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January 31, 2013

so a few weeks ago the local weather forecasters, as they have a tendency to do in these parts, were predicting a ‘concerning amount of snow’ and threw everyone into a milk and bread buying panic. on the shore this means an inch – but I’ll take it! considering I grew up in syracuse, I yearn for a good snowfall like some pine for the beach. I knew that I wanted to do a snow session of some sort, so I contacted lexie’s mom kristin. if you follow the blog, lexie is a familiar face – ever since the first time I worked with her and her sister payton I have looked forward to every opportunity I’ve had to photograph them – again and again… they are amazing! so we were all set to go but the next morning there was nothing.. maybe a small dusting, but nothing that would provide more than an hour school delay. a week later however, I woke up to see my backyard blanketed with several inches and shortly thereafter I got a text from kristin.. ‘shoot today?!’ absolutely YES! I had actually found a $10 dress at H+M in the late summer that I bought because I knew I could use it at some point so I pulled it out of the closet. I took a photo and sent it to lexie letting her know ahead of time exactly how I was planning on torturing her. in addition to the snow, it was cold – usually when we get that kind of accumulation, the temps go up to 50 and it melts right away. but not this day – I totally would have understood if lex said no, but of course she didn’t.. she’s that great.

thank you lexie for once again exceeding my expectations! you are a rockstar and a joy – I absolutely LOVE working with you and can’t wait until our next shoot! xoxo



January 10, 2013

from the deserts of las vegas to rural louisiana, we had the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing models, stylists and designers this year. we shot some editorial work for south moon under, HJ planners and dryden dress company as well as 2 album covers for the talented sarah bernstein. because fashion photography definitely inspires our wedding work, any time we have a chance to shoot editorially we love it and are looking so forward to 2013 as we already have some exciting plans in the works!



December 20, 2012

ever since I photographed payton and lexie last year, I have loved these girls. from our first shoot I learned that they are both super comfortable in front of the camera (kind of a rarity at their ages). not only do they photograph amazingly separately, but when they are together it’s perfect! so after last year’s experience I asked them to join us in our annual bridal fashion shoot this past may and they rocked it out! this year, it was chillllly but as usual, there were no complaints, only enthusiasm – lexie even wore her dance gear for a few :) I absolutely love working with these two and watch them as they grow up into some of the coolest young women I know xoxo

until next time ladies….. :)

August 16, 2012

any time I see sarah’s name in my inbox, I know that it’s the beginning of something creative, fun and different! see the last time we worked with sarah it was for her latest album release and we shot around abandoned buildings and marshland. this time the imagery she needed for her latest work was to be a bit different and we all thought that some water and nighttime elements would be perfect. so off to the beach we went. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved this session. one – it’s totally up my alley getting to play with both natural and off camera lighting and second – sarah is easily one of the best models I’ve ever worked with. as waves crashed into her, she simply threw back her hair and resumed the pose. as onlookers gathered, she was focused on only me and kris. I am SO happy with the end result and can’t wait to work with her again! be sure to check her music out by clicking here.


this was the question on everyone’s mind the week prior to our second annual bridal shoot for the perfect dress bridal salon. last year we were blessed with a sunny (if chilly) day but this year’s forecast was gloomy and wet. kris and I took an hour in the morning to drive around finding location alternatives in and around snow hill as we had a crew of 12 lined up and unless we had to, we didn’t want to cancel. thanks to breaks in the weather and 2 great indoor options, we had a sucessful and super fun day! thanks to ALL who helped especially our hair + makeup artists courtney and meagan, sarah from the perfect dress and our models: payton, lexie, prescilla, lindsay, noelle and dani! you all were amazing and so great to work with – thanks for all of your hard work and making this year’s shoot fabulous! see you in 2013 :) xoxo

since we started working together, we have traveled extensively together from everywhere to las vegas, jamaica, the hudson valley and many places in between – not to mention countless drives across the bridge for weddings, e-sessions and client consultations. some people don’t travel that well together but fortunately we always seem to have so much fun. so when a chance to take a real road trip presented itself, we were both enthusiastically on board. see our friend, photographer and camera bag designing diva kelly moore was having an impromptu workshop focusing primarily on off-camera lighting. we are for the most part natural light photographers, but have been playing around with off camera lighting, specifically in our fashion work and to learn some tips from someone we admire and love was the perfect reason to hit the road. we hit 9 states in just 6 days. we ate some of the best southern food and bbq. we visited some iconic historic sites. we met lisa marie presley :) to see our travels via instagram photos, click here. and although our time on the road was amazing, it was the day spent with kelly that really made it great. working with some amazing models we shot, talked and just had the best time!

March 01, 2012

this was my 5th time going to wppi and every year as registration time rolls around the debate begins… it’s always a busy time here because the studio is buzzing with client consultations, wedding bookings, e-sessions and general ‘off-season’ responsibilities. plus this year kris has a dive trip that she’s saving up for so I knew she wouldn’t be going with me. so should I? would I? the question was answered with a one two punch a couple of months ago. first my friend and crazy talented photographer trinity said she was going – she’s based in LA and I hadn’t seen her since last year’s wppi so that alone got me thinking. THEN, just several days later, the annual thirst relief auction went live. I always look forward to this as they always have so many amazing photographers offering everything from mentorships to software and products they’ve designed. this year I dove right in because last year I really wanted a spot on the benefit shoot but got busy and forgot to bid before the auction closed – so, I mused,  if trinity was going, and there was a spot available for the shoot then…. maybe I should? I quickly hit ‘bid’ and the decision was made. not only was I excited to go on the shoot, but thirst relief is such an amazing organization that does so much to help others and I was so happy to be a part of it. you’d be shocked what they can do with just the amount of money we spend just for a venti mocha latte – I urge you to go check out their site! we all gathered in the lobby of the MGM signature and loaded onto buses and headed into the desert with the destination being the nelson, nevada ghost town – this place was made for photographers… seriously it was almost too much eye candy. we shot alongside mike colon, rocco ancora, cm lueng and luke edmunson as our incredible models braved the chilly temps while wearing beautiful corsets made by one of our models angela of glamtastik. the whole afternoon was inspiring, fun-filled and full of creativity. after the shoot we were taken to maggiano’s for a family style italian feast where thirst relief’s founder jim davis-hicks spoke, surprising us by sharing how many thousands of people would now have clean drinking water just from the money raised by the shoot alone! to which we all raised an appropriate glass of water that we, in the states, take for granted for being clean and safe. then roberto valenzuela gave an awesome and thought provoking presentation as we enjoyed our desserts (real tiramisu… yum) the night was ended with giveaways including kelly moore’s new bag that she created just for thirst reliefmike had been shooting with the bag while we were in the desert and it took restraint on my part not to grab it right off his shoulder :)  (if you follow the blog, you know I have a pretty serious kelly moore bag habit!) in addition to the shoot, the whole conference that is the wppi experience was just what I needed – I found new products, heard some great speakers, met new friends, caught up with old friends and had a fabulous time with my roomie trinity! no matter how often I go, I always seem to learn something new, meet amazing people and get a creative jump start right before wedding season. will I be going in 2012?? we’ll see :)

jim documenting the whole day


February 23, 2012

so several weeks ago, liv sent me a text which I am guessing she knew the answer to before she hit send:  “would you like to do an editorial session for my friend sarah’s new album?” ummmm… YES! I always love working with new people for different purposes and although I’ve worked with musicians before, this was our first cover shoot. needless to say – I was a bit stoked. fast forward to the session and my excitement was only reinforced when I met sarah. she is so nice and was open to all of our suggestions – and even with the near-freezing temperatures, she was awesome! the clothes, makeup and just her general approach to the session made our job easy as we brought her from location. she has sent me the mockup for the CD art and I hope to have my hands on the real thing soon – in the meantime, her album ‘eleven’ is available on itunes and at her website and you guys should go check it out! I have a feeling that this won’t be the last of working together as I’m sure this talented girl will be singing for years to come!

we had so much fun on this shoot – it was amazing to work with you and we can’t wait to do it again soon!

January 16, 2012

during our off-season last year we were able to work with some amazing stylists, makeup artists and bridal salons for several editorial shoots. working with multiple and off the beaten track locations, we had so much fun collaborating with such talented people! our plans for 2012 are already in motion and our creative wheels are spinning as we brainstorm on concepts, locations and fashion ideas. and because I forgot them in the family ‘best of’, there are some photos of some of my favorite girls playing in the snow during an impromptu snow day session!

November 14, 2011

I guess it’s because I’ve done it twice, but I am always so excited for someone who starts their own business. and when it’s a friend.. well there’s not much I won’t do to help them. so when andrea told me that she was finally following her dream and opening her own salon, I was beyond happy for her – and when she asked me if I would shoot some promotional photos I was over the moon. andrea’s sister courtney owns a salon here in town and is a good friend – she was actually our stylist for our editorial sessions last spring and I love that they will both have their own places – such talented ladies! the name of andrea’s salon is prim and her location is to die for – smack dab in the center of annapolis’ towne centre. all salon info is on her facebook page as well as on our final photo design at the end of this post. I had so much fun with her during this session – she claims to hate having her photo taken, but she rocked it!

and our final and favorite – andrea I know you’re going to be amazing and be such a success! thanks so much for allowing me to contribute :)