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August 18, 2015


to say that I’ve known caitlin since she was born is accurate, but not necessarily true.. I’ve known of her. she is the first family member that I’ve photographed for the grey t-shirt project and she is my cousin – well she is my mother’s first cousin’s granddaughter… we’re third cousins? second? I can never figure that out. anyway.. I would see caitlin here and there during family functions when my mom and I would be down here on the shore for holidays or during the summer. in addition to being almost 20 years apart in age, we really had nothing in common. she was very active in school, athletics, and her church while I was this nomad of a hippie cousin who never really stayed put anywhere long enough to grow roots as she had done in her community. I was always very close to her grandfather, ray (we were both named after my great-grandfather), and in 2005 he and caitlin attended an auction where I noticed that she was eyeing all of the baking display dishes. after a casual inquiry, ray told me that as she was finishing up her hospitality management degree, she was really getting into baking. I thought that was pretty cool and that was that. about 6 months later, I opened a restaurant here in snow hill and after about 2 weeks of doing the desserts myself, I knew that my time needed to spent in the day to day operations and not in the kitchen. I thought of caitlin. what started out as a dessert here and there quickly turned into having caitlin as my off-premise pastry chef… and a real friendship, after decades of a family acquaintanceship, was born. every week, when she would bring in desserts, we talked and really got to know each other – we teased each other mercilessly, and laughed.. this chick can get me laughing like seldom few can. in february 2006, she was asked to go on a local television show to talk about the desserts that she was featuring at the restaurant for valentine’s day and the man who was to become her husband tuned in. it wasn’t too long after that caitlin excitedly informed me that jamie had proposed and she asked me to be her wedding photographer. in the years since, I have watched her suffer the loss of her grandfather with grace and maturity well beyond her years – he was one of the most important people in her world. I have watched her become a teacher who is so exceptional at what she does. and I have watched her become a mother to an adorable boy named gray. she was once someone I would see a handful of times every year and loved because she was my family, but now she is the closest thing to a little sister I have and I am so grateful to have her in my life.

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February 13, 2014

when my mother decided to move from upstate new york back to her home on the eastern shore, her first order of business was to invite all of our friends down. the kickoff shindig she threw was for my friends, who were all basically her ‘kids’ and she couldn’t wait to welcome them to her new home. in customary cornelia fashion, she had their cocktail of choice ready for everyone as they arrived throughout the day, including for my best friend heidi and her then-boyfriend randy. he poured himself a frothy ale while heidi asked for water – to explain why this was odd is to give you a long history of the parties that my mother and I hosted, which I won’t bother you with now – but let’s just say that a water request was unusual. as I looked at heidi, her eyes welled up as her hand went to her stomach and she said ‘I wanted to tell you in person.’ immediately knowing what this meant, I raced across the room and couldn’t let her go as I kept saying ‘oh my god’ and she would say ‘I know’.. ‘oh my god!’ ‘I know!’ ‘OH MY GOD!!’ ‘I KNOW!!’ as the tears flowed. heidi was my first friend to have a child so as her best friend, this was unfamiliar territory. hers was the first maternity session I ever photographed, the first time I ever listened with interest to birthing plans, the first baby gifts I ever sought out, and the first time I knew, really knew, that we were growing up. I was at work in baltimore when I got the call from randy that heidi had gone into labor and got to new york shortly after their daughter, whom they had named skylar, was born. I had no experience with babies.. zero, zilch, none. I was terrified that I would break her but I held her regardless and fear fell away as I was overwhelmed with a whole new love for this little, amazing, breathtaking person. as she grew up, I was ‘aunt’ raye and my role in sky’s life was that of her mother’s best friend – I was loved, for sure.. but still an adult, which meant that at times (ie: the early teenage years) I was, by default, not to be trusted with more than fun facts. then several years ago, something amazing happened.. she started talking, really talking to me. we talked about family and creative passions (she’s a crazy talented musician!). we talked about our fears and our dreams. we talked about accomplishments that we were proud of and things we wish we had never, ever done. we talked about boys, obviously…. and soon, when I would have a phone call with heidi, half of it was spent talking to sky and when we would all visit each other, sky and I would carve out a little time just for us. I know this.. if I ever did have a child of my own, I would want them to have a kind heart, a smart and wicked sense of humor, compassion, a quiet strength, sensitivity, a love for life and adventure, curiosity and a gentle nature. fortunately.. I already have all of that and so much more in my girl, my heart.

January 31, 2014

patty silverman is the mother of my best friend leslie and I as explained in leslie’s grey t-shirt post, I have a very long and lovely history with this amazing woman. when my parents and I first moved to fayetteville, a small village outside of syracuse, patty took notice of us right away as we were moving into our new house. our street was very small and she only lived 7 houses away – plus she saw me and guessed correctly that I was close to leslie’s age (in fact, we are only 10 days apart). immediately, patty and my mom began planning play dates and were determined that we would be best friends. initially, les and I weren’t playing along.. either with our mother’s plans or with each other. we despised each other..until… they didn’t force us to spend time together and then that’s all we wanted. because both of my parents worked in downtown syracuse and patty was an art teacher who worked out of home, I always went to the silverman’s house after school until my parents got home. if I was sick and had to miss school, it was patty who made me chicken soup and took care of me. during afternoons after school, leslie, her sister shelley and I would often be in the art room or playing in the back yard as patty made us a snack or helped us with whatever little homework we may have had. but we all knew that there was a sacred hour – an hour that was for patty and not to be messed with – and that was when donahue was on. it was understood that we would be quiet (as quiet as 3 little girls could be) and let her have her 60 minutes of blissful peace and phil. it’s funny how you remember the smallest and seemingly silliest things.. and how they become can become so important and life changing. one afternoon my dad stopped by their house and said that he wanted to take me out for ice cream, which I guess wasn’t too unusual but I don’t have any recollection of it happening before that day. after we each got a cone, he told me that he was leaving – he was a salesman, he left all the time. he told me that he would still see me all of the time.. well of course he would. he told me that nothing would change between the two of us… why would it? he was going on a business trip. right? so after about a 20 minute drive, he dropped me back off at the silverman’s. I walked in smack dab in the middle of donahue and patty turned to me to ask how ice cream was – I don’t remember what I said, all I remember is that she stood up, walked across the room and turned off the television and turned to look at me with tears in her eyes. I knew then, at that moment, that something really big and something pretty bad had just happened and I just stood there, frozen, as she wrapped me up in her arms. after my parent’s divorce, my mother and I would move and leslie and I would go to different schools. I would get older and be able to make my own chicken soup when I was home sick, but my love for patty never lessened. once leslie and I moved out to boulder, patty and her husband dick would come out to visit and it was like having my parents there – I’ve never been afraid to tell her anything.. ever. I always knew that she was there, even at a distance – keeping her eye on me and her heart with me. when my mom got diagnosed, les called to tell her mom and patty called me immediately. she was one of the few people that I let my guard down with during this time.. voicing my fears about my mother’s cancer, my confusion and my rage. at the end of our conversation she said ‘I’m always here.. I am your jewish mother after all.’ and the title has stuck since. something in that small statement brought me such sudden peace due to it’s accuracy. because she is.. I don’t know a life without her. in leslie she created my beautiful, talented and amazing best friend. she’s a survivor who has faced cancer head on several times and has won. she is my soft place to fall and has been since the day we met next to a moving van in upstate new york. I love you and am grateful for you.. more than words can ever say.

January 15, 2014

when the idea of the grey t-shirt project became something more than a middle-of-the-night spark of an idea, there were some specific friends that I immediately had in mind. without a doubt, heidi was at the top of that list. as I always seem to do, I have gone over and over in my head as to what I wanted to write.. what I wanted to really say. how do you adequately tell the story about someone who basically saved your life, at least my life as I knew it then? how do you translate all of the victories, defeats, heartbreaks, new loves, thrilling successes, devastating failures, mourning and utter joy that you have experienced for the last 35 years.. firmly shoulder to shoulder next to one person, in a paragraph?  I have been so fortunate and ridiculously lucky to have so many friends that have been in my life for multiple decades – they are the closest thing that this only child knows about having siblings and heidi is the one of best examples of this – there is little in my life, at least the parts that matter, that don’t include her. when my parents split, my mom and I moved across town to a condo complex and this 1.5 mile move put me over some mysterious line that required me to change schools. not only was life at home turned upside down, I now had to go to a different school as the “new kid” where I knew no one – I was 8 years old, debilitatingly shy and I was terrified. as soon as I found my homeroom, my new teacher said that she had a student who was going to show me around and gently guided me by the arm across the room. now not only am I an only child, but I’m also an only grandchild and it was my grandmother’s mission in life to dress me as preciously as possible when I was little – so if you know me now, you’ll understand how funny this is.. and kind of ironic. I was wearing a pleated plaid skirt, a crisp white shirt with a peter pan collar, a candy apple red purse, white knee socks and patent leather mary janes – and if that weren’t bad enough, my hair was cut in a then very fashionable dorothy hamill bob. as we made our way to the other side of the room, the teacher tapped heidi on the back and she quickly spun around with a huge smile on her face “hi! I’m heidi!!” she yelled (okay, she didn’t yell it.. but that’s how it felt and sounded at the time) and stuck out her hand to enthusiastically shake mine. I couldn’t move. the only thing the two of us had in common was our height – we were easily the two tallest students in the room. heidi had long, marsha brady hair, wore funky and colorful bell bottom pants with a lime green turtleneck and radiated confidence. when I finally got my wits about me and meekly introduced myself, she threw her arm around my shoulders and helped me find my desk. from that day on we were inseparable and whatever panic, sadness or uncertainty I felt when it came to the divorce of my parents seemed to disappear when I was with her. a year and half later her father got a new job and they moved 2 hours away – a million miles to us then. at first we were both distraught and with all of the drama that two 10 year old girls could muster, we separated.. kicking, screaming and laying massive amounts of guilt on our parents for letting this happen. despite the distance, or perhaps because of it, our friendship never faded – in fact I think it made it even better. when we would visit each other we made every moment count and never took anything for granted. as years passed, we built the kind of relationship where we were so tuned in to each other that for no reason, we would randomly call the other or show up on the other’s doorstep only to find out that one of us had either had the best day ever or that something tragic had occurred. to this day we still do.. it happens with almost creepy precision. together we’ve lived through silly childhood spats, high school, boyfriends, college, being roommates, boyfriends, first jobs, careers, illness, more boyfriends, marriages, breakups, the deaths of family members and close friends and the birth of her children - always together. since moving back east over a decade ago, I have been able to spend more time with heidi, her daughter sky and son avery and I love them all more than I could ever say – when sky talks to me like a confidante and not as her mom’s best friend, my heart smiles. whenever I feel the need to decompress, heal or make sense of things, I head to their yellow house in the mountains. heidi lets me vent without judgement, cry when I need to and can make me breathless with laughter even in the darkest times. last summer they all came to stay with me and naturally, heading to the beach was on the itinerary. one afternoon we all went to chincoteague where heidi, sky and I swam in the ocean, getting pummeled by a very rough surf as heidi and I giggled like the teenagers we once were. as avery stood on the beach, hands on his 15 year old hips as if to say “stupid girls”, sky looked at me and asked if I could touch the bottom – I couldn’t. I joked that we had failed by not implementing a proper buddy system. then, as a giant wave approached, heidi and I looked at each other and in unison yelled “buddy” as we swam toward each other, trying not to swallow too much water as we laughed. the wave crashed over us before we reached each other but I knew, as I’ve known practically my whole life, that she was there.. spinning through the ocean and whatever was to come next, by my side.

January 06, 2014

as I sit at my desk on this rainy and dreary day, I can’t help but long for the day when I first spent time with these two.. it was 82 degrees, it was sunny + bright and it was in jamaica for our friend susan’s wedding. I had been friends with courtney for years before that trip and this morning I was trying to recall the exact moment we met, but I couldn’t. it’s just like she’s always been in my life since I’ve been in snow hill and we’ve always been friends.. which is kinda cool. I do know that she and I became small business owners here in snow hill just about the same time when I opened the palette and she started the courtney brooke salon – as fellow women entrepreneurs, we have always been a mutual sounding board, bounced ideas off of each other and been there for each other through the highs of starting something new and the lows that owning a business inevitably brings. creatively she is amazing and has been my go-to for many editorial and specialty shoots where we’ve been known to sometimes have a little too much fun. I always knew that she had a sister but I didn’t meet andrea until jamaica.. and even after meeting her, I didn’t put two and two together that she was courtney’s sister until the day after I got there… for which I blame the tropics. but once andrea and I got to know each other it was like courtney.. like she had always been there and that I had loved and trusted her forever – which is really rare for me, which is why I love them both so. shortly after meeting andrea, she opened her own salon in annapolis and named it prim. because I am on that side of the bridge so much, I would often stop by and check out the progress.. see her dream taking shape. having been there myself I knew how excited she was but also the nerves, uncertainty and borderline terror that comes with taking such a leap. of course, she needn’t have worried as prim was voted best new salon of 2013 – boom! I obviously knew that they were going to be a part of the grey t-shirt project and I knew that I wanted to photograph them together but you try getting the schedules of 3 very busy women to match up.. it’s not easy. I love you both so much and am so grateful to have you both in my life – you’ve been there for me through so much, both personally+professionally and never, ever, ever fail to make me smile xoxo

September 23, 2013

like heather, kate and I met at the pharmaceutical company where I worked shortly after I moved to boulder. I think I worked there first, but am not certain… fuzzy times :) but what I do know is that one day during dinner in the break room, kate said something so wryly and subtly hysterical that I immediately liked her. we discovered that we didn’t live too far from each other in town and it wasn’t long before we were basically inseparable. practically every weekend, we would pack up her vintage VW bug and head up the rockies to see the breckenridge boys (an amusing experience, to say the least when crawling up the higher passes in the bug as mountain worthy SUVs patiently trailed behind us). she is also responsible for bringing the biggest gift into my life… ever. shortly after I moved to colorado, my dog dempsey passed away at only a year and a half and I was completely devastated. so much so that I had made a pretty solid deal with myself that I would never have another dog because I didn’t think I could handle another loss like that. the first time I went over to kate’s, I met her roommate’s golden retriever, trapper and was instantly smitten. seeing how goofy I got around trapper, kate kept saying that I needed to get another dog – and I always said no. so one sunday, kate suggested that we go to denver for brunch (we almost always had brunch in boulder) and I agreed. after we finished eating and got in the bug, I assumed we were going back to boulder but kate had other plans. I’m not sure if she had seen it in the paper or had been told by someone, but I was about to meet probably the most important ‘being’ in my life. kate pulled up to a house and we walked up to the front door and rang. we were greeted by a doberman, a sheepdog and a small terrier named ups. a small woman with a large and welcoming smile nudged the pups out of the way as she opened the door to let us in and introduced herself to us as Jeane. I think I still looked baffled but then all became clear as I met ‘yellow dog’ – Jeane was a dog rescuer and had been trying to get yellow dog (a very large, very defensive and yes, very yellow husky/german shepard/wolf mix) out of downtown denver for a long time but hadn’t been successful. it wasn’t until she had a litter of puppies that yellow dog stayed in one spot long enough for Jeane to get both her and her pups to a safe home. as soon as I heard ‘puppies’, that fear of getting another dog seemed to vanish into thin air and soon kate and I were in the back yard, coercing the pack of 12 pups out from under Jeane’s deck. the first puppy to run to me was a blur of gold poofy fur and chocolate brown eyes… I was immediately in love. jake came home with me that day and didn’t leave my side for the next 13 years. he was my protector and therapist. he traveled cross country with me 22 times. both he and kate stood next to me as I got married. he provided my mother with a quiet comfort that no human could have when she was sick and he saved my life on a dark and chilly april morning 11+ years ago. and without kate’s knowing me well enough that I needed a dog in my life to be complete, I assume I probably would have gotten another dog while I was in colorado – but it wouldn’t have been jake. since we both left boulder, we have moved to different coasts, kate in LA and me here and yet whenever we have the chance to talk or see each other (she’s visited me twice. I know, I know… it’s my turn. soon!) it’s as though no time has passed. AND, as the universe would have it, we have actually had the opportunity to work together this year which has been really cool. thank you my dear friend for being my partner-in-crime in boulder, vegas and everywhere in between. thank you for jake. thank you for being a friend I can always count on and my ‘bridge over troubled water’ haha!! :)

jake his second day home

colorado days

it was so great to have you here last month – all of our talks reminded me of similar times in boulder where I knew I could tell you anything and I really miss you. so don’t be surprised if you see me in sunny california soon xoxo

September 04, 2013

estelle and I met at the med – the restaurant where I worked for a good chunk of my time in boulder. if I’m honest, at first she overwhelmed me a bit – she’s energetic, vibrant, outspoken and when she laughs it fills the room whereas I was and still am more on the quiet side, observing more than participating. but soon, we began hanging out and found that we had a lot in common. both being artists, our creative energies complemented each other and as different as we have seemed on the outside, I knew I had found a real friend and a kindred spirit. we both left the med at around the same time and began working together at another restaurant across town and this was when I knew we’d be friends forever. things in my life were beginning to spiral and in estelle I had someone who I could completely be open with and who was a compassionate yet honest confidante. it wasn’t long after that I made the decision to leave colorado and I spent my last night in town with her. shortly after I moved back to maryland, things started changing pretty quickly and I lost touch with a lot of my colorado friends, estelle included – but I did know that she had moved back to her hometown of chicago, fallen in love and gotten married. enter my love/hate relationship with facebook and soon she and I were reunited – playing catch up and picking up where we had left off. during these chats, we would commiserate about missing boulder and the mountains and both vowed to do something about it. during my visit in march she had other commitments and couldn’t come out but this last visit in early august, we made it happen. because both of our trips involved some days where we had work related appointments, we only overlapped by one day but as soon as we saw each other, it was truly as if no time had passed – let alone over a decade. within 5 minutes after sitting down for lunch we were laughing, crying and sharing the real stuff of life, as only two old friends can…

I love you girl and can’t wait for future colorado adventures with you – according to your dreams it will be sooner rather than later :)

August 28, 2013

kerry’s grey t-shirt shoot took a little while longer than anticipated. first, I was going to photograph her at crossfit (which is her happiest of places) when I was in colorado visiting in march… but I forgot the shirt. then we had planned to do it when both of us were in boston for heather’s wedding the day before we left, but she was under the weather. so on my most recent visit to colorado, there was no excuse. the mere fact that we have seen each other 3 times in the past 5 months is in itself a miracle – prior to that it had been 8 years. in 1996, kerry and I met outside of the boulder theater – I had gone with my friend kate to see her roommate’s band. I’m not sure how the conversation turned to it, but we started talking about the restaurant business – something I had ‘retired’ from when I first moved to boulder. like me, kerry had been in the business forever and was an assistant general manager at a new brewpub. again, not sure who said what first, but the possibility of me going to work there was brought up. I do remember kerry saying ‘but are you any good?’ and this is where I fell a little in love with her. see for an east coaster, acclimating to the personalities of politically correct boulder can be quite the transition. everything was ‘all good’ and there were ‘no worries’ and you were encouraged to just ‘chill’ and ‘breathe’. as much as I appreciated this overall approach to life and it was indeed one the the things that had attracted to me to boulder in the first place, after 7 years in downtown baltimore it didn’t come naturally. so kerry’s frankness was refreshing. I quickly learned that she was from boston and had been in boulder a little longer than I had and we started working together about a month later. whether it was because we were both pretty blunt and very honest with each other or because sometimes only the other would get our sense of humor and sarcasm amidst a group of folks who thought we were just either crazy or mean, we became close quickly. as I wrote about in heather’s grey t-shirt post, we became roommates after a brief stint back on the east coast and I think that’s when the three of us kind of became family. I clearly remember when she brought now-husband jason home and heather and I immediately saw the light in her eye and spring in her step… she was smitten!  their wedding a few years later was actually the first wedding I ever photographed start to finish. you can’t go through everything we went through during that time and not form a strong bond – plus kerry could see things about me that either most of my other friends couldn’t, or didn’t want to see. as my time in boulder came to an end, that same honesty that I had depended on when we first met played a part in my changing my life forever and for that alone, she will always be a sister to me. but even after I left, our relationship and friendship have never wavered. through every celebration and tragedy that has happened to us both, we’ve been there for each other. and when she and her daughter mak picked me up at the denver airport in march, even though it had been 8 years since we had seen each other – we picked up right where we left off… with a big hug and a snarky joke.

colorado days

I love you tons! (maybe.. just maybe even more than football???) and haved loved spending all of this time with you and jason this year. getting to know the amazing mak for the extrodinary little person she is has been such a gift. I don’t know what I’d do without you and I never intend on finding out xoxoxo

August 06, 2013


when heather asked me if I would photograph her wedding, I, of course was thrilled, honored and over-the-moon happy for my friend. but if I’m honest, my second thought was ‘I can do her grey t-shirt project photos in her wedding dress!’ so as I packed for boston, I made sure that the t-shirt made it’s way with me. I met heather shortly after I first moved to boulder. for whatever reason, once I got to colorado I decided I was done, done, DONE with the restaurant business (how very wrong I was about that) and so while I figured out what I wanted to do with my life, I registered with a local temp agency. a week later I was placed at  the pharmaceutical company of america doing data entry… the night shift. now I’m not sure if I was there first or heather was, I just know that as soon as we met, we clicked. as a colorado native she was so open, warm and hysterical – and a perfect compliment to my east coast cynicism and sarcasm. it wasn’t long until we were going over to each other’s houses after work every night and because we both lived with multiple roommates (most of whom worked with us) there was always a party to be had – that’s the beauty of the night shift…. sleeping it off the next day :) about a year later, I met kerry who convinced me to give the restaurant business another spin and I left PCA. I had forgotten how awesome it was to have cash in hand every night and not wait for a paycheck and it wasn’t long until kerry and I lured heather to work with us. the three of us were all very different but something about those differences made us a great trio – not the norm in my history with female friends. for several reasons I left colorado and moved back to maryland and by the time I was kicking the idea around of moving back, heather and kerry had gotten a house together and they were going to soon have a room vacant – my belongings were packed in record time and I was headed back to the mountains. kerry and I each had a dog (jake and wilson) and one day heather mentioned that she was thinking about perhaps getting a puppy. ‘yes!’ kerry and I emphatically said – the more the merrier! so when she called to us to say that she found one, we excitingly waited for her to get home as we watched sunday football. as jake and wilson alerted us that she was home, I ran to the window to see heather coming to the door with 2 arms totally full of a saint bernard puppy. turning to kerry I muttered ‘you aren’t going to believe this…’ puppy rocky, named after my father, quickly grew into the biggest dog I’ve ever seen and was such a perfect addition to our happy home. we spent many a night hanging out in our living room talking about anything and everything with our pack of pups at our feet into the wee hours of the morning. during the time we lived together, we experienced all of the highest highs and deepest lows there are side by side and whenever one of us needed the others, we were always there for each other. in the years since, heather and I both left colorado and in the distance, we lost touch along the way. thanks to facebook I learned of her relationship and then engagement to jason and when I met up with them in baltimore to shoot their esession, it was as though no time had passed. she still makes me laugh more than practically anyone and to see her so happy was amazing. at her wedding, we both couldn’t stop tearing up and hugging each other because these types of friendships don’t happen everyday – you need to hug them up and hold on tight.

colorado days….

I love you so much mrs. clarke and can’t wait to see your beautiful face again soon! xoxo

under normal circumstances if a bride says: ‘our cousin trinity is a professional photographer and I was wondering if it would be okay if she took some photos with will (the groom) during the earlier part of the day – if not, that’s cool’ well typically my head starts spinning a la the exorcist. first, the term ‘professional’ when applied to a lot of today’s photographers is a loose definition at best and second, they just get in my way to be honest. but this was brandi and will, and in the short time that we had worked together up until that point, I had really come to like them a lot. I probably would have done anything she asked… plus – she ASKED. instead of being surprised by someone with obvious pro-gear once I got to the ceremony, brandi gave me the respect of asking and giving me a heads up. so I said okay. now I’m no saint, by the time I got to the ceremony, I was scanning the crowd… looking for this cousin and prepared to lay down some ground rules :) but when I turned around this woman, as tall as me with such a friendly and welcoming way about her approached me. she shook my hand and introduced herself and thanked me for being so cool about her taking some photos of will. she went on to tell me that she would totally be out of my way, that she had seen the esession I did for brandi and will and how happy she was that they had hired me. from that point on and for the rest of the night, if she did pull out her camera I didn’t notice it. occasionally she would look up and wink at me as I would dangle from some precarious spot to get a specific photo. and when the reception wrapped up, we had exchanged information and I knew I had made a new friend. she is based out of ventura california, and you can check out her amazing talented self here – about a year after we met, she joined me and kris while we were in vegas for wppi for some dinner and the next year kris stayed home so trinity and I went together. now if you know me, you know that I am not the most open of people… I keep people at a comfortable arm’s length for a pretty lengthy amount of time after I meet them – not sure why I do this and it’s something that I’m working on – but there was something about trinity that I immediately trusted and clicked with – it felt like we had known each other for years. by the time the convention was over, she practically knew my whole life story, my addiction to sex in the city slot machines and then some. so when she called me a few months ago saying that she was planning on heading east and that she wanted to some down to the shore, I couldn’t have been happier! she got to see the studio and meet kristie – she joked that she’s going to lure kris to the west coast and have her come work at her place… but they’re just jokes… right?! she endured sampson and booker giving her a fresh round of dog love every time she left and re-entered a room and she even tagged along and help us shoot maureen and justin’s wedding. as we drove to bwi I was so bummed to drop her off – I really wish she lived closer. but kris and I have promised to head her way someday soon and I can’t wait! xoxo