November 20, 2012

for a week before their wedding, all you heard on the news, around the water cooler and at the post office was chatter about impending ‘super’ storm sandy. and if I’m honest, I was a little nervous too. erin and nick had planned an ocean city wedding and reception and I wanted nothing to ruin their big day. the first time I met them was at nettie’s wedding and I was immediately smitten with them – several weeks later I had a wonderful time getting to know them even better during their baltimore esession (AND I got to meet their pup penny – who was also present on wedding day… love!) they have been together for 9 years since meeting in college and are so awesome together! their’s in a relationship of shared history, mutual respect, deep friendship and true love. so, yes… I was terrified that sandy might ruin their day. fortunately, on their wedding day the winds were picking up but the rain had yet to fall. as I crossed the bridge onto the island, people were making storm preparations, boarding up windows and piling sandbags as I drove down coastal highway. but once I got there, it was a general attitude of ‘storm? what storm?!’ which was fabulous. I was SO happy to spend another wedding with erin’s sister and best friends. I absolutely adore this group of ladies – you know when you just click with people? that is how I feel about these girls :) after some big hugs, getting ready went into full swing. at nettie’s wedding, erin was teary the whole day so it touched my heart to see erin’s big day have the same effect on nettie – everyone needed tissues, that’s for sure. once erin was dressed we went out onto the dock for some photos (a dock that is no longer there….) and then headed to the boards. the wedding was down the beach at saint mary’s and it was a beautiful and emotional ceremony. true to keeping it an ocean city wedding, we went back to the boards for group and family portraits, even dipping into a local arcade for some fun shots. and much to my delight, penny made her wedding appearance! at the reception at golden sands, guests looked out the floor to ceiling windows as sandy churned and the ocean got closer, but nothing… not even the super storm of the century could dampen this celebration of love!




erin and nick – thank you for such an amazing day. you two are so dear to me and it was such a honor to share such a special day with you! I know that you’re going to be so happy in your life together xoxo