September 29, 2014


conner lives here in snow hill and is the son of my friends, susan and gary. he is also the brother of one of my former senior portrait clients, grant. when we were talking about his session, susan told me that he was very into frisbee golf.. and that he played the drums. but when asked what he wanted his senior portraits to be, conner just wanted to stay here in town and keep it simple. we started at their house like we did with grant – the family has such a lovely back yard and it was nice to visit with their pups again. then we headed to green street – I’ve walked down that road a million times and somehow it always looks just a little different which is pretty cool when choosing spots to photograph. we wound up the session at byrd park – the river and surrounding banks were beautiful on this ideal fall afternoon. conner you were so great to work with and I hope that you have such an exciting and fun-filled senior year!

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