August 31, 2016

1christine and dan were married at one of my favorite venues, gramercy mansion. it was a gorgeous day.. but it was HOT! as in let’s-move-the-ceremony-inside hot. but as I walked into the bridal suite to meet christine for the first time, she wasn’t bothered one bit. christine and dan were referred to me by one of my favorite couples ever, niki and mike. so I knew before even meeting them, that these two would be so much fun to work with… and I was right! from the moment that her dress went on, to dan awaiting her by the grand staircase for their first look, these two were awesome. they have such an easy way about being together and you can tell that they are best friends. after the ceremony that was picture perfect inside under the atrium, to the dance party that erupted during the reception, christine and dan, their friends and their families, wrapped up the summer wedding season with perfection. I wish you so much happiness and love in your life together!

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