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November 18, 2016

001courtney and I have been friends for 10 years and what a wild ride it’s been.. I owned a restaurant in snow hill when she opened her salon down the street ~ I wandered down to her space a week before she opened to introduce myself and from the start, we  clicked. within minutes, we were talking as though we had known each other for years and I think I started sharing secrets with her that night. in the years since, our biggest moments and most difficult decisions have been shared within the 4 walls of her salon (‘now let’s have lunch!’) and I would be lost without her and her friendship. then this spring, during an editorial session that we were shooting, she received a text and after reading it.. she smile bigger and wider than I had seen her do in years ~ she even blushed a little. I knew who it was from but acted as though I didn’t.. it was from jeff. a few weeks before, my cousin caitlin had suggested that courtney meet a co-worker of her husband and things went well ~ very well. caitlin had already given me a brief update about the date and was pretty proud of her matchmaking skills.. ‘but let her tell you herself!’ caitlin implored. so I did. after the text, all I had to do was look at her and courtney couldn’t hold it in. for the next 10 minutes, she excitedly shared with me all about their first date, the communication since, and she was literally glowing. after the shoot, we went back to her salon to hang out and courtney looked me straight in the eye, with calm confidence, and said that she was going to marry this man… and she is. a few months ago she moved to virginia to be with jeff and his daughter brooke so I haven’t seen her much recently but she and jeff knew they wanted their engagement session on chincoteague ~ so they headed to the shore. this was the first time I had officially met jeff but I already loved him.. anyone who makes my girl that happy? I am already a loyal fan. and to see them together was everything that I knew it would be. to say I am over-the-moon happy for you doesn’t begin to cover it ~ over the past decade we have seen each other through some of the biggest moments of our lives.. professionally and personally.. the good and the bad. to see you so full of joy makes my heart so happy and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you. I love you, boo!

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October 19, 2016

1I love chincoteague ~ it’s one of the few places on the shore where I make a point of visiting several times a year.. just because. it’s also the first place that tiffanie and jason took their first vacation together as a couple so it was an ideal spot for their engagement session. when I met up with them, I got a big hug which is always an awesome beginning. they admitted they were a little nervous ~ after several years together, they had never had any photos taken of just the two of them. within minutes, I could tell that whatever nerves they may have had disappeared once I asked them to look at each other. without any direction on my part, there were giggles, kisses, and smiles for days. as we wandered the streets of downtown, I learned more about their wedding, their family, and the way they met. as we said good bye (for now :) ), I knew I had made 2 new friends and I am looking SO forward to seeing them again on their wedding day. thanks for giving me a reason to go to the island and being so wonderful to work with ~ cheers!

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September 26, 2016

1not only is lea one of our new wedding clients, but she also happens to be the cousin of our very own photographer, laura! in fact, a few years ago, lea helped us out with our baltimore santa paws event and I had such a great time with her. so when laura told me that she and her love, jonathan, had gotten engaged, I was so happy for her and thrilled that she wanted me to photograph the big day. because lea and jonathan met and fell in love when they were attending washington college, it was the only logical place for their e-session. I had visited the campus years ago and thought it was so lovely. in the time since, it’s grown and expanded to nearly double the size of when I was there and is gorgeous. I met up with the two of them and then took their lead as they brought me to places on campus that were special to them. it was a perfect early fall day and I loved getting to know them better as we chatted and roamed the grounds. I am SO excited for your wedding day and know that it’s going to be everything you’ve dreamt of and so much more. until then, cheers!

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August 30, 2016

1I am a girl who loves a good surprise. I think putting some time into doing something special for someone that you care about is one of the most loving things you can do for another person. it can be small.. like bringing someone a cup of coffee to their office on a difficult day, or it can be big.. like this day. it started in may ~ I got an email from peter who asked if I would be interested in capturing his proposal to his love, samantha. ummmm.. yes!! he and samantha are from new york, but he had chosen assateague because samantha loves horses and after doing some research, he found this special place. as we corresponded, we came up with a plan. peter and samantha would come to the beach for a morning walk and after a stroll, he would pop the question. I was to be a nature photographer, quietly photographing the abundant beauty of the island, and when he got down on one knee, it was on! no detail was too small for this future groom.. he had maps, specific timelines (including how many minutes it took to cross the walking bridge to the beach), and even ‘tricked’ samantha into taking a selfie that morning so that he could text me their outfits. I arrived on the beach and watched and waited. like clockwork, they came across the bridge, hand in hand. I became fascinated with a cluster of dunes close by as they casually walked by me and headed down the beach. samantha was on a mission.. she wanted to find a pony and so they walked, and walked, and walked some more. I followed behind them as far as I could, but close enough to be able to be available for my cue from peter. occasionally, samantha would turn to look at the ocean or behind her and I would hit the sand and aim my camera at anything but them. peter then took her arm and led her down to the ocean’s edge… and it was time. I was far enough away that I couldn’t hear anything, but I didn’t need to. samantha’s reaction and peter’s joy was so obvious that anyone on the beach knew that something very special had just happened. after several moments together, peter brought her over to me and introduced us. she was amazed that he had planned for a local photographer to be there and she was full of happy questions.. who else knew? who had seen the ring? when had he hired me? and then hugs. and kisses. and more kisses. we spent the rest of the morning photographing a session to tell the whole story of this day ~ because this day only happens once. and I am so grateful that I was a part of it. it was truly an honor to document such a moment and I am so excited and happy for you both!

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May 23, 2016

1a few things I didn’t know as I drove to meet maggie and shane for their engagement session… first, it was shane’s birthday! and second, that a house in the middle stages of construction would make such a cool and ideal setting for a shoot. it was appropriate that we had the session here… this will soon become maggie and shane’s dream home and it is also the very spot where shane proposed. during a christmas eve scavenger hunt, maggie’s final destination was in the room that will become their family room and found her future husband down on one knee. everything from their view to this space, already filled with love and memories, is truly magical and I am looking so forward to spending their wedding day with them. thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon and I will see you soon!

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May 12, 2016

1I met abby through my friend lauren several weeks ago. since our first exchange, I was looking so forward to working with her and her fiancé, joey. given the sad state of  the local weather situation for the past month, we definitely lucked out with a nice day at the bordeleau winery. I absolutely love working in this beautiful spot and the afternoon I spent with abby and joey was no exception. I actually met the two of them for the first time as we arrived the session and I liked them so much from the start. they are warm, funny, and obviously very smitten with each other. as we wandered from spot to spot on the grounds of the vineyard, they shared their proposal story (so sweet!) as well as the plans they have already made for their 2017 wedding. I had such a wonderful time working with you and getting to know you both ~ I wish you so much happiness during your engagement and beyond!

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April 19, 2016

1when deciding on a location for the engagement session, it’s always important to me to choose a spot that reflects my couple. I’ve worked at many beaches, in the heart of several cities, and even a wine bar or two. so when having a pre-session chat with april and michael, I knew that I wanted to work in the beauty surrounding snow hill.. and! they wanted to include their dog lucy which is always such a welcome addition to any session. she’s still a pup and wanted to investigate everything, but once she was with mom and dad, she was one happy girl :) toward the end of the session we headed to the wheat fields of a farm that is owned by michael’s family and it was wonderful to photograph them surrounded by a history that is special to them both. april and michael are getting married next month and after such a fun evening, I am counting the days to spending more time with this lovely couple.

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April 11, 2016

1it was chilly the day that I photographed heather and jason’s engagement session. how chilly, you may ask? well, maybe this will give you an idea.. when I met up with them, heather’s mom had come along to help carry the other clothing options that heather had brought. heather’s mom was in a parka. I was in a parka. it wasn’t chilly.. it was cold. and you can not tell – at all! in these photos. and it wasn’t for the simple reason that heather and jason were troopers that day (they were!) but it’s better than that.. as soon as they would hold hands, snuggle up, or cuddle in during the session, nothing else seemed to matter. not the cold.. not the gusty winds. just them. and I loved every minute of it. you two were the best and I simply can’t wait until the big day!

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April 07, 2016

001you know that it’s spring when you are constantly checking your weather app. as beautiful as it’s been the past several weeks with trees blooming and tulips popping, mother nature has been an unpredictable foe. almost daily the week before their e-session, jen and I were keeping an eye on the forecast… it’s going to be gorgeous!’s going to rain… downpour.. all damned day. partly cloudy anyone? fortunately we threw caution to the wind and went along with our initial plan to meet in saint michaels and it was, as usually seems to be the case, perfect. within moments after we began working, it was a though we had worked together a million times. they ‘got’ me and knew exactly what to do. we were kidding that rick was a pro, and deemed him ‘one take rick’ for the rest of the day – but it was true! one, they are really comfortable in front of a camera and two, they are clearly best friends who are crazy about each other. never were they not holding hands or cuddling up.. it was a little chilly. no rain, but a nip to the air just the same. they make each other laugh and just fit. I am so excited to spend their wedding day with them. thank you for a beautiful afternoon!

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January 04, 2016

001happy new year! as we welcome 2016, we begin thinking about all of the new opportunities that lay ahead of us in the new year. already, we are working with some amazing new couples as well as planning projects with past clients and old friends. there are going to be many changes and we are busy making plans, taking new action, and writing lists… lots and lots of lists. but this is also the time that we look back on the previous year and reflect on all of the joy that 2015 offered. we traveled extensively and had the opportunity to work with some of the most wonderful people we’ve ever met. so, as we have done in the past, we are kicking off the best-of posts with engagement sessions. these shoots are typically the first time we work with new couples and they are such a great way to really get to know our clients. we collaborate when choosing locations so that the session reflects them as a couple.. their interests and loves. last year we shot everywhere from downtown DC to the tucked away back roads of delmarva… each location and couple so uniquely special as we all took this initial step into telling the visual story leading up to their wedding day. as we choose the photographs for these best of blogposts, we are reminded of just how amazing this past year was and are so grateful to have been able to document such important moments in the lives of our clients. thank you all so much for making 2015 so special!

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