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January 22, 2018

311ddif I’m honest, our expectations for kristin and will’s wedding were high. not because that they were having the first wedding EVER at ram’s head live… and not because will is a pretty kick ass designer. and the fact that several our favorite people were going to be there was a definite bonus, but that wasn’t it, either. see, I know a little something about this bride. the first time I ‘met’ kristin was on facebook ~ I had photographed the engagement session for one of her best friends, (also) kristin, in saint michaels and as is the norm, I posted a blogpost of the session soon thereafter. then, a couple of weeks later, kristin attended the saint mikes wine festival with her friend, jennifer, and after several tastings they set about the historic downtown and proceeded to recreate the engagement session with their own special twist… using the blogpost as their guide. at first glance I was confused but then I got it and I absolutely LOVED it. I immediately friended them all and messaged my props for a job well done! meeting face to face would come later at the wedding and I loved her instantly AND I heard her sing for the first time. oh. my. god. fast forward a couple of years and I saw her (now with will) at the wedding of abs and nick, and again, I was smitten with her spirit, her style, and that voice! so this summer, when I heard of a sxsw austin engagement (of course!), fingers and toes were crossed that we would get the call.. and hooray! we did. as initial planning began, we started to talk about their engagement session and they brought up artscape ~ as a MICA grad who hadn’t been able to attend in several years, I jumped at the opportunity. not only was it a perfect location, but will’s company was also in charge of the installations all around the event. we went from live music, to ice cream vendors, and the ferris wheel.. I loved every second. and then there’s wedding day… I’ve thought long and hard about what exactly to write, but there really are no words. we’ve never experienced anything like it and we’ve been doing this for quite a long time. it was magnificent, it was emotional, it was full of surprises, it was stunning, it was a once-in-a-lifetime event. so I’ve decided to keep my mouth shut and let the photos tell the story. below is the amazing team that made all of it possible – incredible! but what made it truly remarkable was kristin and will ~ spending this day and witnessing the love the two of you share was such a gift and the best way we could kick of this year. we love you both and wish you all of the happiness in the world!! xoxo

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November 07, 2017

1I first met Shannon and Roane during one of their wedding weekends- a weekend they devoted to taking care of some wedding things.  They live in Alexandria but knew they wanted their special day to be on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean behind them so when they came to the Eastern Shore we made a point to visit.  I instantly connected with them and immediately saw that they are best friends.  While talking out some wedding day details Shannon quite often finished Roane’s thoughts.  It was apparent that this day would be surrounded by close friends and loved ones.  They kept smiling and laughing during our conversation.  The countdown began! Fast forward to the big day!  The warm sunshine was radiating over the beach while Roane and Shannon were getting ready.  The hotel room where the girls were getting ready was buzzing with excitement mixed with nerves.  While finishing touches of makeup were being applied I got to see the dress!  If there is one thing you need to know about Shannon is that she is an avid Little Mermaid fan!  So what better dress to wear than one that resembled Ariel’s dress at the end of the movie!  It poured with gray and silver sequins and shimmered beautifully in the sunshine.  Roane was sure to be surprised!  Shannon looked stunning and had the perfect coral reef jewelry to tie her wedding dress together. Family and friends gathered on the beach and took their seats anxiously awaiting for the final moment.  Shannon’s uncle was the officiant and incorporated the perfect amount of humor and love during the ceremony.  He offered to go ahead and put handcuffs on Roane for Shannon right away before saying “I do!” :) After exchanging heartfelt vows, Shannon and Roane were officially married! Then the real party began.  We made our way to reception where I first saw Shannon’s vision come together! I had heard about her beach and sea theme wedding details and was excited to photograph them.  My favorite were her handmade Little Mermaid Centerpieces- and her aunt’s fudge, of course! :) The night was filled with love, laughter, special dances and amazing memories.  Roane’s mom was definitely with us that day and it was apparent by the beautiful sunset she laid in the sky.  Thank you so much for letting me share this very special day with you, I wish you lots of happiness! Love, Kristie

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October 13, 2017

001I am always amazed by our couples… always. I have seen them approach their wedding day under some challenging circumstances and you would think they would freak out… the vendors freak out ~ trust me. we want this day to be EVERYTHING they’ve planned for, and more. but without exception… through hurricanes, evacuations, snow storms, mid spring flurries, and venue closings, our couples have just gone with the flow. because the thing is, once they have gotten to their first day of a lifetime to spend together, all that matters is love. on kelsey and andy’s wedding day, kris and I got there and were bombarded with a wall of wind as soon as we turned the corner to the river ~ I’d never seen or felt anything like it. and as we entered the space where kelsey was getting ready, we expected some disappointment.. but everyone was laughing and excited as they prepared for her walk down the aisle. music was playing, the champagne was poured, there was a visit from kelsey and andy’s pup, jack, and there were hugs and happy tears everywhere. by the time the ceremony was underway, there was no attention given to anything other than these two amazing humans getting hitched. wind? what wind? it was lovely and it was perfect. every moment of this day was filled with SO much laughter, friendship, and love. every time I turned around, I witnessed a happy embrace of reunion, a stolen kiss, and friends collapsing into familiar giggles. it was truly one of the most heartfelt events that we’ve ever had the honor of photographing and we know that yours will be a life together overflowing with love and happiness ~ cheers! xoxo

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September 28, 2017

001the first time that I ever visited the home of my friends, matt and frances, it occurred to me then that this would be a beautiful location for a wedding. many years have past since then and their property gets more gorgeous each time I’m there.. and that thought has always stuck with me. so earlier this year when frances asked me if I had the date open for her niece, clary’s, wedding, I looked and was thrilled that I was available. then I asked her where it was……. hooray!!! I was soon in touch with clary via email and we set up a date to not only meet at the farm to talk over where everything would be, but I would also photograph her and evan’s engagement session. after spending the afternoon with them, there venue didn’t even matter ~ I was just looking so forward to working with this awesome couple on their big day! clary is just such a lovely person and evan is hysterical.. plus they are huge dog lovers who wanted their pup, keeva, in most of their session. once wedding day arrived, kris and I met up at the farm and took our places alongside our bride and groom. the place was like a fairytale with lush tree canopies surrounding the ceremony site were clary and evan would promise forever to each other. once everyone gathered under the tent for the reception, the new mister and misses floated out onto the dance floor to share one of the most beautiful first dances we’ve ever seen ~ appropriate since dancing is such an important part of their love story. we couldn’t have been happier to share this day with all of you and wish you both all of the love and laughter in the world as you begin your life together.

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February 21, 2017

1most of the time, we get to know a lot about our couples before wedding day. between engagement sessions, many phone calls and emails, and the always welcome chat over coffee, we get to know them and their story. but rarely do I know the journey of a couple as well as I do with courtney and jeff. courtney and I have been friends for 10 years.. I owned a restaurant in snow hill when she opened her salon down the street ~ I wandered down to her space a week before she opened to introduce myself and from the start, we clicked. within minutes, we were talking as though we had known each other for years and I think I started sharing secrets with her that night. in the years since, our biggest moments and most difficult decisions have been shared within the 4 walls of her salon (‘now let’s have lunch!’) and I would be lost without her and her friendship. then this spring, during an editorial session that we were shooting, she received a text and after reading it.. she smiled bigger and wider than I had seen her do in years ~ she even blushed a little. I knew who it was from but acted as though I didn’t.. it was from jeff. a few weeks before, my cousin caitlin had suggested that courtney meet a co-worker of her husband and things went well ~ very well. let’s just say that their second date was in arizona :) caitlin had already given me a brief update about the date and was pretty proud of her matchmaking skills.. ‘but let her tell you herself!’ caitlin implored. so I did. after the text, all I had to do was look at her and courtney couldn’t hold it in. for the next 10 minutes, she excitedly shared with me all about their first date, the communication since, and she was literally glowing. after the shoot, we went back to her salon to hang out and courtney looked me straight in the eye, with calm confidence, and said that she was going to marry this man… and here we are.  I had met jeff a few months ago during their engagement session and saw firsthand what a perfect partnership this is. jeff never took his eyes off of courtney, even when I asked him to ~ courtney had a happy peace and joy that made my heart smile. so as kristie as I got ready to join them on wedding day, we knew what this day meant.. to everyone. to recall all of the moments that made this day so special would take pages and pages. to attempt to write down what it meant for us to be a part of this day would never be sufficient ~ so we will just let the photos tell this part of a love story that will last forever. we I love you and are so very happy for all of you! xoxox 

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November 24, 2016

1ironically, according to facebook memories, the first time I met lea was three years ago today. she is the cousin of our associate photographer, laura, and had joined us to help out with our baltimore santa paws event. little did I know, that three years later, kristie and I would be photographing her beautiful wedding to jonathan. they met at washington college and this is where I photographed their engagement session a few months ago. they are such a wonderful couple who can’t help but smile when they look at each other and were laughing together the whole way through our session. as kris and I arrived at the hotel monaco, laura met us down in the foyer as family and friends also started to arrive. in the bridal suite, the music was playing, hair and makeup was in full effect, and all of lea’s ladies were helping her get ready for this magic day. meanwhile, kris was with jonathan and escorted him to the first look location. ‘he’s SO excited!’ she texted me, ‘it’s adorable..’. as lea descended the marble staircase to greet her love, both of them were overcome with emotion and love. it was so lovely to capture. and as we were joined by the bridal party, the excitement of the day was on full display. lea and jonathan love the beatles. love them. love. so much so, that everything from the decor, to the music selections, and even adorned on the tie clips, were fab four touches. as lea came down the aisle accompanied by a favorite song, friends and family stood.. and even sang along a little. lea and jonathan, we were so happy and honored to be a part of this beautiful day! the love that you two share is so lovely and an inspiration ~ we wish you so much happiness, joy, and love in your life together… xoxo

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November 03, 2016

001furnace town is quickly becoming one of my favorite venues… and not because it’s only 7 miles from my house. this local landmark is such an ideal location that provides a unique backdrop that couples can make their own. as I met barbara at the main building, her bridal party was preparing to help her with her dress. it was a perfect fall day ~ absolutely stunning! kristie arrived with bo and headed with his groomsmen down to the furnace. the special touches that adorned every corner of the property welcomed their friends and family to their celebration. as barbara’s father escorted her down the long back lawn, bo became overcome.. they had waited a long time for this day. he and barbara first met at a halloween party shortly after he moved to maryland from texas. they started dating and creating a life together here, but bo always dreamed about moving back to texas.. and three years later, they did! now here they were, facing each other and making promises of forever as their friends and families looked on. as they shared their first kiss and walked hand in hand back down the aisle, cheers erupted and filled the air. kristie and I were so happy to share in this lovely day and wish you so much happiness in your life together!

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November 01, 2016

001this was the first wedding where is felt like fall had truly arrived. as kristie and I drove up to frederick, the leaves were changing, the sun was golden, and there was a slight chill to the air. I had been anxiously awaiting this day since the first time I met kerry and matt last winter. they were so warm and funny.. I felt like I had known them for years. so as I entered kerry’s bridal suite, I was welcomed with a big hug as she introduced me to all of her girls. meanwhile, matt and his guys were busy putting the finishing touches on the reception space which I thought was so cool ~ he’s a keeper, for sure! as guests started to arrive, the grounds of the estate glowed in the afternoon sun and as matt took his place under the tree, he looked toward the manor for his bride. I love a ceremony that is officiated by someone who really knows the couple, and in matt and kerry’s case, it was his uncle. the familiarity and his humor as he guided them through their vows, their labradorite commitment ceremony, and their exchange of rings made every moment so special. as matt and kerry made their way into the reception, it was clear just how much they are loved by their friends and families ~ celebration filled the air from the first dance to the party that filled the starry night. kristie and I had such a wonderful day with all of you! we wish you so much love, laughter, and joy! xoxo

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October 28, 2016

1this was such a wonderful day! and I knew from the first time that I spoke with amanda, that this would be a wedding to remember. as I arrived at the hotel to meet up with my lovely bride, the sun was sparkling off the ocean, all of her friends were enthusiastically helping her get ready, and there was coffee waiting for me ~ winning! meanwhile, kris headed to lighthouse sound where ryan was hanging out with his friends and their son, liam. I don’t think anyone was more excited for this day than liam! all dressed up, he wandered the grounds of lighthouse sound, greeted a visiting turtle, and prepped for his ring bearer duties. as amanda and I arrived at lighthouse, ryan headed down to the bridge for their first look. as she approached ryan, what began as a slow walk but quickly evolved into almost a jog as she threw her arms around her love. those moments are my favorite… where they have a moment to privately share all that this day means to them… how they got here, and the excitement of their future together. the ceremony was one that included all of their family and friends, topped off by a sand unity session with liam. kristie and I had such a wonderful time sharing such a special day with all of you ~ we wish you so much love, laughter, and happiness! xoxo

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September 09, 2016

1when I write a blogpost, I often comment on how I admire the laid back reactions to potential hiccups that my couples have to deal with. some are inevitable.. traffic jams in downtown DC that delay the whole day. some are unavoidable.. hurricanes, for one. all of my couples, while sometimes nervous or disappointed, look past these setbacks and instead focus on what this day is all about.. marrying their love. but never, in 13 years of photographing weddings, have I ever seen a couple overcome a true wedding day game changer like april and michael. the day started normally enough ~ kris and I met at the venue and went on in to greet our happy couple. everything was running on time and everyone was excited that a day which had called for storms was bright and sunny. as april put on her dream wedding gown, her sisters and mother gathered together to take it all in. and as the ceremony began, there wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd of family and friends. I knew that april and michael were a special couple when I photographed their engagement session, but to hear them recite their vows and to see the love in their eyes was so beautiful. as is the norm at most weddings, we took all of the family portraits after the ceremony and then headed down to the docks for portraits of the bridal party and then of april and michael. I arranged everyone on one of the docks and went back to get my camera. as I held it up to look through the viewfinder, I heard a sound that stopped me cold. crack.. crack.. CRACK! as the dock broke away from the pier and everyone fell into the bay. I ran to do what I could do to help and was joined by family and friends who raced out of the reception. we eventually got everyone out and I looked at april. she was smiling ‘everyone is okay,’ she said ‘that’s all that matters.’ and then… ‘can we still take some photos of us all wet?’ and she went to kiss michael. my heart melted. they walked into the reception, hand in hand, in the clothes that they had worn that morning and held each other close for their first dance. it didn’t matter that they were in yoga pants and cargo shorts, they were married and they were happy. so now it’s september, and I had the pleasure of working with them again. they had the wedding dress and the tux dry cleaned, they found a beautiful location, and we took their wedding photos. the two of you inspire me so much and I feel so lucky to have been chosen as your photographer. not only are you two of the coolest clients that I’ve ever had, but I consider you good friends and am so grateful to have met you. I know that the two of you will get through anything together and come out on the other side even closer. xoxox

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