July 31, 2015


I suppose that the title of this post should actually be ‘christina + jake are married.. again!’ because this lovely couple were already husband and wife the morning that I drove up to northern maryland for their beautiful wedding. when I met with christina several months beforehand, we chatted about how they wanted to have an intimate celebration to reaffirm their commitment to each other with their children, their families, and friends. the setting couldn’t have been more ideal for such an occasion. although it began to pour once I met up with christina at her mother’s house that morning, by the time their barn ceremony began, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. with their kids by their sides, they promised forever together again and sealed it with a kiss. this summer is turning out to be the season of the serenade and I am loving it! shortly after the toasts were made, jake took to the mic to sing his bride a song and later on, the two of them became a duet as christina joined in. there was so much love and laughter the whole evening as old friends reunited and all of the kids took over the dance floor… and of course there was christina and jake who took any chance they could to share a slow dance, even during a ‘fast’ song.. it’s clear that these two get ‘remarried’ every day of their life together. I wish you all so much love and joy!

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