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June 18, 2014

1 if there was one thing I learned when skye first contacted me about a maternity session, it was that she and her husband stephen were baseball fans. now my couples are pretty loyal to a lot of local teams.. I done ravens themed e-sessions, redskins newborn sessions.. and yes, even a steelers jersey has made it’s way into a photo or two. but it wasn’t until I met up with skye and stephen that I realized that they weren’t just casual followers of the nationals… they were committed, ardent and very enthusiastic super fans! I loved the attention that they had to detail in some of the items they brought along in addition to a custom made t-shirt. then we headed to the stadium – I had never been to a game here and it’s actually a really beautiful ballpark that sparkled under the gorgeous summer sky. after walking about the park, skye and stephen settled down into their regular seats and all I could envision was their daughter growing up in one of the seats next to them, cheering right along :) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

June 17, 2014


ever since I learned that my friends caitlin and keith were expecting their second child, I was already looking forward to this session. when their oldest son john was born, I had a wonderful afternoon with them for his newborn session and I knew with the addition of the newest fisher family member that a fun day was in store. baby james looks exactly like john did at his age, chubby cheeks and lots of hair! james slept for the first part of our session as big brother john was never far from where we were working.. his protective nature toward james is already very apparent, which is adorable. when we got everyone together, james woke up and his bright eyes never left those of his family. I am SO very happy for all of you and am looking so forward to seeing you again.. a little girl maybe? :)

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1adorable, squishy, sweet, fresh… I could go on describing the loveliness that is a newborn. Jasper was no exception – I had a great sunday afternoon with Jennifer & Josh snuggling baby Jasper and capturing some memories. I knew after meeting them for their maternity session that they were going to be incredible parents. I’m glad we were able to include fur sister Audrey for more family photos. Jasper’s sea themed nursery was so inviting and bright. Thank you both for sharing your sweet bundle of joy with me.

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one of the true pleasures of what we do is to form long lasting relationships with our clients. being able to document the lives of a couple as they experience the excitement of getting married is always amazing, but then to continue to tell their story as they start a family is truly a gift. one of the best examples of this is the esworthy family. since photographing their wedding years ago, I have been so happy establish wonderful friendships with erika and josh as well as watching their beautiful daughter hayden grow up in front of my lens (to view past sessions, click here, here, here and here). they are such a special and fun family and I always look so forward to every session we do. this year, we decided to hit the boards in ocean city where we had such a great time! hayden is such a lovely little girl and so great to work with – I am so grateful to have friends and clients like you all and can’t wait until next time!




















May 07, 2014

ioana and rolfe are good friends with two of our couples – they were guests at the wedding of maureen and justin and we actually photographed part of casie and frank’s esession on their dock. so while we had met briefly a couple of times, I hadn’t had the opportunity to really work with them. this changed when ioana contacted me regarding a session with their son avrum and I was looking so forward to getting the chance to get to know them all better. I arrived at their house which is a gorgeous home located bayside in ocean city and it was a perfect spring morning. avrum was still sleeping, so ioana, rolfe and I chatted over coffee about life with a new baby as well as their recently completed home renovation – which was beautiful. once little man got up and moving, he was one of the happiest babies I have ever met! on the rare occasions when he would get a little cranky, all it took was some soft words from ioana’s mother who was in town visiting from romania. you were all so wonderful to work with and I am so happy for you as you begin this new chapter for your family.


May 07, 2014

I have had the pleasure of working with the cooper family since our first session in 2010 when daughter lillian was just a newborn. in the years since, their family has grown as emily and rory welcomed their daughter cecilia. every time they contact me for their next session, I always look so forward to working with them and seeing how much the girls have grown. for this session, they suggested that we go to the capitol, where rory works, as well as the surrounding grounds. the weather has been anything but predictable this spring, but we lucked out with one of the first gorgeous weekends and DC was in bloom and glorious! I am looking so forward to seeing you all again soon!

April 28, 2014

I always have a blast when I get to spend time with this family!  I photographed Maya’s 1 year session + her 18 month session and last fall I met baby Ella for the first time and shot her newborn session.  I drove out to Monica + Tim’s farm in Snow Hill two weeks ago and was greeted by smiles and giggles from both of the munchkins.  Angel, the girls’ nanny and surrogate big sister, was able to join us for the last two sessions and she always gets the girls to laugh! They’ve been in front of my camera for a bit so they’re not camera shy- stubborn maybe, but not shy ;)  I’m so glad I was able to see you all again- I had a fun afternoon!  Love you all! xoxo

December 09, 2013

All babies are special but this little girl has already touched so many hearts and she’s only two months old.  Ella was welcomed into this world in early October.  She not only surprised mom + dad by being a girl (doctors thought she was a boy!) but she was also born with a congenital heart defect.  I am very close with this family and have had the awesome opportunity of watching their first child, Maya, grow up.  We saw each other before Ella was born when we photographed Maya’s 18 month session and couldn’t wait for her to be a big sister!  Ella was rushed to Johns Hopkins when she was 6 days old with mom + dad by her side.  She is such a strong fighter and has a beautiful mark to prove it.  She made me giggle with all of her different faces during our session.  The girls’ nanny + friend, Angel, came and hung out with us and we all had a blast.  As always, I had such a fun time with you all and am so glad I got to meet this little beauty!  Can’t wait till next time! :)

October 22, 2013

This stunning family is no stranger to us here at GPA.  We love to show them off on the blog and I am so thankful to be able to call them my friends. :)  I shot Jen + Nick’s wedding a few years ago and earlier this year met their son Andrew for the first time for his newborn session.  I kept seeing Jen post photos on her Facebook page this past summer of little Andrew and was anxious for our next shoot- his blue eyes are a perfect Sapphire and his smile is just so adorable! We all decided it was time for another photo shoot and Jen, Nick + Andrew ventured down to the Shore.  This baby has the perfect temperament and was so relaxed the whole session!  We were doing jumping jacks and backflips to try to make him crack up but he just didn’t seem to have a care in the world.  Not that I’m complaining :)  I had so much fun with you guys and can’t wait till next time- I’m sure he’ll be walking! :)

See you guys soon! xoxo

September 05, 2013

the first time I worked with the mitchell family, sons asher and chase were such a delight to work with. in my experience there is typically a few minutes of a ‘getting to know you’ period when photographing kids – but  these two were open, smiling and playful from the first click of the shutter. so as I drove to the beaches of bethany a couple of weeks ago, I was crossing my fingers and toes that the rain would hold off as the skies became blacker the farther north I drove. fortunately, as we met up on the veranda of their resort, luck seemed to be on our side. for this session, the whole family participated which was so much fun as the boys played in the sand and on the jungle gym. as we finished up and I packed away my gear, the first raindrops started to fall… this session must have been meant to be :)



thank you all for such a fun afternoon – I am looking so forward to seeing you again