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this is my first grey t-shirt project post – if you’re not familiar with this new feature here on the blog, click here. given that we haven’t seen each other in almost 8 years, the fact that I can start with leslie seems like beautiful fate. see I don’t really know a life without my her – we have been best friends since we were 4 years old. in 1973, my parents moved our family from baltimore to fayetteville, new york – a small village outside of syracuse. as the movers were loading our furniture into our new house, patty – leslie’s mom who lived 7 houses down the road, saw me playing in the front yard and asked my mom how old I was. it turned out that we were only 10 days apart in age and both of our mother’s were excited for all of the future play date possibilities… we weren’t having it. the more they forced us to spend time together, the more we fought over toys, cried and basically couldn’t stand each other. defeated, our moms decided that it wasn’t meant to be and stopped getting together. maybe it’s the gemini in us or perhaps we knew something that they didn’t, but as soon as they kept us apart all we wanted to do was be together. as we got older, our paths would divert… in high school, I was a hippie who could care less about going to class and spent weekends with my friends playing music in the hills while she was an honor roll fashionista who hung out with college guys at the SU bars – but we always found our way back to each other. the best example of this is colorado… I had been living in boulder for about 3 years when she came to visit. she was living the dream.. working in marketing and publishing in manhattan and to be honest, I was pretty jealous of her life in NYC. but there was something about the mountains that spoke to her and shortly after her visit, she packed up her city apartment and headed west. she lived with me until she found her own place and I loved having her in my day-to-day life again. I had to move back east temporarily to help my mom with my grandmother and was gone for about a year – when I returned to boulder, les was working at a restaurant called the med and had fallen in love with a chef named murf. I started waiting tables at the same place and we saw each other every day, took vacations together and were once again inseparable. right around the same time I moved back to the eastern shore 11 years ago, she and murf had married and moved to annapolis. it was in annapolis that I met their daughters hannah as a toddler and maille who had just been born. their time in annapolis was short lived and soon they headed back to the rockies, making a home in beautiful steamboat springs. last week as we were reunited and gave each other the longest hug ever, it was.. as usual, like no time had passed. we spent the next 2 days, doing what we do… telling each other everything going on in our lives, heads and hearts and it was a true joy getting to know her amazing 2 girls… both so smart, funny and lovely. they seemed fascinated about the story of our friendship and shared history and I realized that it is pretty unique and special. to have someone in your life in your forties who knows all of your ‘firsts’, your secrets, your highs and lows, who has seen you at your worst and loves you anyway and who celebrates your victories with you is such a gift. hannah put it best when she said ‘so you guys are kind of like sisters’ and we are. over the past 4 decades we have fought, loved, laughed and cried together as only family can do. to say I love you seems obvious but it’s so very true. to say I’m grateful for you doesn’t seem like enough. to say that I will see you soon is a delightful truth xoxox

for years I have wanted to do a personal photography project – something completely unrelated to weddings and well…. personal. so several weeks ago while I was planning my trip to colorado I knew that I wanted to photograph 2 of my girlfriends specifically because I hadn’t in a long time. and then I thought of all of the other amazing women in my life and how cool it would be to photograph them as well. see when I was younger, I always thought I was a ‘guy’s girl’ and I was.. the majority of my close friends were and primarily have been men. but probably in the past 10 years I have come to realize the unconditional love and understanding that comes from close female friendships. caring for parents, juggling careers, day to day stresses and relationship dramas are things that we all ‘get’ about each other and bonds us together. so I started making a list and came up with 25 women who have enriched my life unmeasurably and who I want to capture forever. now my friends are many and varied.. some are t-shirt and jeans girls like me while others are pretty glam so I wanted there to be a common thread in all of the photos and the classic grey t-shirt seemed to fit what I was envisioning. so from now until december I am going to do my best to photograph everyone on the list… my girls are spread out all over the country so if they don’t come to me, I will go to them (good reason for some road trips!) and number one was completed a week ago! I am really excited about this because not only do I get to see all of them but also to photograph what makes them each so special and individually amazing….