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so today is the last in a week of posts that we won’t soon forget – we have never gotten so many texts, emails and FB messages from you - it’s been amazing!! we had so much fun and just wanted to include one more post of some behind the scenes shots as well of some portraits of the gorgeous courtney and brittany who did all of the amazing hair you’ve seen this week. tomorrow officially kicks off our full wedding season – it’s full steam ahead! so the blog is preparing itself to get hit by all of us soon. we just wanted to take another opportunity to thank everyone who helped out on saturday: courtney, brittany, meagan, susan, sarah, jim, joanne, anthony, phil, caitlin, diane, mel, ashley, skylar, bridget, casey, caitlin,amy jo, eddie and danielle – you all were ROCKSTARS and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!

the pocomoke crew

videographer anthony

my best friend (and sky’s mom) workin’ her point and shoot :)

there’s already been discussion about a round two this summer/fall and if it’s anyting like this shoot, we can’t waitt!

again – we’re a little later getting this on the blog than we’d like to be – but there’s so much to play with!!!! because we started earlier, we were able to post a few more of each look than we did yesterday. we seriously couldn’t have asked for better people to work with – you made our job feel effortless! like yesterday, if you want to contact any of the amazing people who made all of this possible either scroll down the blog or click here

tune in tomorrow for wedding dresses!!

April 25, 2011

if you like us on facebook or follow us on twitter then you know that we’ve had a photo shoot in the making for quite awhile. I thought a little history of how this shoot came to be would be cool – plus I am still amazed myself. saturday was the kind of day that a photographer dreams of! literally – when I first started taking photographs, specifically portraits and fashion projects while in school, I remember dreaming “someday…. someday I’ll have a studio, and amazing models + and stylists to work with and I’ll be able to create my own shoot.” when dreams come true – and I’ve had more than my fair share – it’s always a bit overwhelming. but for this shoot kris + I only played a part in a finely tuned and carefully planned dance. with the hiring of 2 new employees late this past winter, I wanted to just do a small shoot, using some girls I had worked with before so that my whole team would have a day to shoot, critique and learn. then one day, I wandered into a perfect dress in salisbury and spoke with my friend sarah and we thought it would be great to use some of their dresses. THEN I saw my friend courtney out one night and she told me that she was having her website designed and she really wanted to do a before and after hair/makeup/fashion shoot. from there it kept growing and we recruited amazing vendors like city florist and joanne miranda designs to help us pull off one of the best days of my professional life. this shoot took all day and is all that will be featured on the blog this week but for today I just wanted to post the “getting readys” so send us some love this week and let us know what you think!


susan and sky 


meagan and brittany washing ashley’s hair after a keratin treatment                                                                                                   


courtney and videographer anthony


prescilla and bridget

courtney with susan

sky and casey


prescilla and susan


courtney and eye shadow – lots of it!

tub O shoes!

susan and casey

sky and one of my favorite things – getting my hair washed…. so relaxing :)

courtney loving the flatbread pizza from the palette

susan and bridget

courtney and sky


picking out clothes

I couldn’t have asked for better people to work with – seriously, you are all AMAZING!!! special thanks to kristie for running around picking up the last minutes things we needed as well as the wedding dresses while I was at the studio and courtney’s salon. I can’t wait to share this shoot all week and show off all of my fabulous friends and vendors – stay tuned!!

January 26, 2010



my good friend and specialty cake baker extraordinaire susan weisengoff-patt has opened cake art – a specialty cake bakery! many of you are probably familiar with her work as head baker at classic cakes, but earlier this month she made the leap to go out on her own! the shop will be located at 113 west main street on the plaza in downtown salisbury. construction is underway and it’s going to be beyond cool! (I’ve seen the space and it’s inspiring!) in the meantime, if you want the coolest cakes ever just contact susan at and have her create something yummy and beautiful like this…..


or this…..


or maybe this…….


congratulations susan!! I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to see the amazing thing’s you’ll do with your own shop!!