June 04, 2014


the first time that I met diane and joey was at the wedding of joey’s brother jay to artemis. that whole wedding and everyone who attended were so much fun, but I specifically remembered diane and joey being such awesome people and a perfect couple. fast forward to just a few months later and I received an email from diane saying that she and joey were planning a wedding of their own and I was so happy to be invited to photograph it. last year we had a chance to spend some time together as we shot their esession on assteague ¬†{ along with their pup pepper :) } and I knew that they are just that kind of couple that are meant to be, as though they’ve been together forever. the day of the wedding was gorgeous as laura and I traveled to easton where everything was taking place at the historic tidewater inn. I loved seeing all of the folks I met during artemis and jay’s wedding as well as meeting so many other nice people – everyone was as excited as the bride and groom were that the day had finally arrived. the ceremony was held in the courtyard of the inn, the sun dipping low in the sky as friends and family witnessed the promises they made to each other. I am so incredibly happy for the two of you and am looking so forward to seeing all of you again! xoxo

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