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May 05, 2017

1I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the 2017 summer season.. ashley and cj’s wedding was a dream from start to finish. I knew as soon as I walked into the bridal suite and met ashley and her girls for the first time, that this day would be special. for one, it was quiet.. really quiet. to be honest, at first I thought I had the wrong room. but as I walked in, ashley was getting her makeup finished and the other ladies were eating lunch and getting ready for this special day. as soon as she saw me, ashley reached out for a hug and I was so excited to work with her. she was beautiful, calm, and very ready to marry her love. for late april, the day was a bit steamy… in the 90′s, but it was glorious and the spring colors of the congressional country club were in full bloom. as we made our way outside for her and cj’s first look, I could sense ashley’s joy. this day has been a long time coming.. because of their school and work commitments, the two of them have spent a large portion of their relationship apart. during the toasts, the main thing that people kept returning to was their ability to make it work, despite time and distance. their’s is a love that was obviously meant to be ~ no matter what. the whole day was just so lovely – their friends and their families were so kind and fun.. I immediately felt right at home with all of them and am happy to have made some wonderful new friends. I am SO very happy for you both and wish you all of the love and happiness that the world has to offer!

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February 15, 2017

001something was happening on green street last year… something big. one of the historic buildings in the heart of downtown was being completely gutted and it caught my attention ~ it caught everyone’s attention. this is life in a small town – nothing goes unnoticed and speculation begins. I think I heard that a candy shop was going in when I was at the post office one afternoon and I was intrigued – and then when I learned that my friend, melisa, was involved, I was excited! melisa grew up in snow hill and recently moved back from across the bridge to care for her mother. meanwhile, mark schramek, who calls both snow hill and DC home, had wanted to start a project with his daughter, morgan, to teach her about business ~ what better idea to peak a 13 year old’s interest than a candy shop? melisa and mark have been friends for 15 years and initially melisa was helping him with the design and branding for the shop, but soon a partnership formed. with mark’s business savvy and melisa’s marketing experience after many years with whole foods, it was a match made in confectionary heaven. together, they have created a timeless experience where both nostalgic candy favorites and artisan chocolates can satisfy any sweet tooth. they also partner with a local dairy, chesapeake bay farms,  to offer a rainbow of ice cream scoops, floats, and sundaes. since opening their doors in december, the shop has delighted locals and tourists alike as they are brought back to a simpler time.. in only for a little while. 2 3 3a 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 otcc-014 otcc-077 otcc-079

August 31, 2016

1christine and dan were married at one of my favorite venues, gramercy mansion. it was a gorgeous day.. but it was HOT! as in let’s-move-the-ceremony-inside hot. but as I walked into the bridal suite to meet christine for the first time, she wasn’t bothered one bit. christine and dan were referred to me by one of my favorite couples ever, niki and mike. so I knew before even meeting them, that these two would be so much fun to work with… and I was right! from the moment that her dress went on, to dan awaiting her by the grand staircase for their first look, these two were awesome. they have such an easy way about being together and you can tell that they are best friends. after the ceremony that was picture perfect inside under the atrium, to the dance party that erupted during the reception, christine and dan, their friends and their families, wrapped up the summer wedding season with perfection. I wish you so much happiness and love in your life together!

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April 07, 2016

001a couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of driving up the shore to visit chesapeake college. this was my first time there and I as soon as I got onto campus, I was so impressed. the grounds themselves are beautifully landscaped and easy to navigate and the buildings are thoughtful in their modern design. my friend bridget lowrie is a professor there and had planned an event for students taking her law office practice and ethics class. bridget had invited some of the most respected legal professionals practicing here on the shore to come share their experience with the attendees. each panelist began with a brief history of their career and the changes that had come as their profession had evolved over the years. from the clerk of court to criminal law attorneys, there wasn’t much that either one or all of the panelists hadn’t had personal experience with during their lengthy careers. the attendees were a blend of first and second year students who had thoughtful questions regarding hiring practices, career growth, as well as advice for potential professional challenges along the way. I even learned a thing or two and got some new ideas as a small business owner myself. the event definitely made an impact, as the students continue to bring up in class the topics that the panelists covered that day and some specific issues which they elaborated on – each from their unique perspective. I had a wonderful time meeting everyone and hope to be involved with a similar event at the college.

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March 23, 2015


the ladies of ShaDeeLa have done it again! just when we think that they’ve held the coolest and most inspiring workshop ever, they outdo themselves by offering a day of art, community, and expression. like the day of ‘FEARless painting’ with workshop leaders, dee, deb, and sharon, this day was a creativity reboot. the workshop was held at the green doors which was the ideal location for such an event – using reclaimed barn wood (some of it over 100 years old!) which was then cut into hearts, attendees were guided through new techniques as well as being encouraged to think about a message or a dream that they wanted to express through paint and found objects. so many new techniques were taught and as the hearts began to tell their story, it was such a lovely combined vision… there were no rules, no mistakes, only truth. if you haven’t taken one of these workshops, we definitely encourage you to visit their blog and sign up for their mailing list – you will have such a unique day of creativity, new friendships and community.

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up next for ShaDeeLa? their soul affirmations fabric journal workshop – head to their blog for details!

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November 20, 2014

1This whole family is no stranger to our blog. :)  You may remember them from Jen + Jon’s wedding two years ago.  Liv photographed everyone here, at Trap Pond State Park for the big celebration and I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jen and Jon again for Pearl’s newborn session a few months ago.  Everyone decided to get together for a fun family day last month and I was able to meet the rest of the gang!  I had so much fun with you all! :) Happy Birthday, Terry!

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July 29, 2014

1Meet the Redskins’ youngest fan!  This handsome fellow is the first born of one of our favorite couples. :)  I photographed Aradia + Dave’s wedding two years ago and was so happy when I heard the news that they were expecting!  Easton James was born on March 15th and weighed 7 pounds 5 ounces and was 21 inches long.  I couldn’t wait to photograph this little guy and to see the nursery!  As you may recall, Aradia designed her entire wedding and made a lot of the details by hand!  So naturally with his mother being an Interior Designer, Easton was bound to have an amazing nursery! ;)    I met up with the Lazzari’s at their home and was greeted by a familiar and loving face!  If you follow our blog you may remember their sweet girl, Bella, from their engagement session.  She hung out with us during Easton’s session and even debuted in a few photos.  I loved how Easton would crack a smile when he looked at Aradia + Dave!

I am so happy for you both, it was SO good to see you and to meet Easton! :) xoxo

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July 21, 2014




Emily + Justin have finally tied the knot! :) You may remember this gorgeous couple from their engagement session taken at F + M college which is tucked away in the hills of Lancaster, PA.  They met there in 2006 and have been going strong ever since.  I felt like a friend since that day and was anxiously counting down the days till their wedding.  I also couldn’t wait to see Emily’s younger sisters that I met and connected with 5 years ago!  We all worked at the same restaurant and I knew with them being a huge part of the wedding that it was going to be a hoot!

I headed towards the beach on the morning of the big day to Avery Salon where Em and her girls were getting ready as Caitlin made her way over to the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin, MD to meet up with Justin and his guys.  It was very fitting that this couple incorporated America’s Coolest Small Town in to their wedding. ;)  We love that all of the groomsmen had different ties!  As I entered the salon, girls in pink robes were flitting all around and I was greeted with numerous smiles.  I found Emily who was just as calm and collected as can be.  I was so happy that she was marrying her best friend today.  Jennifer Fanning from JLF Makeup Artistry finished up with the girls and we all headed over to their Victorian Cottage next to the Hotel to get dressed!  The gorgeous pink peony bouquets from Flowers By Alison were waiting for us upon our arrival.  Everyone helped Emily into her beautiful Maggie Sottero gown.  Her something borrowed was her grandmother’s handkerchief and the bottom of her glamorous heels were blue!  Emily + Justin decided to do a “first look” before the wedding (which we LOVE here at GPA!) and Caitlin + I decided that the back balcony of the hotel overlooking historic Berlin was the perfect spot!  Now it was time to say “I DO!”

Family and friends gathered in Emily’s family church where they had a lovely Greek Orthodox Ceremony.  Emily’s Godfather exchanged her + Justin’s rings and wedding crowns.  I love the symbolism in the exchanging of the rings three times- the weakness of one partner will be compensated for by the strength of the other and that each will be enriched by the union.  They also joined their right hands, had a candle lighting ceremony, drank from a common cup and after their ceremonial walk around the altar Emily and Justin removed their crowns and received a blessing.  It was official! :)

Guests made their way over to the Ocean Pines Yacht Club as the bridal party and I headed to the beach!  When we arrived to the reception everyone was ready to party!  I was highly anticipating the decorations and details of Emily + Justin’s wedding because they are obsessed with anything DIY!  They were actually featured in HGTV magazine so I knew that their attention to details and style was going to be icing on the cake for the day!  From hand carved buoys to heirloom cake toppers, this wedding was one of a kind!  Emily’s family is from the Eastern Shore so she incorporated Old Bay Spice, Scopes and Maryland’s State Cake (Smith Island Cakes by Classic Cakes) x 9!  Her excuse?  “We couldn’t pick just one!” :)  Emily’s Dad, along with his quartet, surprised the bride + groom with some words of wisdom and Dan from Music Masters started the roaring dance floor off with a traditional Greek music set.  It wasn’t until after midnight that guests sent Emily + Justin off with sparklers, well wishes + good luck Jordan Almonds.   Caitlin and I felt like the day flew by because it was just so much fun and it was great to see everyone come together to celebrate #emandjbigday !  A special thanks to Jennifer Matthews Frost and her Event Planning skills for helping the day run smoothly!

Congratulations Em and Justin- I am so grateful that we met and so happy I was able to be a part of your day not only as your photographer but as a friend.  There’s no getting rid of me now!! ;) Love you both!! xoxo

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Two weeks ago GPA had a wonderful kick off to our wedding season in St. Michaels with an amazing couple!  I met Michelle + Marshall the day before their wedding for the rehearsal dinner at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.  The weathered boathouse and the secured vessels gave an overall serene feel on the glassy water.  Inside, the Edison lights and rustic ambiance made me feel like I had stepped back in time.  Guests arrived from the church with the lovely vibes of Chris Dunn’s classical guitar playing in the background.  The Belmond Inn at Perry Cabin prepared a delicious meal and Michelle + Marshall decided to incorporate a little Eastern Shore heritage with Smith Island cakes for dessert!  The boathouse was bustling and filled with energy as family and friends met and celebrated Michelle + Marshall.  I could tell that their wedding the very next day was going to be filled with so much love and laughter.  Julianne + Mindy from SOIREE. and Amaryllis Event Design helped make the evening beautiful!

Stay tuned to the blog tomorrow to see Michelle + Marshall’s wedding day! :)

April 07, 2014

I particularly enjoy maternity sessions, add in a current “furbaby” and I am super excited! Jennifer + Josh were no exception — their sweet beagle Audrey tagged along for a few photos. Audrey will be giving up her reign as only child soon as baby J arrives the end of this month. We lucked out with a particularly warm day in March for their session, St. Paddy’s Day weekend to be exact… I remember this because Jennifer sent me home with a delicious and I mean super yummy Guinness Brownie! Thank you both for such a fun afternoon. Can’t wait to meet baby J the end of this month for our newborn session!