June 15, 2011

jessica said we had horrible luck and for a second I agreed with her. see our first attempt to shoot their e-session was in OC on memorial day weekend and I have never, in all of my years living here, seen it so crazy over there. they wanted to do the session there because it’s where alex proposed and I always love shooting some fun boardwalk photos -┬ábecause I got there before they did I left the ball in their court. as soon as they got over the bridge I got a call from jessica saying “no way” so on to plan b! jessica and alex choose the gorgeous combsberry inn in oxford and we set up a date and time – perfect! only that when that day rolled around it was the hottest day of the year. again I contacted them…. heat be damned – we were on!! once we got there, it was apparent that even though it was steamy, a nice breeze off of the river made it more than bearable – even pleasant and the shoot was a blast! I knew when I first met jessica and her mom at the studio that she was going to be great with. we talked well past the consultation and I’m so happy to be working with her and alex!

I had such an amazing time with you both and am SO excited for your wedding!!

  • BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! What a great job! :)

  • The photos of Alex and Jessica are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!! I adore the one on the hammock and the one in the field :)

  • Miranda Bateson

    I live the pictures of Jess & Alex simply amazing!

  • Darlene Barnett

    WOW! These photos exemplify the incredible love between the two of you! Really captured the sprarkle in your eyes and Alex’s. Totally awesome!!!


  • Jessica Kastel

    These photos are AMAZING!!!!! The hammock photo is my favorite :-) They are all just beautiful!

  • Hard to tell which one is the best! They’re all great. You guys look very happy!

  • Michelle Watson

    Jessica and Alex are in love and these photos show this wonderfully!

  • donna fairbank


  • Paula Vlahovich

    These are just fabulous. I adore the wheat field ones, and the one where you are both walking down the lane almost made me cry. So symbolic and it’s so obvious you are in love very deeply.

  • Laura Elliott

    Absolutley beautiful!!!

  • These photos are amazing and truely you can see the love they have for one another! Great job!

  • Miranda Bateson

    Jessica & Alex’s pictures are amazing, Will def be using you very soon!

  • I love the one in the field…so beautiful!!!!

  • Great Pictures!!! So happy for you :)

  • These pics are absolutely amazing!!

  • The pictures are amazing what a great idea, can’t wait to see you guys

  • April Dean Whitacre

    What a stunning couple and what a gifted photographer. I am so happy that I clicked on this link. Will pass your name on to others….

  • Dona Tarbutton

    Being Jessica’s mom, you may have a tendency to believe “of course-these photos are fantastic”! WOW -did they bring happy tears. In defense of my judgement, I modeled several years in New York working with many of the top photography agencies in the city. Raye’s engagement portfolio of Jess and Alex are beyond reproach. Way to go Gillette Portrait Arts!!!

  • I love these photos!! Every picture is amazing!!

  • Beautiful work. Love, love, love ALL of them! Makes me wish I was getting married again!

  • I LOVE that you kept the “33″ in the one photo! Thanks for being such an amazing person, photgrapher, and new friend :)

  • I hope you don’t expect me to comment on just one or pick just one favorite!!! These pictures of you guys are AMAZING!!! I will have to say it’s because of the subject matter AND the talented eye of your photographer. There are soooo many amazing shots in here. Beautifully done…..I know you guys are probably pretty excited with the results as well.

  • I absolutely love all of these photos! They are gorgeous!

  • Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous couple:)

  • Brooke Bennett

    The pictures are beautiful! I love the scenery!

  • The photo’s of Jessica & Alex are great!

  • WOW jess they are some amazing pictures. I’m so happy for you both. :)

  • Great pics! Looks like a very happy couple!

  • I love these photo’s! They are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to have my boyfriend’s and mine done next! Looks like I might be making an appointment sometime in the near future! :)

  • Heather Focht

    Gorgeous pics!!!

  • These photos are awesome. They look like something that should be in a magazine. Picture perfect is all I can say!!!

  • I just love these pictures.

  • LOVE them all!