August 07, 2013

I remember when I first met Ellen + Ross earlier this year at a little Starbucks in Chevy Chase, MD.  I knew I liked them during our meeting but it was confirmed when I noticed them finishing each others sentences. :)  Then we met again in DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival for their engagement session and I could tell from that evening not only that they were super photogenic,  but that they absolutely and without a doubt were crazy in love with each other.

I was so excited for this wedding and to be working with the wonderful ladies, Heather + Maria from HJ Planners.  It’s so wonderful to hear about their vision leading up to a wedding and to finally see it unfold on the big day.  It was held at the gorgeous Woodend Sanctuary where wildlife roamed (we even saw a few deer!) and the victorian structure really set the tone.  However, there was one little “what if” that had everyone a little nervous- Mother Nature.  When I met Ellen in the hotel where she was getting ready, she already had the weather app pulled up on her phone.  It was threatening rain and the overcast skies (which I absolutely LOVE) didn’t help.  But as life has a way of working itself out, the rain held off just in time and started to downpour right as the reception started.  So Ellen + Ross had the good luck rain, beautiful skies AND a mild temperature for the beginning of August- just perfect!! :)

Suzanne + Shaunda from Bridal Artistry did a BEAUTIFUL job on Ellen’s hair and makeup and then it was time for us to head to go meet her Dad and Ross for first look photos.  Ellen thought she was the only who was going to surprise the guys but Ross had something up his sleeve. :)  He turned Ellen around and told her not to peek.  Then he rode down in a new bike that he got her that she had been wanting for quite some time.  Their officiant, Jeff Maszal met up with us and said it was show time!  Ellen’s dad walked her down the isle in the beautiful, secluded grove to the lovely sounds of Bel Canto Strings.  Ellen + Ross’ siblings both read during the ceremony and they receded down the isle under a saber arch!  Ellen + Ross are both currently serving in the US Airforce and I love that he wore his Officer Mess Dress.  I thought it was neat how they incorporated cherry blossoms on their wedding favors and Liv + I both cracked up at the awesome party shirts that the guys had under their jackets.  The whole day was just amazing and I’m so happy that you two have tied the knot!  We hope you have a great time in Hawaii and are so grateful that we could share this special day with you.

Thanks to the other wonderful vendors who helped make Ellen + Ross’ wedding a success:

Suburban Video

Musical DJ’s

Main Event Caterers

Metzler’s Scentsational Florals