August 06, 2013


when heather asked me if I would photograph her wedding, I, of course was thrilled, honored and over-the-moon happy for my friend. but if I’m honest, my second thought was ‘I can do her grey t-shirt project photos in her wedding dress!’ so as I packed for boston, I made sure that the t-shirt made it’s way with me. I met heather shortly after I first moved to boulder. for whatever reason, once I got to colorado I decided I was done, done, DONE with the restaurant business (how very wrong I was about that) and so while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, I registered with a local temp agency. a week later I was placed at  the pharmaceutical company of america doing data entry… the night shift. now I’m not sure if I was there first or heather was, I just know that as soon as we met, we clicked. as a colorado native she was so open, warm and hysterical – and a perfect compliment to my east coast cynicism and sarcasm. it wasn’t long until we were going over to each other’s houses after work every night and because we both lived with multiple roommates (most of whom worked with us) there was always a party to be had – that’s the beauty of the night shift…. sleeping it off the next day :) about a year later, I met kerry who convinced me to give the restaurant business another spin and I left PCA. I had forgotten how awesome it was to have cash in hand every night and not wait for a paycheck and it wasn’t long until kerry and I lured heather to work with us. the three of us were all very different but something about those differences made us a great trio – not the norm in my history with female friends. for several reasons I left colorado and moved back to maryland and by the time I was kicking the idea around of moving back, heather and kerry had gotten a house together and they were going to soon have a room vacant – my belongings were packed in record time and I was headed back to the mountains. kerry and I each had a dog (jake and wilson) and one day heather mentioned that she was thinking about perhaps getting a puppy. ‘yes!’ kerry and I emphatically said – the more the merrier! so when she called to us to say that she found one, we excitingly waited for her to get home as we watched sunday football. as jake and wilson alerted us that she was home, I ran to the window to see heather coming to the door with 2 arms totally full of a saint bernard puppy. turning to kerry I muttered ‘you aren’t going to believe this…’ puppy rocky, named after my father, quickly grew into the biggest dog I’ve ever seen and was such a perfect addition to our happy home. we spent many a night hanging out in our living room talking about anything and everything with our pack of pups at our feet into the wee hours of the morning. during the time we lived together, we experienced all of the highest highs and deepest lows there are side by side and whenever one of us needed the others, we were always there for each other. in the years since, heather and I both left colorado and in the distance, we lost touch along the way. thanks to facebook I learned of her relationship and then engagement to jason and when I met up with them in baltimore to shoot their esession, it was as though no time had passed. she still makes me laugh more than practically anyone and to see her so happy was amazing. at her wedding, we both couldn’t stop tearing up and hugging each other because these types of friendships don’t happen everyday – you need to hug them up and hold on tight.

colorado days….

I love you so much mrs. clarke and can’t wait to see your beautiful face again soon! xoxo