July 31, 2010


I’ve gotta be honest – I’ve been waiting for this session for years. see helana is the sister of one of my first official gillette portrait arts brides sarina. sarina and her husband john were from philly but getting married down at dewey beach and hired me at my first wedding show. I still talk about their wedding for several reasons – first they are one of my favorite couples ever, second it was one of my first on the shore and third – it was HUGE!! the biggest one I’ve ever shot. obviously helana was a big part of sarina’s day and she and walt were together way back then – I remember practically stalking them on the dance floor because they were so cute! I was beyond excited when I finally got the call from helana telling me that she and walt were tying the knot! we decided that it would be fun to do their e-session in philly and when I suggested love park, they were happily on board!




helana & walt, like most people who live in philadelphia are huge eagles fans and they brought their jerseys AND there was a “love” phanatic in the park so we kinda just had to :)








I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am for your wedding and to see everyone again – truly a celebration! see you soon!!!!

  • Raye….the pics came out awesome….i love them thank you sooooo much….i can’t wait for the wedding and more awesome photos =)

  • Love the photos! Casual, comfortable, and romantic! You can see the love they share!

  • vincent cavalcanti

    Very nice pictures. Can’t wait for the wedding.

  • Great, quality photos of two wonderful people in my life! I can’t wait to see their ceremony <3

  • Angela Cavalcanti

    Such beautiful photos! Helana and Walt, you both look great! I love the setting and the jerseys, too!

  • They came out beautifully! I can’t wait for the wedding :)

  • Those are great pictures. I can not wait till you guys get married. Congratulations!

  • These pictures are absolutely fantastic! It brought a tear to my eye….you both look so happy!

  • I love these pictures! You guys look wonderful!! I’m so happy for you. Congratulations!

  • walt cavalcanti

    what my fiance said :0)~

  • Walt, your pictures are beautiful. Congrats again!

  • I love these photos…they really capture all the love you two share! Congrats and I look forward to the wedding!

  • Engagement pics are great!!!! Can’t wait for the wedding!!!!!!!

  • Hi Raye, The pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Along with the story, I was simply captivated. I love them all, especially the contrast with the giant LOVE and the petite cuteness of that adorable couple.

  • Helena – It looks like I WILL be able to DANCE at your wedding…….. Cant wait ……Love ya a lot ……..UNCLE BOB


  • I love the photos!! Walt and Helana you are soo happy together. Best Wishes!!

  • walt cavalcanti

    Raye it was great with the session we had….. can’t wait for the wonderful pictures on our wedding day. :0)

  • Great photos! SO happy for you two! I was there when Helena was getting ready for their first date and when she got back.:-)

  • Gerri Hinchey-Carrieri

    What a wondeful picture showing your love in the city of love…I love the pictures !

  • What a wonderful picture showing your love in the city of love !!

  • Marilyn Zappala

    Just love the pictures! You two look soo cute and in love. Hope the love and happiness you exhibit in those photos lasts forever.

  • Waldir Cavalcanti

    Walter & Helana….Congratulations very nice pictures…both of you look…Maaaarrrvelousssss
    Best of Luck and……See you both upthere soon (at the Wedding)

  • I’m the proud dad and knew right away we hired the right photographer. She truely did a fantastic job on Sarina’s wedding and we ALL are excited for Helana and Walt’s wedding

  • The photos are excellent! I wish the couple a wonderful wedding. Can’t wait to celebrate their special day!

  • Great photos!
    The backdrops are perfect and you two look so perfect in the shots.
    Complements to the photographer.
    Jim Bowman

  • Annemarie Cavalcanti aka Mom of the Bride-Groom

    WOW I Love the Photography – of Helana & Walter -two Very
    Beautiful People that I love so much. October 23, 2010 will be a Great Day for all of us !! &
    Looking forward to seeing more photographic memories.

  • The photos captured the true loving couple you both are. Uncle Aaron and I are looking forward to celebrate your big day ahead. We can’t wait!!