September 19, 2013

our relationship with the mitcham family began with katelyn and kevin’s wedding in downtown philadelphia. little did I know that day that for the next two years, I would spend a lot of time with these amazing folks and photograph 2 more weddings with them. a year after katelyn’s wedding, her sister shannon married john in cape may and this is where kris and I really got to know the family – mom leslie, dad chris, nanny as well as many uncles, aunts and cousins. then earlier this year, the whole family attended the wedding of family friends, amanda and andrew which was a great visit before erin and kevin’s big day! erin and kevin have been together ever since a chance meeting at a local pub called the anchorage. it’s always been very clear that they are crazy about each other and to be honest, kris and I weren’t surprised when we heard that kevin had proposed… we were thrilled, but we knew that their becoming husband and wife was meant to be and only a matter of time. the morning of the wedding, we boarded the cape may/lewes ferry and headed to new jersey on this gorgeous fall day. once in the garden state, we drove to avalon to check out their venue, the abbie holmes house which was stunning! with beautiful gardens and a historic estate home, it was an ideal location for such a happy occasion. then kris and I went our separate ways as she headed to be kevin and I was reunited with my mitcham ladies. as I entered the bridal suite, it really felt as though I was meeting up with old friends instead of going to work. I got big and beautiful hugs, said hello to both katelyn and shannon’s impressive baby bumps (they are due literally days within each other) and began to photograph the beautiful erin as she prepared to say ‘I do’ to her love. as chris and leslie took their third and final walk down the aisle on either side of erin, everyone could see and feel the emotional moment as they gave their last daughter away. once the reception started, we were reunited with even more friends and past clients, kelly and alex – bud and linda – it was a big ole’ party! and when chris included me and kris in his welcome/thank you speech, it melted my heart. I was once again reminded that what we do everyday is so much more than just taking photographs.. it’s about being trusted to capture once in a lifetime moments, it’s about the love between two people starting a new and exciting journey together, it’s about little ones coming into this world and all of the wonder and excitement that comes with it. and it’s about families like the mitchams – I truly love all of you and even though this is the end of an amazing era when it comes to weddings, it’s obvious that there are going to be babies.. lots and lots of mitcham babies and I can’t wait to meet them and see all of you again.