July 19, 2016

001I had every intention of meeting courtney and jason well before their wedding day. we tried.. we really did! due to jason’s service in the military, he was only home twice and we scheduled their engagement session ~ twice. both times it rained and was far too nasty to attempt the session we wanted to do in annapolis. if I’m honest, given the weather forecast the week before their wedding, I feared that our history would repeat, but fortunately the day was beautiful! when I got to the home of courtney’s mother, it was courtney who answered the door and she hugged me as if she had known me forever (which was kind of true, actually :) ) she was as lovely in person as she had been during our many conversations and was very ready to get this show on the road and marry her love. but right as we were about to leave for the church, her dress broke. really.. it broke. the thread broke on one of her straps and nothing short of a needle and thread would fix it. some brides may melt down at this moment.. after all, the limo had just arrived, but courtney, while a little concerned, just went with it. a phone call later, the amazing ladies from the bridal boutique met her at the church and within seconds, all was well. courtney would have gone down that aisle regardless.. this much I know is true. because her love, her life, and her future husband were waiting. I alway admire couples like courtney and jason ~ they fall in love and then because of circumstances beyond their control, they have to spend weeks, months, and sometime years apart. and yet their love and commitment endure. it somehow makes it sweeter.. as though true love could get better than it is. but as courtney walked down the aisle with her parents, her eyes were focused solely on jason and his on her. jason’s grandfather was the officiant of the ceremony and as he spoke to courtney and jason, the words he spoke were the same that he had spoken to jason’s parents when they were married years before. needless to day, the emotion of the moment was lost on no one. and as they exited the church under an arch of sabers raised by jason’s friends, they kissed and stepped out into tomorrow. together. forever. at last. laura and I are so happy for the two of you and absolutely loved spending such a lovely day with you! we wish you all of the love and happiness in your adventures together! xoxo

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