August 24, 2010


I met up with christine & bill in annapolis for their e-session and we had a great time – I was especially fond of the fact that christine is an eagles fan and that bill brought me coffee! 2 things that are very close to my heart! these two are just fun – as we wandered the streets of annapolis, they were so filled with energy and SO obviously smitten with each other.  bill is actually a photographer too for the military and once we had gone to a couple of spots, he was reading my mind as we approached the next location – a future wedding photographer perhaps? he’d be great! what I loved was that we had time to really talk and get to know each other better and I am so excited for their wedding!



love this one….









thanks for a great session! I’ll see you soon!

  • The first one and the last one are my favorites….but all the pictures are beautiful!!

  • You guys look amazing!!! What a hot couple! Can’t wait for the wedding! Beautiful photos!

  • These are gorgeous! I love these two people and you captured them perfectly!

  • BEAUTIFUL! congrats to you both!

  • You two make a very nice couple! So happy for you :). I love the one of y’all kissing inside the diner – so candid!

  • these are great guys!! sooo happy for you both!! u two are adorable!! best wishes!!

  • Christine Knipe

    Thank you sooo much Raye! These look fabulous & I cannot wait to see the rest!!! We had so much fun & are looking forward to the big day!!

  • christine and bill…these pictures are awesome! I especially like christine’s bracelet :)

  • Cute pics Christine and Bill!! I really like the one of you all kissing inside the restaurant. Cute! Looking forward to the big day!

  • Thanks again for these awesome photos. You did a fantastic job and we appreciate it.

  • These pictures are absolutely stunning. I happen to have a biased opinion towards the subjects (my sister and future brother-in-law) but the photography really captures their love for one another. I can’t even pick a favorite because there are so many amazing shots to choose from, but the first picture is definitely up there on my list, as well as the one of Bill and Christine sitting on the ground together in the alley.

    Such an amazing job, I wish I had known of Gillette Portraits when my husband and I got engaged. Gorgeous!

  • these pictures are great…you look incredible…and CK looks great too…

  • These pictures are beautiful. Very well done. Christine and Bill both look great in all of them.

    Luv Dad

  • The pictures they are all great! I especially like the black & white photos. Can’t wait for the wedding photos!!

  • I think the pictures look very natural and real. Bill and Christine looked fantastic. I enjoyed the pictures.

  • Love the Christine & Bill album, especially that is was done in Annapolis!

  • Great pictures

  • Aww, these are great photos!! You’re so beautiful, Christine!

  • Love the pics and can’t wait for the wedding!

  • Absolutely beautiful. The shots are perfection … so much love :)

  • Jorgen Fagerquist

    You two make a great couple. The photos are way too romantic.

  • These are gorgeous!!! Beautiful people and beautiful photography!! Christine you look stunning:)

  • Christine and Bill- Good Luck choosing, they’re all so beautiful! You two make a good looking couple! Congrats :)

  • CK The picturess are beautiful. Congratulations! Your special day will be here before you know it.

  • I loved the pictures. They were unique and looked so natural. You know I am going to want a copy.

  • These are so beautiful!! I’m so glad to look like my gorgeous big sister :)! Can’t wait for the big day!!

  • These pictures are beautiful!