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March 15, 2017

1every moment I have spent working with and getting to know casie and frank has been so awesome! they are such a wonderful couple and have so much fun together that it’s impossible not to be drawn into their happiness. from their e-session to their wedding, and now to their daughter frances’ (aka frankie’s) first session, I have been honored to document portions of their story together as a couple and now as a family. because frankie came early, we couldn’t do a newborn session until a couple of weeks ago, but once I walked into their home and met this smiling and happy girl, I was smitten. she has such a vibrant personality already and was a joy to photograph. of course, me being me, I had to get the family pup, chester, in a few shots as well. thank you for a wonderful morning ~ it was so nice to see you and to meet your beautiful daughter xoxo

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February 21, 2017

1most of the time, we get to know a lot about our couples before wedding day. between engagement sessions, many phone calls and emails, and the always welcome chat over coffee, we get to know them and their story. but rarely do I know the journey of a couple as well as I do with courtney and jeff. courtney and I have been friends for 10 years.. I owned a restaurant in snow hill when she opened her salon down the street ~ I wandered down to her space a week before she opened to introduce myself and from the start, we clicked. within minutes, we were talking as though we had known each other for years and I think I started sharing secrets with her that night. in the years since, our biggest moments and most difficult decisions have been shared within the 4 walls of her salon (‘now let’s have lunch!’) and I would be lost without her and her friendship. then this spring, during an editorial session that we were shooting, she received a text and after reading it.. she smiled bigger and wider than I had seen her do in years ~ she even blushed a little. I knew who it was from but acted as though I didn’t.. it was from jeff. a few weeks before, my cousin caitlin had suggested that courtney meet a co-worker of her husband and things went well ~ very well. let’s just say that their second date was in arizona :) caitlin had already given me a brief update about the date and was pretty proud of her matchmaking skills.. ‘but let her tell you herself!’ caitlin implored. so I did. after the text, all I had to do was look at her and courtney couldn’t hold it in. for the next 10 minutes, she excitedly shared with me all about their first date, the communication since, and she was literally glowing. after the shoot, we went back to her salon to hang out and courtney looked me straight in the eye, with calm confidence, and said that she was going to marry this man… and here we are.  I had met jeff a few months ago during their engagement session and saw firsthand what a perfect partnership this is. jeff never took his eyes off of courtney, even when I asked him to ~ courtney had a happy peace and joy that made my heart smile. so as kristie as I got ready to join them on wedding day, we knew what this day meant.. to everyone. to recall all of the moments that made this day so special would take pages and pages. to attempt to write down what it meant for us to be a part of this day would never be sufficient ~ so we will just let the photos tell this part of a love story that will last forever. we I love you and are so very happy for all of you! xoxox 

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February 20, 2017

1from the minute that nicole and jared got out of their car with pups, winston and alice, in tow, I knew that we were going to have a great time! first, their dogs are adorable and photographing them together was a hoot.. alice is quite the diva and wasn’t quite sure what to make of the sand while all winston wanted to do was go play in the water. meanwhile, nicole and jared were just having fun being together. we photographed their session at slaughter beach and it had been years since I had visited ~ I am definitely returning soon as I had forgotten what a lovely place this is. because it is february, we basically had the place to ourselves and I had so much fun with these two. they are spontaneous, they are hysterical, and they clearly head over heels for each other. thank you so much for such a wonderful morning and I am looking SO forward to your big day!

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February 15, 2017

001something was happening on green street last year… something big. one of the historic buildings in the heart of downtown was being completely gutted and it caught my attention ~ it caught everyone’s attention. this is life in a small town – nothing goes unnoticed and speculation begins. I think I heard that a candy shop was going in when I was at the post office one afternoon and I was intrigued – and then when I learned that my friend, melisa, was involved, I was excited! melisa grew up in snow hill and recently moved back from across the bridge to care for her mother. meanwhile, mark schramek, who calls both snow hill and DC home, had wanted to start a project with his daughter, morgan, to teach her about business ~ what better idea to peak a 13 year old’s interest than a candy shop? melisa and mark have been friends for 15 years and initially melisa was helping him with the design and branding for the shop, but soon a partnership formed. with mark’s business savvy and melisa’s marketing experience after many years with whole foods, it was a match made in confectionary heaven. together, they have created a timeless experience where both nostalgic candy favorites and artisan chocolates can satisfy any sweet tooth. they also partner with a local dairy, chesapeake bay farms,  to offer a rainbow of ice cream scoops, floats, and sundaes. since opening their doors in december, the shop has delighted locals and tourists alike as they are brought back to a simpler time.. in only for a little while. 2 3 3a 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 otcc-014 otcc-077 otcc-079

January 25, 2017

1my history with they myers family is a long one… not only have they been my friends and neighbors for the past 14 years, but mom, wendy, and I have known each other our whole lives. wendy grew up in the house next door to where I live now, and currently lives in the house across the street ~ while my grandparents lived in the house on the other side of mine. every christmas and most summers, I would travel down to the eastern shore from syracuse and spend months at a time here in snow hill. because wendy and I are close in age, we became fast friends when we were little and I always loved spending time with her during my visits. once I moved to colorado, I was rarely in snow hill for more than a day or two and wendy and I lost touch. but in 2002, I moved into my home and was pleasantly surprised that wendy was still here in town and we picked up where we left off. over the years, I have gotten to know her husband, jon, and I have watched her kids, reagan and riley, grow up in front of my eyes. they are such amazing kids… well not really kids anymore. in fact, reagan just left this week to study abroad ~ where does the time go? they have also welcomed david, a foreign exchange student from korea, into their family. his first round of study was last year and he fit into their life as though he had always been there. I remember wendy telling me that he was coming back for a second year and she was so happy! so while david was here and before reagan left, it was important to all of them to document this time together. we chose a beautiful but COLD afternoon to photograph a short but sweet session… according to riley, he couldn’t feel his legs :)  I love this wonderful family and am so grateful for each and every one of them xoxox

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January 23, 2017

1I love having the opportunity to document the evolution of a family ~ the anticipation, the slight uncertainty of the unknown, the excitement.. but most of all, the joy. when I photographed sarah and shane’s maternity session, they were over the moon about the life they were about to share with their daughter. and when lucy arrived, life was complete.  when I got to their home, I was greeted by my friends who were just beaming.. so, so happy! then I met miss lucy ~ and she is perfect. I am looking so forward to many more sessions with this special family and to watch lucy grow up in front of my lens  xoxo

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December 29, 2016

1since their maternity session, I had anxiously been awaiting THE call. susan and mike are two of my favorite people and when I felt their excitement during that session, I knew that once I was their son arrived, I was in for something special. just a couple of weeks later, their son carter was born and I headed to berlin. mike answered the door and was just beaming… a little tired maybe, but so happy. and then susan introduced me to carter who was curled up, asleep, and adorable ~ and susan had never looked more beautiful. we spent the next hour or so, just hanging out together and taking photographs – I loved seeing my friends so happy! I can’t wait to watch this little boy grow up and am looking forward to capturing every special moment ~ love you all!

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December 29, 2016

1allie and shea’s wedding was our final event of the 2016 season ~ and what a way to end such a fabulous year! allie is a friend and co-worker with 4 of my other brides and when she first contacted me, she told me of the connections and I was so excited to work with her. all of these ladies and their grooms have been so much fun and their weddings have been stunning. allie and shea were no exception and as I met allie and her girls at the church, I felt as though I had known her forever. her gown was beautiful, and in lieu of a flower bouquet, allie held a prayer book – the same that her mother and grandmother carried on their wedding day, as she enter the sanctuary. the ceremony was a full mass, steeped in tradition and emotion – shea couldn’t hold back some happy tears as he saw his bride come down the aisle. once we got to the reception, I had time with the bridal party and one special wedding guest ~ allie and shea’s pup dexter! he quickly stole the show as friends and family took turns snuggling him up. he’s adorable! the reception was a celebration of family, friendship, and love ~ the toasts were some of the most moving tributes I had witnessed all season and once the dance floor opened, this crew got busy! I had such an amazing time with all of you and can’t wait to see you (and dexter!) again. I wish you love and the happiest of new year as man and wife!

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December 16, 2016

1like so many other families that I had the pleasure of working with this year, deb and adam started out as wedding clients. their love story is one of inspiration, dedication, and true partnership and I have loved them since the day we met. one thing that makes them unlike any other clients is that every session that I have worked with them, including their wedding, has been photographed at their family vacation home in cambridge. so every year, as summer turns to fall, I have the pleasure of traveling up the peninsula to visit my dear friends at one of the most beautiful places on the shore. this year, I was amazed with their son, evan ~ he’s a little adult now.. seriously. he is such a friendly and funny little guy – I could talk with him for hours. and deb and aram.. well they are still deb and aram. completely smitten, hysterical, and absolutely lovely to capture. I decided to pull a few photos from every session I have done with them just to give you all a little peek of their family journey. I love you all so much and can’t wait until next year!

their engagement session:

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their wedding day:

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my first session with evan: 

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family session 2013:

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family session 2015:


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and this year…..

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December 13, 2016

1shauna has been one of my best friends for almost 15 years. during that time, we have seen each other through everything that life can dish out… the good, the bad, and the sometimes hysterical. regardless of what is going on, she is one of the few people that can have me laughing with just a look (or a jump :) ), and I cherish her friendship. she knows how I am without me ever saying a word.. and I, her. so when were in atlanta about a year and a half ago, I noticed a little something… one, her phone never left her hand, ever. and when she would get a ding of an incoming message, her response was immediate. two, she would smile, respond, and smile some more… dare I say even a giggle here and there?  upon returning to the shore, we went out to dinner and she told me about someone she had met.. and her name was audrey. in the months that followed, they talked more.. and more. shauna traveled to atlanta and audrey came up here to the shore. it was during one of audrey’s visits here that I joined them for breakfast. I already knew how happy shauna was, but to see them together was amazing. their laughter, friendship, mutual respect, and obvious love for each was was such a lovely thing to witness. having a front row seat to one of your dearest friends falling in love is a pretty awesome thing, I must say. recently, shauna got a job offer that required her to move to baltimore so the day before she left, I asked if I could have an hour or so with her and audrey to take some photographs. we walked the campus of salisbury university and I thought I would be sad… with her leaving in just a few hours. and I was ~ a little. but more than anything I was just so happy for her, for both of them. to share a life with someone you love by your side, with all of the twists and turns, adventures and opportunities that life gives you, everyday, is a beautiful journey ~ and I am looking so forward to seeing where it leads my friends.


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