May 16, 2013

I had the pleasure of working with older brother gavin several years ago before dylan was even born. since that time, he’s obviously grown a bit but it still the super nice and kind kid that I remember. gavin is a natural in front of the camera… it’s like he knew exactly when I was going to shoot. dylan, on the other hand was far more interested in the ducks, the playground and the goats across the river to really care about me.. he’s two lol. but together these boys are so sweet to each other and are obvious best friends. I was like a kid again as I shimmied through tunnels and slid down slides in pursuit of an image. dylan kept taking my hand and having my climb up through openings of the jungle gym definitely not designed for my 6 feet, but it was so much fun! ┬ásometimes the best thing you can do for an afternoon is just forget about everything else and just play :)


I am so excited for another opportunity to photograph these awesome kids… such a great time!