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June 07, 2016

1I have been collaborating with the lovely chrissy ehrhart, the owner and operator of zenna wellness in berlin, for over 3 years. we have worked together on aerial yoga shoots, maternity sessions, and now mother/daughter (and one son!) acro yoga. and if I’m honest, these have become my favorite. not only are the poses different and creative, but there is something about the interaction between a parent and child, working together and supporting each other, that I find so beautiful. chrissy also took out her singing bowls and gave me a short demonstration which was so magical (thanks marley!) everyone was SO wonderful to work with and I am looking forward to next time xoxo

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March 17, 2016

1I love spring and this year it seems that it’s been somewhat hard fought to get here. after a really cold winter, when it seemed that the wind would never stop blowing, it’s beginning to warm up. trees are blooming, the days are longer, and if I’m honest, my allergies are giving me fits. but I digress…. to me spring has always been a time of renewal, a new beginning after the darkness of winter ~ and I couldn’t think of a better way to start this season than with a season at zenna wellness in berlin. chrissy and I have been doing aerial photo shoots together for 2 years now and they are always so much fun (see here, here, and here for our past sessions). this year, we decided to mix things up a bit and invited those who would like to do acro yoga a spin in front of the camera. to our delight, the duos who signed up for these spots were all mothers and daughters. we had so much fun working with all of them and I am looking so forward to our next sessions (ps: there may be a mother’s day session special in the works… stay tuned)

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January 09, 2015


about two years ago, I changed some things up. we were entering the off season here at the studio and I wanted to dedicate that time to working on myself – part of that was rediscovering my love for yoga.. a practice I had left behind almost a decade before. little did I know then that recommitting to yoga would evolve into some of my favorite photography of this past year. to learn how these sessions began, click here. with my friend and owner of zenna wellness, chrissy ehrhart, we dipped our toes into an idea which has bloomed into something really special. I love how the movement and light work together in these images… each session we are trying new things with people who love this practice as much as we do. chrissy and I have a lot of new possibilities to explore in 2015 and we can’t wait to share them with our friends.

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