June 09, 2011

such a beautiful day! one of those days where everything was just right Рa perfect day for a wedding! I met up with jen at headlines salon where she and her girls were getting their hair and makeup done. I was so excited to see jen who of course looked gorgeous Рwe had been keeping in close contact since their e-session and I knew she had many amazing things planned. then it was off to glen riddle to meet up with nick and his guys. suddenly I noticed this random garden gnome that seemed to be everywhere Рit was explained to me that the gnome had been acquired during the bachelor party and was given to nick by his best man the morning of wedding day Рhe even joined us as we went to lighthouse sound!

notice anything next to nick?? :)


some wonderful toasts!

I am so grateful that I had the honor of documenting your big day! in our work we have the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many people and I feel lucky to have met you both – beautiful day, beautiful atmosphere and wonderful people – loved it! congratulations!!