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December 12, 2016

1it has been 11 years since I photographed liz and john’s december wedding ~ 11 years! since then, they have become dear friends as well as participating in every event and session the studio has offered. from family sessions, to santa paws and valentines day, it has been such a pleasure to watch their family grow and their journey as a couple unfold. I remember when both of their sons, mason and cooper, were infants.. so to see these two funny, smart, and kind young men before me kind of blows me away! they are growing up SO fast! liz and john, as has been the case since I first met them, are happiest when snuggled up together and with their boys. the love and friendship that they share only grows stronger with each passing year. I had such a lovely time with all of you and look so forward to the next time that we are together. xoxo

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November 22, 2016

001I love it when clients introduce me to a new location here on the shore ~ it’s a pretty rare occurrence. after photographing sessions from lewes to cape charles, I assume that I know all of the spots.. even the ‘secret’ ones. but for adriane and nick’s maternity session, I met them at park that they suggested which is tucked back in the woods of west OC and it was so lovely. the leaves were still on fire in their brilliance and the late afternoon sun glowed as we walked the paths with their pup, frank, tagging along. adriane and nick have recently moved to the area after having lived in hawaii and are due any day now with their first child. I am looking so forward to our next session when you will be a family of 4 and I will have the honor of meeting your daughter. I had such a wonderful evening with you… and I will see you – soon!

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November 22, 2016

1I spent a wonderful afternoon at pemberton park with the adorable zayne and his parents, erin and michael. they has scheduled the session to commemorate zayne’s first birthday and we lucked out with a gorgeous fall day. he only recently started walking and was on the move from the first photograph I snapped… climbing and even running a little bit. he is such as cute little boy and clearly at his happiest when he is playing with his mom and dad. I had such a great time and look forward to our next session ~ thanks for a such a fun day!

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November 16, 2016


after photographing this session, kathleen and ray officially became my most photographed couple ~ ever. it’s hard to believe that we met 7 years ago when they hired me to photograph their wedding.. and from the very first moment, I loved them. they are funny, they are kind, they are silly, they are amazing parents, they are more in love today than they were last year, and the year before that. they are ravens fans.. but I can overlook that ~ I love them that much. so instead of posting a bunch of links to their previous sessions, I pulled some of my favorite photos from all of our sessions..


their engagement session:

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their wedding day:





their first anniversary trash-the-dress session:

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our first session with their son, coleston:

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with coleston a year later:

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our first session with their daughter, alice:


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and last month’s session.. this year, they picked me up from assateague on their pontoon boat. I must say, I felt pretty fancy :) we went to a beach only accessible by boat and had such an awesome morning together. now that alice is a year older, she is on the move, inquisitive, and adorable. coleston, as usual, was so much fun and ever the attentive big brother. to watch all of them together is a such a joy and I am reminded once again how fortunate I am that I get to do this for a living. the friendships that I have made, the children that I watch grow up in front of my lens… I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love you guys so much and am forever grateful to have you in my life.. until next year! xoxo

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October 25, 2016

1Four years ago, my husband and I met our friends Dom and Savi while at our favorite restaurant and we quickly became friends over great cocktails and lots of laughter. I’ve gotten to meet their families over the years, but last Sunday I had the opportunity to spend the evening with Dom’s side of the family. We had a gorgeous evening in downtown Frederick and spent some time playing in a local park. An evening spent with this group was like being brought right in on an inside joke – everyone is so warm and funny… I definitely had to pause a few times from laughing too hard :) Thank you all for such a fun session!

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October 12, 2016

1as soon as I walked into christine and jeff’s home, I knew that this was going to be a wonderful evening. I met their kids, elliott and olivia, and got some dog time with their lab, bear.. everyone was so nice, funny, and easy going ~ and the ladies were wearing pink tutus! enough said :) they had a beautiful trail right behind their home that followed a creek and within minutes the kids were hugging, and then playing, and then teasing, hugging again, and laughing the whole time. they were both so at ease in front of the camera.. it was as if I’d been taking their photo forever. so awesome! whenever I would photograph christine and jeff alone, the kids would smile and giggle.. especially if there was a smootch involved. this is the kind of session that I adore, documenting a family just being a family.. with all of the love and laughter that it brings.

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September 21, 2016

1sarah is one of those people that I should have met years ago… our circles of people are so intertwined. so when I met her and shane for their maternity session, it felt as though we were already old friends. the location wasn’t a coincidence either, my dear friend nettie (sarah’s friend too, naturally :) ) had been married here several years ago and it’s one of my favorite places. we began at the barn and wandered our way down the back dirt roads that eventually would lead us to the highway. we had a gorgeous morning and sarah and shane were so wonderful to work with. if I asked them to jump a ditch, they jumped that ditch. if I suggested that a weed field might be pretty, they were already headed into it before I could pick up my camera. I am so happy that we finally met and am looking forward to many other sessions in our future ~ congratulations on your latest adventure together! xo

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September 20, 2016

1I had the pleasure of photographing kerry and rob’s wedding 2 years ago and since then, I have loved hearing about all of the new chapters that they are creating together. the most exciting, of course, was the arrival of their daughter, reese. because they live across the bridge, I’m not able to see them as often as I do other clients, but several months ago I saw them at a wedding. as soon as I saw kerry, she hugged me and said, ‘I want to schedule family photos!’ and by the end of the evening we had a tentative plan. a couple of weeks ago, they came down to the shore for vacation and I met them over at the beach. reese is adorable! and I secretly think that she loves her photo being taken.. so much fun. kerry and rob are still kerry and rob… funny, super cute, and head over heels in love. I had such a wonderful evening and hope that we get together again soon! xoxo

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August 25, 2016

1the last time that I had the pleasure of working with the shade family was 4 years ago. I had such a wonderful time with all of them so when mom, courtney, contacted me earlier this summer to schedule another session, I was looking so forward to it. like before, both sets of grandparents came along but this year we had a new addition to the crew ~ a baby sister! their older daughter, lena, had grown so much and that big personality that she had as a toddler had blossomed. as a pair, the girls danced on the beach and played in the sand, oblivious to my camera most of the time, which I love. and as a group, the beautiful family that I met years ago were as lovely to work with as I remember. hopefully it will be less than 4 years until we can all get together again… until then!

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August 24, 2016

1if you have been a follower of the blog for the last decade, then you have definitely seen stephanie and jeff. since their wedding in 2005, they have become 2 of my dearest friends ~ I have had the honor of documenting their maternity sessions when they were expecting their daughter, hannah, and then son, finn. newborn sessions, family sessions, even an impromptu mini dog session here and there with their pup, moses have followed since. we try to get together at least once a year for family photos, and when schedules allow, for some friend time as well. but this session was a little different. this is the first time in over 10 years that I have had the pleasure to see the whole tobash family together and I couldn’t wait to catch up. the family traveled to rehoboth to celebrate steph’s sister, teri’s birthday. since 2005, there have been a lot of changes and additions for this lovely crew and it was wonderful to meet them all. I always have so much fun with you and it was like just hanging out with family ~ I am so grateful for friends like you. I love you guys and had such a beautiful evening with all of you! xoxo

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