November 16, 2012

Over the last few months, I have become good friends with Jen + Jon.  Jen and I had talked before meeting and she delved into some of the amazing details and events that were going to take place at her wedding.  We had a blast at their e-session and I was anxiously counting down the days to their wedding!  Her bouquet and their boutonnieres were some of my favorite details of the day.  Jen ordered most of her bouquet from etsy, but added dried wheat to the outside to add in her own personal touch.  The boutonnieres were created from dried hops and a Dogfish Head bottle top to acknowledge Jon’s career.   They believe in a Nordic religion, which was prevalent throughout the celebrations of the day.  Jen’s engagement ring was made of amber because it is one of the symbols for Freya- the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.  I thought this was a beautiful, unique, and meaningful way to incorporate their religion into the even more traditional aspects of their ceremony.  My favorite part of the whole day would have to be the toasts they made with their wedding horn.  They thanked the gods and their ancestors and then drank to their new life together.  It was also very moving when they took some of the mead from the wedding horn and poured it into the river to give back to the land from which they came.  Their reception was very intimate as well.  Jen’s father and his friend helped with the food; a friend of the family baked the wedding cakes; and Jen and Jon provided the alcohol.  Jon is a brewer for Dogfish Head so he brewed his own beer and, since he is also a Certified Mead maker, they also made their own honey wine for their guests!  As for dinner, guests had the choice between two traditional Eastern Shore dishes to commemorate their hometown- roasted pig or blue crabs.  They whole day was perfect down to every last detail!

Flowers: (found on Etsy) FamilyDriedFlowers + StudioArdent

Cake:  Shanna Chatlos

DJ:  DJ Donnie

Catering:  Em-ings

I am so glad to have met you both and I wish you many years of great happiness!