1this summer has been so special.. so many of my dearest friends have welcomed new additions into their families and when I was told of the arrival of baby indigo, I couldn’t have been happier. amanda and I have known each other for a long time. a relationship that began as co-workers has evolved into a friendship that I am so grateful for. a few years ago, when I learned that she was pregnant with her son orion, she was living in indiana at the time. fortunately, she came home to visit and we had time to photograph a maternity session. shortly after that, she and her family moved back to the eastern shore and I was so happy to have her back home. last fall, she modeled for me for an editorial shoot and it was then that she shared her happy news… ‘we have to get another maternity session on the books.’ she said with a smile. I put my camera down and hugged her tight, so excited for my friend. and what a session we had! it was early this summer.. and it was beautiful. we had grand plans for me to be there for the birth of her daughter, indigo, but babies enter this world on their time and unfortunately it didn’t work out. so on to plan b! I went to their home and had such a lovely afternoon with all of them. orion was clearly tickled with his new role as big brother… he doted on, tickled, and kissed his baby sister throughout the session. amanda and chris were as they always are.. happy, peaceful, and madly in love with each other, their family, and their life together. amanda, I am so very happy for all of you and am so grateful to have you as a cherished member of my tribe. love you!

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