait to witness your big day. I love love love the one of you guys walking the dogs. It’s perfect. Just perfect.

  • Pictures look great. Looking forward to the big party!

  • Great pictures. You two look so very happy!!

  • Michelle Young Jones

    OMG You guys look so happy and in love. I really like the pic with the dogs. Looks like one big happy family LOL. Congrats!

  • Jessica, you look so beautiful in these pictures. I can’t wait to see you guys in a month!

  • These pictures are awesome!!! U guys look great. I cant wait to see you at the wedding

  • What a lovely setting! What a lovely couple!! Wish I could choose a favorite but there were too many that were great. I did love the one where the dogs are waiting patiently in the background.

  • the photos are great

  • Really nice pics!

  • Pics are amazing. Can’t wait to see them from the big day! It’s coming up soon!

  • Love the pictures, Jess. I especially like the one with the blurry background and you guys walking on the bride. Also the one where Danny is about to kiss you but you’re looking at the camera. You look beautiful. Have an awesome wedding!

  • Demettris Dryden

    Jess and Danny I loved your pics. They all are great, it’s hard to choose my favs, but since I too love dogs, I will have to say that’s one of my favs and I love the one with the two of you in the sunlight when you both are standing in the woods!

  • Jessica Elsbach

    I love them all! We had a great time doing them, even though it was a bit awkward to be all lovey dovey with Raye watching lol. Got to put the pups in – they are my life lol. Thanks everyone for your sweet sweet comments!

  • pics are amazing. I cant wait to see you!!!!!!

  • The pics are awesome, love them all can’t pick a favorite. You two are great for each other!

  • Jessica you are so beautiful. Like I said the other day I guess I just forget how pretty you are. The pics are great and I really like the ones on the bridge. I am so happy for you.Oh and Danny you look good too. Love you both. I hope to see you before the wedding.Love you forever Your Mommy.

  • Stephanie Clayton

    You guys look so great! I love all the pics! Can’t wait to see you!!

  • Grandmom (Pat Scott)

    Jessica and Danny, I am so happy you found each other. You are so compatable and these pictures prove how happy and in love you are. My heart is bursting with joy for you.

  • Madison Elsbach

    My fav is the one with piggy-pie and del in it.

  • Wow they are all great!!!

  • the pictures are amazing. Congrats!

  • YAY they look amazing soo excited for you guys!!

  • I loved allll the pics!!! Jess u look so pretty. U guys are so cute and I cant wait to watch you two get married!!

  • Looking good! Dogs for a walk meets romantic getaway.

  • You both look so much in love. Can’t wait til the wedding!

  • Jennifer Merrill

    Love the pix! Best of luck in your life together. Remember to laugh. A lot!