October 20, 2014

1 the last time I saw elessa was at the wedding of her mother, freda, over five years ago. for whatever reason, when freda contacted me about doing senior portraits, I still envisioned the little girl that elessa was that day, all wide eyed and dressed up in white for her mother’s big day. but when we met in pemberton park on an ideal fall evening, a beautiful, (very) tall and lovely young woman stepped out of the car…. with crutches. see elessa is an accomplished athlete and a champion cheerleader and a few days before our session she had suffered an injury to her ankle. when she stepped away to change, I asked freda what had happened and she said that they weren’t trying to panic, that hopefully it was a temporary injury that wouldn’t effect her season, but everyone was a little worried. you wouldn’t know it when elessa came back, ready for the session. whatever concern she may have had regarding her ankle didn’t dampen her upbeat attitude and positive spirit. we had so much fun as we explored different parts of the park with freda and elyssa’s little sister, bri along for the shoot. I’m happy to report that several days later when I spoke with freda, that it had been determined that elessa’s injury was just a hiccup and that she was already back to her normal training schedule :) I so enjoyed getting to see you again and to document such a special time in your life. you are a remarkable person and I know that you will continue to inspire those around you as you begin your next chapter. 1a 2 3 3a 5 6 7 7a 8 9