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One of my favorite things to do is travel and last November I experienced a trip of a lifetime.  My sister Suzy and friends Kim + Andrea were my travel buddies to Maui, Hawaii and we trekked the island for a week seeing all of its beauty and what the islands had to offer.  We dove with sharks, played under a waterfall, swam with turtles and even attended a luau!  But one of the top things from this trip for me was watching the Haleakala Sunrise over the clouds.  Haleakala National Park attracts many visitors with its volcanic landscapes and sub-tropical rainforest.  In order to catch the sunrise we had to start our day at 3:00 am and start driving up the mountain.  After about an hour of winding roads we were very happy to see a roadside coffee stand! :)  We kept on our drive till we reached the top!  From there, we hiked up about a half mile to the perfect spot to catch the sunrise.  Of course we took fun pictures along the way!  It’s significantly chillier up at the top of the mountain so we bundled up with plenty of layers.  It was such a quiet + peaceful way to take in this trip and to appreciate the natural beauty of this island.  I’m so glad I was able to experience it with the people I love.  I’ll share some of my other favorites from this adventure soon!

March 18, 2013

in planning my trip to colorado, I was so excited to see so many people… and they were all adults. yes I knew that 2 of my best friends had kids and because I was going to be staying with both of them I assumed that I would probably meet these little people. but I thought that it would be a ‘hi, nice to meet you’ exchange and then they would run off and do whatever kids do. I had no idea what a gift I was about to be given. I met mak first when she and kerry picked me up from the airport and the last time I had seen her was when she was 2 months old. as we drove into boulder, she was talking up a storm and sharing her favorite apps from her iPad with me. we walked the pearl street mall and she convinced us to dip into her favorite candy store where she debated between several of her favorite treats. then we had dinner at the restaurant where I worked for years before leaving colorado – she was just so great to talk to.. animated and funny. she even ordered one of my old favorites off of the menu and placed one of her raviolis on my plate when I wasn’t looking. during the following days, I learned that she loves her dogs (who are, in turn, obsessed with her) that she’s super creative, ridiculously smart and more mature than most adults I know. I got her ready for school one morning and tucked her in one night and on my last day there she told me that she wished for really bad traffic so that I would miss my flight and stay because she had a play that night…. then I got the biggest and best hug.

when I went to steamboat to see leslie, her daughters hannah and maille were in the back seat of the truck as we met up in town before driving up the to their house. I poked my head head in and said hi, knowing that although they knew who I was, I was basically a stranger. the last time I had seen them, hannah was little more than a toddler and maille had just been born. when we got to the house, they went upstairs to work on their homework and later went sledding with their dad while leslie and I caught up. once we all got together for dinner, I learned that hannah loved guitar and maille the keyboard… and they both LOVED taylor swift. they told me what subjects in school were their favorites and about their friends. they both kept peppering me and les about our history, amazed as to how long we had been friends. after dinner, maille and I picked through assorted nail polish choices for the perfect color and once it was time for bed, they wanted me to come up and see their rooms. each space was so clearly them and reflected their interests and loves – hannah even sleeps with the same stuffed pig that leslie did when we were her age…. that blew my mind a little bit. the next morning maille was up and at it early, modeling her favorite pj’s and robe as it was pajama day at school – this girl is such a trip! she has a big, beautiful personality and the best sense of humor. hannah came down and it was clear that she has inherited her mom’s fashion genes. because I was there, les decided it would be a perfect reason to go out for breakfast and we headed into town. like mak, I loved the conversations I had with the girls… each so individually special and amazing. when it became time for them to head to school and for me to go back down the mountain to boulder they told me that they couldn’t wait for me to come back and again, I melted as I got hugged tight by four little arms.

I loved seeing the best parts of the friends that I love so much reflected in their kids.. little versions of them. mak’s wit so like kerry’s, maille’s spunk and hannah’s grace so like leslie. and although it made me a little sad that it had taken this long to really get to know these awesome girls, I know the next time won’t be so long and am so grateful that they were such a special part of my trip.


March 12, 2013

kerry has been one of my best friends for 16 years – when we met I immediately liked her because of her east coast sarcasm and sense of humor. I will elaborate more on our friendship in july when I do my grey t-shirt session with her in boston (of course I forgot to bring the damned shirt to the gym!). several months ago I noticed that she was posting different photos and links regarding CrossFit on facebook. then she posted one of her doing a one-handed hand stand and my immediate reaction was ‘daaayyyuuuummmmm!’ and it soon became clear that both she and her husband jason had become devoted followers of the CrossFit cult (their words, not mine) so about a week before I was to leave for colorado, kerry and I decided that because I would have my camera with me, I would go with her to the gym one day and I would shoot a workout. now kerry has always been active and looked great, but when she picked me up from the airport I had another ‘daaayyyyuuuummmmm!’ moment – she looked amazing! and I soon learned that she works insanely hard to get there. I mean really…. it’s insane. the WOD (workout of the day for those of you not in the know – like me) was posted and everyone was checking out the other stats from those who had completed them earlier in the day and once the clock began, it became clear just how seriously they take it and how hard they work. these folks are hard.core. don’t believe me? one of them went outside to throw up and some people encouraged me to go shoot it (I didn’t lol) but damn if it wasn’t inspiring! frankly I think I’ll remain a yoga girl, but my girl and her friends are awesome!

March 08, 2013

when a boy from pittsburgh convinced me to move to colorado 20 years ago, little did I know how much my life would change. I had been through denver and red rocks when I was on tour but to live there was an experience beyond my wildest dreams and I thought I would never, ever leave. then 11 years ago, life – as it has a way of doing – happened and I moved back to the east coast. I thought that it would only be temporary and that I would move back eventually but the universe had other plans. not that I’m complaining.. to be here for my parents as their time on this earth ended is an honor that I would never change for anything as well as all of the other gifts and blessings I’ve been given – but going back has always been in my heart. to be honest, I think I was a little nervous.. being gone SO long I wondered if I would even remember what made it so special to me.  but as soon as I saw the rockies outside of the airplane window, my worries were gone and my heart was so full. the past week has meant so much to me that it’s nearly impossible for me to put it in words.. but I’ll share some highlights

  • I refused to bring my laptop – first time in 10 years that I truly left work behind, I forwarded all emails to kristie (you’re welcome sweets! xoxo) and let business calls go to voicemail
  • I fell in love with a bernese mountain dog named theo
  • I shopped… of course I did. boulder has some pretty cool stores, just saying
  • I was fed delicious meals made by wonderful friends
  • I stood on the top of a mountain and cleared my head and heart with cool crisp air
  • I laid on my back and gazed at a dreamy night sky filled with millions of stars and made wishes on several as they shot across the mountain
  • I got to know amazing kids that I hadn’t seen since they were infants. we told jokes, shared stories about their parents, they shared their dreams with me and I even got one ready for school and put her on the bus
  • I was able to spend real time with people that I love so much and talk about anything and everything
  • I felt like myself for the first time in a long time – as though there was a puzzle piece that I left there over a decade ago that finally clicked backed into place.

when the time came to get ready to go, I was so sad…. like people feeling sorry for me at the airport sad. colorado has always felt like home, ever since my first day there so long ago. I was mad at myself that I had waited so long to go back but at the same time I knew how much better I felt for having gone… so many pieces of my heart are there. now back at home, I feel focused and grounded and ready to get things moving – the studio, the upcoming season.. life in general. and I know that should I start to get that lost feeling again, that my little slice of heaven is just a plane ride away.