July 22, 2013


kristie and I had the fourth of july circled, starred and sparkled on our office calendar – not because it’s a holiday (wedding photographers don’t get holidays during the warmer months) but because it was heather and jason’s wedding day… if that wasn’t cause enough for celebration, they were getting married in boston which to us translates into 2 words:road trip! now while it’s always an honor to be asked to photograph a wedding, when it’s one of your closest friends asking… well it’s pretty amazing. so a little back story is in order… I will get into depth as to how I met heather and our friendship when I post her grey t-shirt session. but in the meantime I’ll tell you that heather, kerry and I were roommates for several years in boulder. during that time we were with each other through new jobs, new puppies, deaths of family members and friends, lost loves and new ‘sick and wrongs’ – as we liked to call our crushes :) we sat around our living room and talked for hours and hours with our pack of pups at our feet and I can honestly say that the two of them know me better than practically anyone. so this weekend in boston would be the first time the three of us would be together in over 8 years and I couldn’t wait. I was also looking forward to spending more time with jason – we had met in baltimore a few months ago for dinner and their esession and I immediately loved him and knew just how perfect he was for heather. kris and I got to boston in time enough to check in at the hotel, change and go to the rehearsal dinner which was a new england clambake complete with sizable lobsters. we got to meet all of their friends and bridal party and I was so happy to see heather’s mom, grandmother and sister jenny… it had been over a decade! then the next morning kris and I headed to heather and jason’s house where all of the ladies were getting ready – heather was really calm which didn’t surprise me….. she’s pretty chill :) jenny and her fianc√© chris (aka the wedding ‘ninja’) were finishing up decorations for the tables and seating cards as heather’s puggle carlos looked on. we all loaded up and went to the venue which was stunning!! gorgeous!! with a view that looked over the boston skyline and lush grounds, it was the ideal setting. and as I was getting heather’s dress ‘floofed’ for photos, I did something I never do… I lost it. I don’t cry much in my day to day life and in over 450 weddings I have only cried twice – both were very brief during father/daughter dances when my dad was sick and after he passed. I know a lot of wedding photographers get choked up at almost every event and if that works for them, then that’s great. but I approach weddings as the job I was hired to do and for me it requires focus and a certain amount of detachment. I’m there to document, not participate – not to say that I don’t appreciate the sentiments, emotion and humor of a wedding day – I just don’t allow myself to get wrapped up in it. so I was surprised when the tears came… and it shocked the hell out of kris who nearly killed herself leaping across the room to get a shot of it. but I guess the history that heather and I share and the road we’ve traveled together during the many years we’ve been friends, and even in those periods when we lost touch just kind of caught up with me and I was filled with so much happiness for her. after a first look filled with smiles, some giggles and anticipation, the ceremony began. with a gorgeous view, heather and jason said ‘i do’ in front of all of their family and friends with a few tears shed and many moments of happy laughter. the reception was SO awesome!! some of the best toasts I’ve ever heard and a delicious dinner timed perfectly so that all of the guests could go to the outside patio to view all of the fireworks displays around downtown boston. once everyone came back inside, the party got started as the cake was cut (which was insanely cool on every level) and the dance floor filled. the night was capped off as all of their guests surrounded heather and jason with sparklers… we loved it! I can’t begin to tell you how much it meant to me to spend this day with you… I love you both so much



I couldn’t he happier for the two of you! you are a perfect match and made for each other :) I wish you (and carlos!) so much happiness as you enter your new chapter in utah and look forward to seeing you… SOON!! xoxoxoxo