May 01, 2013

I think this is the year that I was meant to be reunited with all of my colorado girls and I am loving and so grateful for every moment of it. first it was seeing kerry, leslie  and laurel during my march trip and then last week it was heather… for a very special reason. heather and I started as co-workers while I lived in boulder and later became roommates and wonderful friends – we were partners in crime and never failed to make each other laugh… even during some not-so-happy times. I will elaborate much more on all this special woman means to me during her grey t-shirt session in july :) since I left colorado, heather moved to boston for work… and then I started hearing about this guy jason…. and then more jason… and then the new addition of their dog carlos… and then a trip to the Caribbean… and then a private dinner on the beach…. and then….. engaged!!! kerry and I immediately took to facebook to share our happiness for her all over her wall from afar. maybe a month after jason popped the question, heather contacted me to see if I had any suggestions for a wedding photographer in new england – to which I answered ‘ummm.. well, I could kinda take care of that if you wanted me to..’  and her response was ‘REALLY?!?!? thank god!!’ hahaha from there I learned that they were planning a fourth of july wedding in boston and were thinking of traveling to baltimore for their esession so we made plans to meet up for dinner one night and then shoot the next. kerry had already met jason and told me I would love him and she was right. from his bear hug greeting when I got to the restaurant to his easy sense of humor, it’s so clear how very happy he makes my friend.


I can’t believe I get to see you again in just a couple of months!! it was SO amazing to spend time with you and I am over-the-moon happy for you and jason! I love you girl and am thrilled to be sharing in such a happy time in your life xoxox