under normal circumstances if a bride says: ‘our cousin trinity is a professional photographer and I was wondering if it would be okay if she took some photos with will (the groom) during the earlier part of the day – if not, that’s cool’ well typically my head starts spinning a la the exorcist. first, the term ‘professional’ when applied to a lot of today’s photographers is a loose definition at best and second, they just get in my way to be honest. but this was brandi and will, and in the short time that we had worked together up until that point, I had really come to like them a lot. I probably would have done anything she asked… plus – she ASKED. instead of being surprised by someone with obvious pro-gear once I got to the ceremony, brandi gave me the respect of asking and giving me a heads up. so I said okay. now I’m no saint, by the time I got to the ceremony, I was scanning the crowd… looking for this cousin and prepared to lay down some ground rules :) but when I turned around this woman, as tall as me with such a friendly and welcoming way about her approached me. she shook my hand and introduced herself and thanked me for being so cool about her taking some photos of will. she went on to tell me that she would totally be out of my way, that she had seen the esession I did for brandi and will and how happy she was that they had hired me. from that point on and for the rest of the night, if she did pull out her camera I didn’t notice it. occasionally she would look up and wink at me as I would dangle from some precarious spot to get a specific photo. and when the reception wrapped up, we had exchanged information and I knew I had made a new friend. she is based out of ventura california, and you can check out her amazing talented self here – about a year after we met, she joined me and kris while we were in vegas for wppi for some dinner and the next year kris stayed home so trinity and I went together. now if you know me, you know that I am not the most open of people… I keep people at a comfortable arm’s length for a pretty lengthy amount of time after I meet them – not sure why I do this and it’s something that I’m working on – but there was something about trinity that I immediately trusted and clicked with – it felt like we had known each other for years. by the time the convention was over, she practically knew my whole life story, my addiction to sex in the city slot machines and then some. so when she called me a few months ago saying that she was planning on heading east and that she wanted to some down to the shore, I couldn’t have been happier! she got to see the studio and meet kristie – she joked that she’s going to lure kris to the west coast and have her come work at her place… but they’re just jokes… right?! she endured sampson and booker giving her a fresh round of dog love every time she left and re-entered a room and she even tagged along and help us shoot maureen and justin’s wedding. as we drove to bwi I was so bummed to drop her off – I really wish she lived closer. but kris and I have promised to head her way someday soon and I can’t wait! xoxo