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January 22, 2018

311ddif I’m honest, our expectations for kristin and will’s wedding were high. not because that they were having the first wedding EVER at ram’s head live… and not because will is a pretty kick ass designer. and the fact that several our favorite people were going to be there was a definite bonus, but that wasn’t it, either. see, I know a little something about this bride. the first time I ‘met’ kristin was on facebook ~ I had photographed the engagement session for one of her best friends, (also) kristin, in saint michaels and as is the norm, I posted a blogpost of the session soon thereafter. then, a couple of weeks later, kristin attended the saint mikes wine festival with her friend, jennifer, and after several tastings they set about the historic downtown and proceeded to recreate the engagement session with their own special twist… using the blogpost as their guide. at first glance I was confused but then I got it and I absolutely LOVED it. I immediately friended them all and messaged my props for a job well done! meeting face to face would come later at the wedding and I loved her instantly AND I heard her sing for the first time. oh. my. god. fast forward a couple of years and I saw her (now with will) at the wedding of abs and nick, and again, I was smitten with her spirit, her style, and that voice! so this summer, when I heard of a sxsw austin engagement (of course!), fingers and toes were crossed that we would get the call.. and hooray! we did. as initial planning began, we started to talk about their engagement session and they brought up artscape ~ as a MICA grad who hadn’t been able to attend in several years, I jumped at the opportunity. not only was it a perfect location, but will’s company was also in charge of the installations all around the event. we went from live music, to ice cream vendors, and the ferris wheel.. I loved every second. and then there’s wedding day… I’ve thought long and hard about what exactly to write, but there really are no words. we’ve never experienced anything like it and we’ve been doing this for quite a long time. it was magnificent, it was emotional, it was full of surprises, it was stunning, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. so I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and let the photos tell the story. below is the amazing team that made all of it possible – incredible! but what made it truly remarkable was kristin and will ~ spending this day and witnessing the love the two of you share was such a gift and the best way we could kick of this year. we love you both and wish you all of the happiness in the world!! xoxo

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December 02, 2017

1the first time that I met carrie, something just clicked… it was like I had known her forever. it is somewhat surprising that we had never crossed paths before earlier this year ~ we have a lot of the same friends and have traveled in similar circles, personally and professionally. but better later than never, I say. I knew that she had kids and this summer she had briefly mentioned a session ~ summer and busy schedules made the days fly by and we never got around to it. then about a month ago, we returned to the conversation and I asked a question that I typically do when I haven’t photographed a family before.. ‘when was your last session?’. carrie kind of glanced at me siedways and answered, ‘ummmm never?’ and suddenly I was on a mission… hell, I was on a quest! when we met up at assateague, all of her and mike’s awesome kids exited the mini van, greeted me with smiles and appeared to be really exited about the session (this is not always my experience… just sayin’). I started out with individual portraits and it was jack, the only boy, whose hand shot up in the air ~ sooooo many high fives for that! these kids were beyond amazing to work with ~ it was a little chilly, especially when we got to the ocean side of the island, but they were all in. and their parents were pretty cool too… obviously :) I couldn’t have asked for a better day or a more awesome family to spend such a beautiful evening with and I am looking SO forward to next time! xoxo

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November 30, 2017

1well actually, mariah and daniel are already married ~ a week and a half ago. but now that one of our busiest fall seasons have come to an end, we are finally back in the office full time and are on a roll with our blogposts… including this wonderful session. I often have a favorite part of a session ~ in addition to working with some awesome people, there is always a moment when I exclaim ‘yes!’… sometimes just in my head but usually I just slip and say it out loud :) whether it’s a special moment between a couple or the perfect light hitting at just the right moment.. every session has one. with mariah and daniel, there were several. first, whenever a dog joins a session, I am immediately elated and when it’s a pup like huck… well, just look at that face! and because we photographed the session on daniel’s family farm, we were able to include many spots that mean a lot to them, including the spot where he proposed during last winter’s big snow. I had such an awesome time with these two (three!) and am looking so forward to sharing their wedding photos. stay tuned!

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November 29, 2017

001I have photographed enough weddings to know magic when I see it… wait, that’s wrong. I know magic when I feel it. and as I strolled the grounds of the church where emily and bonisile were to be wed, that certain something was in the air ~ it was everywhere. I hadn’t even met them face to face yet, but I had spoken with emily several times and I knew a little bit about their story. I walked through the historic church and the fields surrounding their reception tent, the sun was glowing.. casting warmth on the (very) chilly day. I was met with a big hug once I finally met emily and her mom and her eyes were sparkling. I told her that I was going to go pop in on her groom ~ ‘yes! go meet bones, he will be so pleased to see you!’ she said through an excited smile. I did, and he was as happy as his bride. there wasn’t a bridal party, it was just bonisile waiting for emily as her brother walked her down the aisle. the ceremony was quietly beautiful as the officiant surprised them by asking each of them what their favorite things were about the other. although there was some laughter and happy tears, there was no hesitation. they spoke of their love while never taking their eyes away from the other. the reasons for a love and a friendship such as theirs are many. I couldn’t have asked for a better day, a more lovely couple to share such a beautiful celebration with. I know that your adventures will be many and your love will only grow deeper from this day – thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of it ¬† xoxo

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November 21, 2017

1it was one of those perfect days… late fall, leaves crunching under our feet as we wandered the trails of pemberton park, and a conversation about love and the future. I had met amanda several months back when we had lunch at the atlantic hotel. she was funny, warm, and welcoming and I knew that the man she chose to spend forever with would be too (and I was right!). so as I spent the afternoon with amanda and nick, I marveled in their friendship and how they just fit together, effortlessly. regardless of how nervous nick may have been during the first few snaps that were taken, as long as he was looking at amanda, he was relaxed and smiling with eyes sparkling. I am looking SO forward to next year to document the next chapter in your love story. xoxo

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November 09, 2017

1furnace town has become one of my favorite venues and as I was driving the whole 7 mile commute to get there, I couldn’t wait to not only meet sarah and wesley, but it was such a lovely day and I was looking so forward to their wedding. once I got there and met up with wes and his guys, it became clear that I would know a few folks at this celebration. sarah and I had only communicated via email and the phone and it didn’t dawn on me that her brother was actually a friend of mine. the happy surprises continued as every personal detail I saw was prettier than the last and after all of the weddings that I’ve photographed here, someone was finally getting married in the beautiful chapel. this day was just so full of love and friendship ~ with such an intimate gathering, it was clear to see just how much everyone cared for sarah and wes and shared in their excitement. once I was alone with them for their portraits, I felt like I had known them for years.. they are just so warm and welcoming and have an ease, friendship, and deep love with each other that is lovely to witness. I loved every single minute of this day and wish you all of the love and happiness in the world! xo

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November 02, 2017

01although my dear friends, deb and aram, appear in several of these photos, this blogpost should really be titled ‘the many faces of evan’. eight years ago, when I was hired to photograph an engagement session for deb and aram… I had no idea how these two people would come to influence my life in the years to come. if you haven’t seen their story, click here. so needless to say, I know a little something about this family and how every step to get to today has been filled with love and hope… especially when it comes to their son evan. he has never been nervous in front of my camera ~ in fact, deb shared with me that a couple of days before our session, evan had asked her where I had been and why they hadn’t had photos done yet. but this year, as he’s gotten a little older, evan’s personality has just blossomed and it was basically impossible for me to take my camera off him. he is funny and thoughtful and just a pretty amazing kid all around. and deb and aram? as has been the case for the past eight years, every moment I have spent with them has been wonderful ~ I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to capture such a love story over the years and to call these people dear friends… until next time, much love to you all! xoxo

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November 01, 2017

1josh is the brother of one of our favorite clients, amber. so when she contacted me several weeks ago to share the happy new that he was getting married to savanah, I was so pleased. I was even more excited when she said that I should expect to hear from savanah regarding doing the photography. although they’re not getting married until next fall, they wanted to shoot their engagement session as soon as we could so I traveled across the bridge and met them at their venue. this little gem is tucked back and perched on the water – I had never been there before and it was beautiful! savanah also happens to be the catering manager there so it was really cool to have a sneak peek prior to their wedding. as I walked across the deck to meet them, the first adorable one to catch my eye was their pup, ‘dog of honor’, logan… official sign and all :) once we got some photos with her, we explored the grounds and the dock. they are such a cute and fun couple who clearly are at their happiest when they are together. I am looking SO forward to your big day and can’t wait to work with you again!

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October 30, 2017

001when I first met nicole and jared during their engagement session, I left knowing several things about them after spending the afternoon together. first, they are SO funny.. they had me giggling as soon as I got out of the jeep. while maneuvering their pups, alice and winston, to the beach, the intertwining of leashes, retrieving ‘the bag’ that contained the treats, was all done with a playful conversation between two people who just get each other. once we got the dogs settled, we were set to go… or so we thought. on several occasions, both were pulled into the sand as alice and winston desperately wanted to go explore – while hanging onto a leash, their laughter would fill the air as they they attempted to keep the pack together. so they looooove their dogs… check! but what I really took away from that day was just how ideally matched they were. sometimes there is an awkwardness when in front of a camera, working with a relative stranger. and this stranger is asking you to look at each other, hug each other up.. but there was no hesitation, just an easy comfort of two best friends who also happen to be deeply in love with each other. so as I drove to delaware on the beautiful fall afternoon that was their wedding day, I knew that it was going to be special indeed. as I expected, both nicole and jared were surrounded by some awesome friends who were as excited as the bride and groom that this day had arrived. a longtime friend of nicole’s even traveled in from italy to be with her. there were some wardrobe malfunctions, and some flower mix ups, a parking snafu or two, but what I had come to love about this beautiful group of folks, was that none of that mattered. as nicole walked across the pocket park in lewes to greet her love for their first look, tourists roaming the streets of downtown lewes stopped and became impromptu wedding guests. they read vows that they had written for this.. just for the two of them. before the ceremony. something that they could share and keep for themselves before walking down the aisle. every moment of this day held something lovely in it’s unfolding. friends reuniting, families working together to create such beautiful memories, and of course, the first day of forever for these two. I am so happy to have been a part of such a wonderful celebration… I wish you all of the love and happiness in the world. oh, and jared.. it was and will always be your day, too :)

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October 16, 2017

001a few years ago, I had the pleasure of photographing sisters, briean and whitney, with all of their girlfriends during a girl’s getaway to the beaches of delaware. and smack dab in the middle of all the festivities was their mother, joan. all of the ladies clearly loved this woman as much as her daughters did and it was such a fun evening to document. since then, we have kept up with each other on facebook and several months I could sense that something had happened in the family but didn’t want to intrude. then I received a message from briean and I knew… joan suffered a severe stroke earlier this year and in the time since, everyone has adjusted to a new normal. briean shared with me that her mother was confined to a wheelchair and was non-verbal which was devastating to learn. but then came the sentence that made my heart smile ~ she and whitney had decided to bring joan (‘the ultimate beach lover’) back to rehoboth and she asked if I could meet them over there to take some photographs. I don’t know what I expected, really, but I know what I witnessed and what I had the honor of capturing. I shoot weddings almost every weekend.. so I see love, I capture those moments of excitement, wonder, and joy. I’ve even photographed the birth of a child and the initial, indescribable love of a new family. but this was something different.. this was a love of history, a love of commitment, a love of hope. unshakable. whenever joan would look at her girls, her eyes would brighten and a smile would begin that grew wider by the second. once we got her toes in the sand, her whole body seemed to exhale and she relaxed into the arms of her daughters. we even had a pup come photobomb us mid-session to the delight of everyone. if you’ve ever been a caretaker of a parent, you understand the fear and the frustration and the tears and the hopelessness of the bad days. but you also know the joy and gratitude of the good days. this was a very good day…. xoxo

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