July 20, 2015

001Ever since I met Danielle and John for their consult in March, I couldn’t wait for their wedding. They are such a laid back couple, and as they described their intimate wedding at a beautiful private home in McLean, VA – I couldn’t wait to photograph it. Driving up to the venue on their wedding day… it did not disappoint. The venue was just as they described it – gorgeous stone work, beautiful gardens, and a pool scattered with flowers to enjoy cocktails by. I was greeted by John at the door and he had this calm ease about him as he showed me around the property before he set off to take care of the logistics for the day. I met Danielle as she was getting ready with her girls and the excitement for the day was ringing through the air. With the final details in place, I walked Danielle down to meet her groom for their first look.   I love a first look – it’s one of my favorite parts of a couple’s day. The nervous excitement as the groom waits for the tap on his shoulder, the brides expression of delight as she approaches him, and best of all, when their eyes lock for the first time, just moments before the ceremony. Danielle and John’s first look was so sweet – they are just so clearly in love and in awe of each other and this was all so evident as they shared those first moments together.   After cooling off inside for a bit, Danielle + John held a beautiful ceremony in front of 35 of their closest family and friends with their dear friend officiating. As they exchanged their vows and rings, you could see everyone’s happiness for them radiating, with laughs and happy tears being shed as they committed to one another as husband and wife.   The celebrations continued into the night with heartfelt toasts and LOTS of dancing! This crew clearly loves having a great time, and every way I turned, family and friends were laughing, smiling, and taking in the evening. It was such a perfect day. Danielle + John, I’m so glad that I got to meet you and am so honored to have been able to capture your special day. Enjoy your honeymoon and congratulations! xoxo!

Cheers to the fabulous vendors that made Danielle + John’s day possible!

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