November 29, 2017

001I have photographed enough weddings to know magic when I see it… wait, that’s wrong. I know magic when I feel it. and as I strolled the grounds of the church where emily and bonisile were to be wed, that certain something was in the air ~ it was everywhere. I hadn’t even met them face to face yet, but I had spoken with emily several times and I knew a little bit about their story. I walked through the historic church and the fields surrounding their reception tent, the sun was glowing.. casting warmth on the (very) chilly day. I was met with a big hug once I finally met emily and her mom and her eyes were sparkling. I told her that I was going to go pop in on her groom ~ ‘yes! go meet bones, he will be so pleased to see you!’ she said through an excited smile. I did, and he was as happy as his bride. there wasn’t a bridal party, it was just bonisile waiting for emily as her brother walked her down the aisle. the ceremony was quietly beautiful as the officiant surprised them by asking each of them what their favorite things were about the other. although there was some laughter and happy tears, there was no hesitation. they spoke of their love while never taking their eyes away from the other. the reasons for a love and a friendship such as theirs are many. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, a more lovely couple to share such a beautiful celebration with. I know that your adventures will be many and your love will only grow deeper from this day – thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it   xoxo

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