August 28, 2013

kerry’s grey t-shirt shoot took a little while longer than anticipated. first, I was going to photograph her at crossfit (which is her happiest of places) when I was in colorado visiting in march… but I forgot the shirt. then we had planned to do it when both of us were in boston for heather’s wedding the day before we left, but she was under the weather. so on my most recent visit to colorado, there was no excuse. the mere fact that we have seen each other 3 times in the past 5 months is in itself a miracle – prior to that it had been 8 years. in 1996, kerry and I met outside of the boulder theater – I had gone with my friend kate to see her roommate’s band. I’m not sure how the conversation turned to it, but we started talking about the restaurant business – something I had ‘retired’ from when I first moved to boulder. like me, kerry had been in the business forever and was an assistant general manager at a new brewpub. again, not sure who said what first, but the possibility of me going to work there was brought up. I do remember kerry saying ‘but are you any good?’ and this is where I fell a little in love with her. see for an east coaster, acclimating to the personalities of politically correct boulder can be quite the transition. everything was ‘all good’ and there were ‘no worries’ and you were encouraged to just ‘chill’ and ‘breathe’. as much as I appreciated this overall approach to life and it was indeed one the the things that had attracted to me to boulder in the first place, after 7 years in downtown baltimore it didn’t come naturally. so kerry’s frankness was refreshing. I quickly learned that she was from boston and had been in boulder a little longer than I had and we started working together about a month later. whether it was because we were both pretty blunt and very honest with each other or because sometimes only the other would get our sense of humor and sarcasm amidst a group of folks who thought we were just either crazy or mean, we became close quickly. as I wrote about in heather’s grey t-shirt post, we became roommates after a brief stint back on the east coast and I think that’s when the three of us kind of became family. I clearly remember when she brought now-husband jason home and heather and I immediately saw the light in her eye and spring in her step… she was smitten! ┬átheir wedding a few years later was actually the first wedding I ever photographed start to finish. you can’t go through everything we went through during that time and not form a strong bond – plus kerry could see things about me that either most of my other friends couldn’t, or didn’t want to see. as my time in boulder came to an end, that same honesty that I had depended on when we first met played a part in my changing my life forever and for that alone, she will always be a sister to me. but even after I left, our relationship and friendship have never wavered. through every celebration and tragedy that has happened to us both, we’ve been there for each other. and when she and her daughter mak picked me up at the denver airport in march, even though it had been 8 years since we had seen each other – we picked up right where we left off… with a big hug and a snarky joke.

colorado days

I love you tons! (maybe.. just maybe even more than football???) and haved loved spending all of this time with you and jason this year. getting to know the amazing mak for the extrodinary little person she is has been such a gift. I don’t know what I’d do without you and I never intend on finding out xoxoxo