July 29, 2013


as a wedding photographer, you witness love all of the time – love between family, love between friends and of course love between a future husband and wife. but rarely do you get to see it as it unfolds… from the beginning. a couple of years ago, I was in the local grocery store and I saw someone who I thought was my good friend jen walking hand in hand down the snack aisle with someone I didn’t know in matching giants jerseys (it was a sunday lol). so, always the curious one, I went down the next aisle and indeed, it was jen! so I just so ‘happened’ to bump into them in the deli section and with a smile in her eye, jen introduced me to bryan. see I’ve known jen almost 12 years and she is one of the kindest and most beautiful people I know and I had always wished for someone perfect to come along who deserved the amazing person that she is. and here bryan stood, smiling as much as she was… and he was apparently a giants fan – which was a great start! (for jen… you all know the team that has my heart… but I digress) so in the time since, they got more serious, got a dog together and then one day I heard the amazing news that they were engaged! I had just photographed a wedding at the chesapeake environmental center and had fallen in love with it so I convinced jen and her mom to come take a look. she fell in love with it too and the excitement of wedding planning began. as the big day approached, so did impending clouds and high percentages of precipitation, but did this phase jen? no! (okay… maybe a little, but it was pouring!! all day!!) still, as we all got to the barn for the ceremony, the most amazing thing happened. as jen and bryan declared their love for each other and made promises of forever in front of their friends + family (and pups moose and wiley!) the rain stopped and the mid-july day that could have been a hot and humid mess was a breezy and mild 76 degrees. the rest of the evening was just as perfect as everyone celebrated this wonderful day with my beautiful friends

we absolutely loved spending this very special day with you and wish you so much happiness together! we love you!