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February 22, 2013

it seems like every year our ‘off’ season window gets more narrow. as the studio has grown and projects outside of weddings have increased, we are far from taking it easy. in addition to shooting, editing and blogging I’ve been taking the initiative to seek other creative outlets. about 5 years ago I found myself in a rut – I felt empty and artistically stuck. unsure of where to turn and what to do I spontaneously signed up for a workshop. and although I did learn a lot about studio growth and marketing, just the simple fact that I was surrounded by 40 other creative women gave me so much inspiration and a ton of hope. they had stood in my frustrated shoes and I felt understood.. I was with my people. since then I have been blessed to have kris and liv join GPA full time and with our studio space, we are able to to work together everyday. just that simple act of bouncing an idea off of each other or seeing a really awesome image that one of them took is like a consistent flow of creative energy that bonds the three of us together. then in october as we were wrapping up our busiest season yet, we were flooded. beyond the obvious shock of the studio being under water for 3 days, suddenly we were working apart – each from home. it was then that I realized how much I depended on that magic mojo that came from being with them everyday and I felt myself sliding into that fear again – I was afraid of burn out, of becoming predictable in my work and of getting to a creatively dark place again..empty. because I didn’t really have the time or even the desire to attend another workshop, I went back to the basics that I learned at MICA. I reminded myself that as artists we draw inspiration from everywhere – we just have to be open to it. so I began to immerse myself in endeavors which had either been absent or sparse at best from my life. I meditated, I read, I wrote poetry, I tried new recipes and I knitted. I tried napping (which for whatever reason I simply can not do), I journaled and I made lists.. lots of them. not only for my photography but also for my goals as a creative woman, an artist, a friend and as part of my community. and even without the consistent companionship of my team that I’ve come to depend on, I felt myself beginning to dream…big dreams. I mapped out a personal photography project – something that I’ve wanted to do for years as well as a fine art idea that I’ve had shelved for far too long. as far as the studio, our first job is getting the office back up and running. to be honest, it’s just seemed too daunting – we basically have to start from square one. it has seemed like such an arduous task that I’ve done a pretty good job of ignoring it. but now I see it as a clean slate and a creative challenge. I’m looking so forward to revisiting it as a team and forming a plan using who and what GPA is in 2013 as our guide. I can’t wait to search through antique shops and push the big cart through IKEA and spring, being a time of renewal, is such an ideal time for this little adventure. I think sometimes it’s easy for us to sink into that fearful place of self-doubt, closing ourselves off to new possibilities and even other people – I know that’s true for me. but I think that it’s the beauty of growth. I never want to think that I have it all figured out or get complacent or get too comfortable and as long as I have such a big beautiful group of clients and my team by my side I know that I’ll always be reaching for that next star.