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July 04, 2014


festival season is definitely in full swing and we are loving it! just one week after the governors ball, we headed to tennessee to one of the biggest parties of the year ~ bonnaroo! the weather couldn’t have been more ideal (complete with one of the most vibrant rainbows we’ve ever seen!) and the music was varied and awesome :) a totally different vibe than gov ball, bonnaroo has developed a reputation for being eclectic with something for everyone. the musicians, the comedians, the films.. and most of all the festival folks all mingled together to create such a magical environment that we hated leaving. next up is lollapalooza in chicago and we can not wait! 2 3 4 5 6 8 8a 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 16a 17 18


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the first time I worked with laura and derek was during their e-session almost 3 years ago and within minutes into the session I had already fallen a little in love with them. couples who make each other laugh.. and I mean really laugh.. until the tears are practically running down their cheeks… these are my favorite kind of couples. this is laura and derek – plus they are thoughtful, spontaneous, playful, lovely and clearly madly in love. since that day they have gotten married and laura has become a valued addition to the GPA team! they have also gotten a dog (their beloved cooper) and recently they have purchased a new home.. #burblivin’ as they like to call it. for awhile now, laura and I have been talking about doing a post-wedding shoot (aka trash the dress, rock the frock, etc.) but with busy schedules and changing lives we just hadn’t gotten around to it. but with the upcoming move, laura wanted to donate her wedding dress before they took up residence in their new house… so a plan was hatched. all of us were getting together on assateague island for our annual studio shoot so the timing was perfect for laura and derek to meet me before that began. it’s clear that time has only made them more solid and formed a wonderful partnership.. as usual, their love and laughter was a joy to photograph. derek was a trooper and helped us ladies out during our studio session later that evening and even built us a bonfire – ever the eagle scout. I love you both so much and am so grateful that you have grown from clients into cherished friends and members of the studio family. thank you for asking me to capture more moments of your beautiful story together xoxo

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May 14, 2014

in march I had the pleasure of photographing the first set of zenna’s aerial yoga portraits (to read how these sessions came about and what they consist of, click here). the response that zenna’s owner, chrissy, and I had was so positive that we decided to schedule another shoot a few weeks ago. like before, everyone who attended was so wonderful to work with as chrissy guided them through their poses – some had never even tried aerial yoga before and it was so cool to see them embrace the flow from each movement to the next. these sessions have become a favorite of mine.. I not only look forward to the photography, but also learning even more about this practice and meeting some truly special people along the way – I am already brainstorming for our next collaboration! I’m seeing acro… :)




  • we traveled to baltimore, dc, richmond and philly
  • we amped up our starbucks consumption
  • we took advantage of our last little window of downtime before the season to share with family and friends
  • we hot yoga-ed, boxed and ran 10Ks
  • 5 of our couples welcomed new additions to their families
  • we took the time to appreciate the simple things like a beautiful sunset
  • we spoiled our four-legged family.. as usual
  • we played with bees and dreamt of honey
  • we took flight with a very cool aerial yoga event
  • we welcomed 70 plein air painters to our little town
  • we hot tubbed whenever possible
  • we made and partook of far too many cupcakes – we even entered a baking competition! :)
  • we kicked off our wedding season with a stunning day in saint mikes at the inn at perry cabin
  • we traveled to new orleans for a music (and food and friendship) trip of a lifetime
  • we prepped and got all of our ducks in a row for our biggest season yet!
April 01, 2014

when I was 11 years old, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. my initial fear was that I would have to wear one of those large and bulky braces (the only real treatment back then) and I dreaded it. my mother, always the fixer and problem solver, researched as much as she could and from a friend at her office she learned about the benefits of yoga as they pertained to my condition. during the early 80′s in syracuse I think that yoga practitioners were very few and far between.. at least mom couldn’t find one. so in addition to regular chiropractic care, mom found a book with all of the basic yoga poses. because I feared the brace that my doctor assured us was a definite possibility, I stretched, cat, cowed and downward dogged it every morning and evening. I was anything but serious about an actual yoga practice and as soon as my doctor said that things were looking pretty good, I slacked off… I was a teenager after all. fast forward many years and yoga was once again recommended to me in colorado for not only my back issues, but for overall stress relief and a peaceful mind. I quickly fell in love with the poses I once considered a chore as a kid and was just beginning to establish a practice when I moved back to the eastern shore. yoga fell to the wayside as real life happened and to be honest, I didn’t realize how much I missed (and needed) it until a place called zenna wellness was hatched. I had met my friend chrissy several years before and immediately liked her – she was so friendly, open and warm. but I had no idea as to the plans she had in store! I had started hearing the small town chit chat that always happens when something new is coming and there was rumor of a yoga studio opening in berlin – so a few weeks later during their third friday art stroll I searched out zenna and to my very happy surprise, chrissy was the owner. I went to my first class a couple of weeks later and have never left – all of the instructors are amazing and just the general vibe of the space is pretty special. I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful studio with so many lovely people that have helped me reestablish and grow my practice. in addition to zumba, pilates and tai chi, zenna also offers something that very few places do and that’s aerial yoga.. for me to try to describe it would be foolish – it’s definitely something you need to experience first hand – but from a photographer’s perspective, it’s beauty is what drew me in. so several weeks ago, chrissy and I created an event and invited people from our yoga community to sign up to come practice and get photographed. it was such a wonderful experience, I think for all of us, but I know it was for me. there was so much grace, a little cursing at me as I made the ladies hold poses a few ticks longer than they may have wanted to .. and laughter – lots and lots of laughter. due to the popularity, chrissy and I are busy making plans for round two! like zenna on facebook for updates :)


March 27, 2014


throughout my life I have had many interests and enthusiastically pursued several hobbies with varying levels of success.. but ever since I can remember, I have had two constant true loves – photography and music. so when I have the opportunity and am hired to combine them both? well, it’s the truest definition of a dream job to me. a couple of weeks ago I flew to austin, texas for the south by southwest (sxsw) festival and it was unlike anything I have ever experienced. I have gone to music festivals as varied as the all good fest to lollapalooza since I was 17, but sxsw was an inspired stew of everything from films to graphic arts to gaming… and of course, music. everywhere. I’m certain that on any given day, the streets of austin have music ranging from hip hop to the blues spilling out of the doors and windows of the clubs, but at sxsw it’s on overdrive. at one point I found myself at almost a jog-like pace.. wanting to see everything, to hear as much as I could. I was in my happiest of places. at night, I headed to the world-famous stubbs to photograph a sxsw showcase which was sponsored by the gap – featuring j roddy walston and the business, the preatures, bear hands and the 1975. although my time in austin was brief, it was inspiring and it fed a little corner of my soul which had felt a little empty recently.. for which I am so grateful. it also left me wanting more and I am looking so forward to returning in 2015!




  • in september we decided that a trip was in order. our choice? paris
  • we consulted friends, clients and travel blogs and got to planning
  • we arrived at our apartment in the third arrondissement and set out for the essentials… french coffee
  • we spent late nights journaling while listening to music and the city sounds 4 stories below
  • we butchered some language and was corrected by snarky cab drivers
  • we lived on our balcony
  • we tossed out some of our previous plans to just wander the streets and soak everything in
  • we stumbled upon paris fashion week
  • we met a waiter named vincent who became our new best friend
  • we sampled every kind of pastry, bread and crepe we could find. literally.. everything – diets be damned!
  • we drank more coffee
  • our friend nancy flew in from germany to join us
  • we visited museums and saw works both big and small that we had only studied and loved from afar
  • we became surprisingly comfortable speaking the language as the days passed
  • we fell in love with the eiffel tower.. she is so magnificent in person
  • we spent rainy days in our apartment relaxing, talking and shooting
  • we walked countless flights of stairs – they are everywhere – usually spiral, always steep and seemingly endless
  • we got a lesson in proper absinthe etiquette
  • we missed our flight home.. not on purpose. really
  • we arrived home knowing that we had experienced something truly special and life changing. what we saw, the things we learned about our craft, ourselves, our creative passions, our friendship, the conversations we had, the lightbulb moments that came out of thin air, the beauty that was felt by all senses, the inspiration that will translate into our work and the reality that we were able to do all of this together is something that we will always have. always. paris moved us both in such beautiful and unexpected ways and we will be forever grateful
January 08, 2014

all of us here at the studio are dogs owners and we LOVE working with them. in addition to our in-studio events, a lot of our clients brought them along to their sessions (and their weddings!) which always makes us smile. this year, due to popular demand, we had our annual santa paws benefit shoot both here in snow hill and for the first time, we held one in baltimore. it’s so awesome that santa paws has grown into such an anticipated event and that it has given us the ability to help local shelters. we also had the opportunity to work a rescue benefit at downtown dog resort with some baltimore ravens players – which was SO much fun! next year we are planning 3 dog days benefit sessions and can’t wait to play with more of our much loved four-legged clients :)


January 03, 2014

when gillette portrait arts opened it’s doors in 2001, it was specifically a wedding photography studio – our thinking was that it was better to focus on one thing rather than be a ‘jane-of-all-trades’ business. and that was true for the first two years… but then our couples began having babies and our flower girls became seniors, etc. suddenly we were doing a lot of sessions outside of weddings and we loved it. as we said in yesterday’s post, seeing our couples become a family of 2 (or more if you include the pups) to a growing family of adorable toddlers and giggling kids.. well it’s amazing to watch and an honor to photograph. one of our first brides is now the proud mother of four.. crazy! time does fly and we look forward to capturing more of these moments in 2014 :)




happy 2014 everyone! today begins our ‘best of’ blogposts and we thought esessions would be an ideal place to start. engagement sessions are a significant beginning to our relationship with our couples. one, it’s the first time that we work together and it’s also one of the major things our clients do as they are gearing up for their major wedding planning. this year we worked with amazing couples and shot everywhere from downtown DC to rural pennsylvania to some quiet riverbanks here on the shore. it’s important to us that these sessions reflect who are couples are and we usually have them choose the locations. like in years past, our 2013 couples selected perfect places that they loved and the results were awesome :)