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1it seems like only yesterday that we were photographing kelly’s maternity session, but this little guy is already 6 weeks old! when I arrived at the house to meet baby dylan for the first time, I was greeted by proud older siblings, daniel and hadley. not that they would remember, but I had done this very thing with them and it was so cool to see them so excited for this time with their little brother. dylan could not have been easier to photograph… he is adorable, curious, and peaceful. to get all of the kids together for some photos was so much fun ~ there is so much love there and it will only get bigger as they grow up together. kelly and alex were as blissed out as they had been with every addition to their beautiful family… a little tired, maybe :) but SO happy! to document every silly moment, every tender gesture, and every hug and kiss was such a joy. I love all of you and am so happy for you xoxo

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June 15, 2017

1wren is the daughter of two of my dear friends and I have had the pleasure of knowing this little girl since the day after she was born. her mom, who is also a photographer, contacted me about her upcoming birthday and asked if we could get together for a bit in berlin to document this big milestone… wren, balloons, and ice cream? I am so in! these photographs really speak for themselves… wren is an inquisitive, happy, and beautiful child and I am so grateful to watch this family grow together. happy birthday little miss! loads of love surrounds you xoxo

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June 08, 2017


to document the journey of a couple is one of my greatest joys as a photographer. from engagement to wedding day and then getting that call that they are expecting a child and becoming a family ~ these are such life changing moments and I feel honored and humbled to capture them… and such is the story of the esworthy family. I met erika and josh years ago when I photographed their beautiful wedding day and not too long after that did their daughter, hayden, arrive. my first session with her was almost 8 years ago, and in the years since I have photographed them 5 times (click here, here, here, and here if you’d like to see our past sessions). every time I am with them, I am completely smitten with this family. erika and josh are still as as crazy as ever about each other, and hayden is growing into such a lovely young lady in front of my camera. she is spunky, thoughtful, funny, and so very sweet. as always, I look forward to our next adventure together! xoxo

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001since moving back to the shore, I have become increasingly close with my cousin, caitlin… I even wrote about it during her grey t-shirt session :)  she never ceases to inspire, delight, and impress me – and she can always get me laughing, regardless of what’s swirling around us. last week she became a mother for the second time and I knew that I wanted to document these first days – there will be a follow up session once they all get settled at home that will include her husband, jamie, their son, gray, and of course the family pup, diesel. but I wanted these early moments together to be saved forever. the day that I met her first child, gray, I wrote this for him and it’s just as applicable for kie – I love all of you so much!

‘dear Gray (and now Kie), I met you this morning and the first thing I noticed was just how perfect you are. the second thing was that your mom looks so different than she did 2 days ago.. in the most beautiful way. she is a mother and she is radiant. as the remaining representative of my small branch of your extensive family tree, I wanted to let you know a few things. first, you will be the most photographed child on the eastern shore. fact. also, as we get to know each other, I hope to share all I know about the family members who have come before: your great-uncle Paul’s kindness, your great-aunt Ethel’s grace and your cousin Cornelia’s strength. we are a big, beautiful, and kind of crazy family but we love each other with all of our hearts and are so happy that you’re finally here. welcome to the world little man.’  

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January 05, 2017

1when gillette portrait arts began in 2003, we were primarily a wedding photography studio. and while we loved photographing weddings here on the beaches of the eastern shore, we had no idea what would happen as we continued this journey. here’s what happened…. our business grew to photographing weddings in cities all over the east coast and we worked with so many amazing couples. then our couples started families and they contacted us to photograph their maternity sessions. thennnn the babies were born and we had the opportunity to capture some of their first newborn moments. THEN the babies turned into toddlers and then grew into kids and now some are almost teenagers (yikes!) and we have had the honor of documenting so many milestones along the way. we’ve said it before and we’ll keep on saying it.. forming a relationship that begins at the very first wedding photography consultation that continues for years as these former brides and grooms turn into parents and become dear friends to all of us is the biggest gift of what we do. some of our closest friendships grew out of what began as working relationships and we couldn’t be more grateful to have gotten to know so many wonderful people along the way. we are looking so forward to meeting new friends in 2017 and continuing to document the newest additions to our big and beautiful GPA family!

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December 29, 2016

1since their maternity session, I had anxiously been awaiting THE call. susan and mike are two of my favorite people and when I felt their excitement during that session, I knew that once I was their son arrived, I was in for something special. just a couple of weeks later, their son carter was born and I headed to berlin. mike answered the door and was just beaming… a little tired maybe, but so happy. and then susan introduced me to carter who was curled up, asleep, and adorable ~ and susan had never looked more beautiful. we spent the next hour or so, just hanging out together and taking photographs – I loved seeing my friends so happy! I can’t wait to watch this little boy grow up and am looking forward to capturing every special moment ~ love you all!

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December 12, 2016

1it has been 11 years since I photographed liz and john’s december wedding ~ 11 years! since then, they have become dear friends as well as participating in every event and session the studio has offered. from family sessions, to santa paws and valentines day, it has been such a pleasure to watch their family grow and their journey as a couple unfold. I remember when both of their sons, mason and cooper, were infants.. so to see these two funny, smart, and kind young men before me kind of blows me away! they are growing up SO fast! liz and john, as has been the case since I first met them, are happiest when snuggled up together and with their boys. the love and friendship that they share only grows stronger with each passing year. I had such a lovely time with all of you and look so forward to the next time that we are together. xoxo

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December 07, 2016

1since photographing their wedding 4 years ago, susan and mike have become 2 of my favorite people and dear friends. I also became quite smitten with their pup, lucy, on their wedding day ~ any couple who includes their dog in their wedding is automatically one of my favorites… obviously :) over the summer, I was told the happy news that they were expecting and it was mike who suggested that we get together to document this happy time. (his second best idea ever!) so we met up on a beautiful fall morning to catch up and capture this next chapter in their family story. I was thrilled that lucy was able to join us! my sweet girl is getting up there in age and traveling isn’t always easy ~ but as always, she was so loving and happy and our session wouldn’t have been the same without her. I just returned from colorado and while I was away, their son carter was born ~ I am looking so forward to meeting him later this week! I am so happy for my friends and so grateful that I have the honor to be a small part of this lovely time. love you all! xoxo

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November 29, 2016

1the first time that I met sarah and andrew was on their wedding day. initially, we had planned on doing an engagement session together, but with their careers, they travel.. a lot. at the time, we decided that we might do a fun, post-wedding shoot to make up for our missed session, but not too long after wedding day, I got the most wonderful news ~ they were expecting. it was going to be time for a newborn session and I was so excited. by the time that kristie and I left their wedding, sarah and andrew already felt like old friends.. they had been so awesome to work with and as I drove to their home a few weeks ago, I was really looking forward to seeing them again. I was greeted at the door by their pup, gus, who is such an adorable little guy. and then I met their son, liam. for a newborn, he was SO alert with eyes wide open and following our every move. we went upstairs and spent the next hour or so catching up and photographing this beautiful baby boy (and gus.. obviously). I had such a lovely morning with you and hope to see you again before life takes you across the globe xoxo

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November 16, 2016


after photographing this session, kathleen and ray officially became my most photographed couple ~ ever. it’s hard to believe that we met 7 years ago when they hired me to photograph their wedding.. and from the very first moment, I loved them. they are funny, they are kind, they are silly, they are amazing parents, they are more in love today than they were last year, and the year before that. they are ravens fans.. but I can overlook that ~ I love them that much. so instead of posting a bunch of links to their previous sessions, I pulled some of my favorite photos from all of our sessions..


their engagement session:

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their wedding day:





their first anniversary trash-the-dress session:

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our first session with their son, coleston:

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with coleston a year later:

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our first session with their daughter, alice:


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and last month’s session.. this year, they picked me up from assateague on their pontoon boat. I must say, I felt pretty fancy :) we went to a beach only accessible by boat and had such an awesome morning together. now that alice is a year older, she is on the move, inquisitive, and adorable. coleston, as usual, was so much fun and ever the attentive big brother. to watch all of them together is a such a joy and I am reminded once again how fortunate I am that I get to do this for a living. the friendships that I have made, the children that I watch grow up in front of my lens… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you guys so much and am forever grateful to have you in my life.. until next year! xoxo

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