October 09, 2015


almost 10 years ago to the day, we opened a little restaurant here in snow hill and one of the first people through the door during our first lunch service was a woman named jena. I had seen her in town during special events like first friday but had never really gotten to know her. and we were busy‚Ķ that kind of busy where you expect it, but once it happens you just keep swimming. jena had ordered 2 salads for take out and she leaned over the counter, put her hand on my arm, smiled and quietly said ‘I am in no hurry at all, take your time.’ and I immediately loved her. from that day, she and her husband david became regulars and I was always so happy to see them. common pleasantries became longer chats which evolved into let-me-grab-a-cup-of-coffee-and-join-you conversations and before I knew it, I had a really good friend. when jena’s daughter got married, I was hired for the photography and the restaurant was to cater the wedding after-party as well as the day-after brunch… this is when I met jena and david’s son jonathan. he was warm, friendly and hysterical ~ to this day, my friend and then-manager hope and I remember him having us laughing so hard that we could barely pour the orders coming into the bar. at the time he lived in new england but it wasn’t too long after that weekend that jena said that he had met someone ~ and her name was jackie. before I knew it, they were both moving to the shore, had bought a house here in snow hill, and got married. life has been super busy for both of us, so jena and I haven’t been able to have our regular lunches and catch up sessions, but I did learn the exciting news that the first grandchild was on it’s way. I went to the family farm on a gorgeous fall evening and had such a wonderful session with jackie and jonathan ~ they are so clearly over the moon and looking so forward to all of the new journeys that lay ahead and I was so happy to document this special time for them.

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