February 02, 2015

1 some couples you just know, the moment that you meet them, that you are meant to work together. when I sat down with colleen and mike for their first consultation, we were laughing within minutes and they shared with me all of their lovely plans for their winter wedding. as soon as they said that they were getting married and having their reception at the historic belvedere hotel in downtown baltimore, I was so excited! with it’s stunning decor and awesome staff, the belvedere is by far one of my favorite venues. on their wedding day, I walked up as colleen and her sisters were getting back from the salon – we all went up to the bridal suite as they got everything together to prepare for this beautiful day. colleen’s dress was simply perfect for a december wedding… complete with a stylish wrap to finish her look. as I went down to the owl bar to see mike and his family, everyone’s excitement was building as we choose their first look location. unfortunately it was raining outside, but the beauty of belvedere is that there are so many eclectic rooms, grand hallways, and intimate parlors available to work with. colleen and mike chose a smaller ballroom to see each other for the first time and as soon as their eyes met, happy tears began to flow. the day only grew in beauty, joy, and love from there. from their emotional ceremony to a reception that was by far one of my favorites (colleen’s dance with her father was the grateful dead’s ‘ripple’.. enough said!), I had such a wonderful time with everyone! colleen and mike, meeting you and sharing this special day with you was such a perfect way to wrap up an already amazing year. I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world!

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