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August 15, 2014


This couple is so near and dear to me. I’ve known both Amanda and Adam for 16 years when we all met in 7th grade. Ever since Amanda and I were in the same class that year, we’ve been best friends, and I was lucky enough to have her as my matron of honor at my own wedding two years ago.

Four years ago, Amanda and Adam got married in New York City with a small ceremony. They later celebrated with family and friends a few months after they returned where my husband Derek and I photographed the reception. While Amanda wore a traditional wedding gown for the reception, she didn’t wear one on her actual wedding day. Last fall, Amanda and I started talking about what we would be doing with our wedding dresses since neither of us really wanted to keep them. I planned on donating mine, but Amanda had dreamed up an amazing trash the dress plan for herself and trail running!

We finally found a weekend to make the shoot a reality. Since Amanda didn’t have the typical wedding day-of photos from her own ceremony, we decided to take some classic getting ready and detail shots, as well as more traditional portraits among the running. I met up with them at the Lake William just outside of York, Pennsylvania. If you’ve never been – you should! It’s absolutely gorgeous there. Having run there countless times before, Amanda knew all the places she wanted to go that morning and each of them were beautiful. One of my favorite things about Amanda + Adam is that not only are they head over heels for each other, but they are also best friends. No matter where they are, or what they’re doing, they have a blast, and our session was no exception. We had so much fun running around the Lake William (I only fell once!) and I can’t wait to get back there again.

I love you both so much! See you soon! xoxo

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the first time I worked with laura and derek was during their e-session almost 3 years ago and within minutes into the session I had already fallen a little in love with them. couples who make each other laugh.. and I mean really laugh.. until the tears are practically running down their cheeks… these are my favorite kind of couples. this is laura and derek – plus they are thoughtful, spontaneous, playful, lovely and clearly madly in love. since that day they have gotten married and laura has become a valued addition to the GPA team! they have also gotten a dog (their beloved cooper) and recently they have purchased a new home.. #burblivin’ as they like to call it. for awhile now, laura and I have been talking about doing a post-wedding shoot (aka trash the dress, rock the frock, etc.) but with busy schedules and changing lives we just hadn’t gotten around to it. but with the upcoming move, laura wanted to donate her wedding dress before they took up residence in their new house… so a plan was hatched. all of us were getting together on assateague island for our annual studio shoot so the timing was perfect for laura and derek to meet me before that began. it’s clear that time has only made them more solid and formed a wonderful partnership.. as usual, their love and laughter was a joy to photograph. derek was a trooper and helped us ladies out during our studio session later that evening and even built us a bonfire – ever the eagle scout. I love you both so much and am so grateful that you have grown from clients into cherished friends and members of the studio family. thank you for asking me to capture more moments of your beautiful story together xoxo

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December 01, 2011

I love love LOVE is when our couples sign up for day-after sessions. one, it extends the joy of the wedding day, if only for an hour or two. and second there are no time constraints, no reception to get to – we can really have fun and get creative. technically this wasn’t the exact day after danielle and josh’s wedding. sadly, they suffered the loss of danielle’s grandfather shortly before wedding day so there were family commitments that had to be tended to. we rescheduled for a few weeks later and they chose pintail point – love this place! josh likes to shoot sporting clays so they had been there numerous times but this was my first time and it’s such a gorgeous location AND we got the most stunning sunset I’ve seen all fall!

kris calls this last one a gone with the wind photo :) once again, I had so much fun working with you – you two are just inspiring to be around and I’ve loved getting to know you both!

November 09, 2011

one year to the day after these two said “I do”, kathleen and ray traveled to ocean city for a trash the dress session on a gorgeous afternoon. now I love working with these two and since we started working together almost 2 years ago they’ve become friends (even if they are ravens fans) and I always look forward to seeing them. the boardwalk was packed which was awesome because some of the looks we got were priceless! it’s not everyday that you see a bride sitting barefoot smack dab in the middle of the boards – and when the silly string that ray brought started to fly… well, you can only imagine :) 

I loved our afternoon together and I hope I have a chance to see you both soon – peace, love and steelers HA!

technically this was a trash-the-dress – although I have some further plans for christina that include some underwater goodness that will really trash it. but for me it was just an amazing opportunity to photograph 2 friends I love dearly. see I’ve known bobby’s parents, pam and bill basically my whole life – but it wasn’t until I moved back and especially after I opened the palette that I got to know everyone in this amazing family. in the years since, all 3 gordy kids have married and all had kids – 5 total. and my camera has been there for a lot of it which has been amazing. when christina voiced interest earlier this year in doing a trash-the-dress session, I was thrilled because I didn’t shoot their wedding. when she said that bobby was coming along, I approached it like I would a wedding day shoot – except with unlimited time, and multiple locations, and no worries about messing up the dress – also known as heaven :) we started out down by the bay which was meant to be because although I didn’t know it, christina’s dad had been a waterman – she loved the location and it showed. after we finished up there I was determined to find some hay or wheat fields to play in and bobby suggested the perfect spot. as we drove up we noticed some people and a dog playing around the baled stacks and almost left – but of course bobby knew them and they didn’t seem to be phased by the wedding dress or the stranger with the camera *whew* the weather was perfect all afternoon and I couldn’t have asked for better people to shoot with. christina and bobby are a gorgous couple – inside and out


thank SO much for such a great session – I had the best time!! xoxo


morgan and her husband rich contacted me for an e-session this past spring. it’s not very often that I get asked specifically for an e-session, but for morgan and rich it was because they were having a destination wedding in jamaica but wanted to make sure that they got some images that reflected them because the resort photographer was going to shoot the wedding. now morgan also played along in a contest we had last year and she was the winner winner chicken dinner of a editorial bridal session (aka trash the dress, rock the frock, etc.) I had a location in mind that I was dying to play in and when I met morgan early that morning she was happily on board. now I said that it was chilly in the title of this post and that is a lie – it was COLD!! bone chilling, teeth chattering frigid and I was so grateful that morgan was beyond amazing about taking off her coats and sweater once I got her posed like I wanted. she was so great that you can’t even tell in her expression how polar bearish it really was!









thanks morgan!!

July 07, 2009


jocelyn actually found me through her mom who is on my mailing address for the restaurant. I had mentioned that I was looking for brides interested in “trashing” their wedding dress. I have done a few of these sessions – but none like jocelyn. when we communicated through email, I learned that her dress was a monique lhuillier – I was immediately nervous for her and the dress. I mean these dresses are expensive!!! I was assuming that maybe she might want to do some shots with a bit more chance of staining the dress than one would attempt on their wedding day – but full out trash it? a monique lhuillier?? so imagine my delight when she came to snow hill to meet me and not only was she as beautiful as her dress – but she indeed was gleeful to trash it – completely.



I have long wanted to do an edgy bridal fashion shoot – and this was such the perfect opportunity. jocelyn was a natural model – seriously, I could not have asked for more. she could read where I was going and just hit the mark – it was amazing








the waves were a bit unpredictable!


and out she goes!  jocelyn is a surfer and just body surfed the dress back in

img_6943thank you sooo much jocelyn – for a great afternoon, for not only playing along but having a blast doing it and for posing for some of my favorite images ever!  I had a great time!!