July 30, 2013

I first met diane and joey at the wedding of his brother jay to artemis. diane was awesome helping out everyone as artemis got ready and she was my go-to person for the remainder of the day. I saw the gorgeous ring on her finger and artemis told me that she was engaged to jay’s brother. I soon met joey when we all got together for bridal party photos and immediately liked him. so when a week later, I got a voicemail from diane asking about our availability – needless to say I was thrilled! when discussing a location for their esession, they immediately mentioned the beach. the whole family comes down a lot during the summer and it’s a big part of their life together since they have become a couple. then they mentioned that they wanted their pup, pepper to join them for some photos and naturally this made me very, very happy. we had a gorgeous day as we started the session in OC on the boards and then went to assateague. they were the perfect blend of romantic, spontaneous and fun-loving and working with them was just as great as I thought it would be :)

thank you for such a wonderful evening! I am looking so very forward to working with you again at your wedding next year :)