February 24, 2015

1 hannah is the daughter of friends, scot and jean, who live here in snow hill. jean contacted me a few months ago with the exciting news that hannah was getting married and we made plans to all get together when she and nick we down on the shore visiting to talk about the wedding. not only are they getting married at one of my favorite venues, the carnegie institute, but getting to spend time with hannah and nick as a couple got me so excited about working with them. they are affectionate, warm, enthusiastic, and really funny…. my kind of couple! because they met, fell in love, and currently live in georgetown, it seemed like the perfect location for their engagement session. along the waterfront is where they love to spend their downtime together, walk their adorable dog kato, hang out with friends… and it is also where nick proposed. after a cold and rainy week, we were lucky enough to have a really lovely morning and we spent it strolling to and from locations that are special to them. I had such a wonderful time and am looking so forward to their wedding!

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